Coordinates: 24°41′00″N 120°54′26″E / 24.683209°N 120.907234°E / 24.683209; 120.907234

Toufen (Hakka PFS: Thèu-fun; Hokkien POJ: Thâu-hūn) is a county-administered city in northern Miaoli County, Taiwan. Its city centre forms a continuous urban area with Zhunan.

Toufen City
Toufen within Miaoli County
Toufen within Miaoli County
CountryRepublic of China (Taiwan)
ProvinceTaiwan Province
Time zoneUTC+8 (CST)
Postal code
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Toufen City
Traditional Chinese頭份
Simplified Chinese头份


In 2007, there was a revitalization project for the community houses in the city which was funded by Council of Cultural Affairs and private sectors which turned the buildings into a museum of chronicling life in the 1950s and 1960s.[1] On 5 October 2015, Toufen was upgraded from an urban township to a county-administered city.[2]


Toufen has an area of 53.3029 km2 (20.5804 sq mi). Surrounding the city are Miaoli County's Zhunan, Zaoqiao and Sanwan townships to the northwest/west, southwest and southeast, respectively, and Hsinchu County to the northeast and east.[3] As of January 2017, its total population was estimated at 103,162, including 52,055 males and 51,107 females.[4]

Administrative divisionsEdit

The city comprises 32 villages: Chenggong, Douhuan, Gexing, Guangxing, Heping, Houzhuang, Jianguo, Jianshan, Jianxia, Lankeng, Liutung, Luzhu, Minquan, Minsheng, Minzu, Pantao, Renai, Shangpu, Shangxing, Shanhu, Shanxia, Tianliao, Tongzhuang, Toufen, Tuniu, Wenhua, Xiaxing, Xinglong, Xinhua, Xinyi, Zhongxiao and Zijiang.[5]

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Toufen is accessible by Zhunan Station of the Taiwan Railways Administration located in the neighboring Zhunan Township. Taiwan High Speed Rail passes through the central part of the city, but no station is currently planned.

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