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C-Class article Cascade Volcanoes
Mount Rainier from west.jpg
Good article Silverthrone Caldera
B-Class article Franklin Glacier Complex
Stub-Class article Bridge River Cones
Featured article candidate Mount Meager massif
Stub-Class article Ring Mountain (British Columbia)
B-Class article Mount Fee
Start-Class article Mount Brew (Cheakamus River)
Start-Class article The Black Tusk
Start-Class article Cinder Cone (British Columbia)
Stub-Class article Clinker Peak
B-Class article Mount Price (British Columbia)
Start-Class article Garibaldi Lake volcanic field
Start-Class article The Table
Stub-Class article Opal Cone
Stub-Class article The Castle (volcano)
Stub-Class article Coquihalla Mountain
Stub-Class article Watts Point volcanic centre
Good article Mount Cayley massif
Featured article Mount Cayley volcanic field
Good article Mount Garibaldi
Good article Mount Baker
Good article Black Buttes
Good article Glacier Peak
Good article Mount Rainier [needs cleanup]
Good article Goat Rocks
Good article Silver Star Mountain (Skamania County, Washington)
Good article West Crater
Good article Trout Creek Hill
Good article Chaos Crags
Featured article Roxy Ann Peak
Good article Cline Buttes
Featured article Mount St. Helens
Good article Mount Adams
Good article Indian Heaven
Good article Mount Hood
Good article Mount Jefferson
Featured article Three Sisters
Good article Broken Top
Good article Mount Bachelor
Featured article Newberry Volcano
Good article Diamond Peak (Oregon)
Good article Boring Lava Field
Good article Rocky Butte
Good article Powell Butte
Good article Olallie Butte
Good article Three Fingered Jack
Good article Hogg Rock
Good article Blue Lake Crater
Good article Hoodoo Butte
Good article Sand Mountain Volcanic Field
Good article Hayrick Butte
Good article Black Butte (Oregon)
Good article Mount Washington (Oregon)
Good article Belknap Crater
Start-Class article Black Crater
Good article Big Cave
Stub-Class article Twin Buttes (California)
Start-Class article Tumble Buttes
Start-Class article Eagle Lake Field
Good article Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds
Start-Class article Mount Tabor (Oregon)
Start-Class article Pilot Rock (Oregon)
Good article Mount Thielsen
Featured article Mount Mazama
Good article Crater Lake
Good article Yamsay Mountain
Good article Mount McLoughlin
C-Class article Medicine Lake Volcano
Start-Class article Mount Shasta
Good article Mount Tehama
Good article Lassen Peak
Start-Class article Pilot Butte (Oregon)
Stub-Class article Tumalo Mountain
Start-Class article Lava Butte
Start-Class article Maiden Peak (Oregon)
Stub-Class article Davis Lake volcanic field
Stub-Class article Devil's Garden volcanic field
Stub-Class article Squaw Ridge Lava Field
Stub-Class article Four Craters Lava Field
Stub-Class article Cinnamon Butte
Stub-Class article Howlock Mountain
Good article Mount Bailey (Oregon)
Start-Class article Mount Scott (Klamath County, Oregon)
Stub-Class article Union Peak
Start-Class article Pelican Butte
Start-Class article Aspen Butte
Stub-Class article Rainbow Mountain (California)
Start-Class article Shastina
Start-Class article Black Butte (Siskiyou County, California)
Stub-Class article Brushy Butte
Start-Class article Wizard Island
Start-Class article Larch Mountain (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Stub-Class article Mount Sylvania


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