Toronto Star Press Centre

Toronto Star Press Centre also known as the Vaughan Press Centre, houses the printing presses for the Toronto Star and is located in Vaughan, Ontario, near the intersection of highways 400 and 407.[1] It opened on September 6, 1992. "When the Vaughan Press Centre opened, it was the most technologically advanced in the world," according to the Star.[2] It is said to be "the largest newspaper printing facility in Canada and one of the largest in North America."[3] The move to Vaughan marked the first time in the paper's history that the presses were located outside of Toronto, Ontario.[4]

The centre has six MAN Roland web presses capable of printing 55,000 copies per hour[5] that are used to print the Toronto Star as well as rival newspaper National Post and, when necessary, the Star-owned Waterloo Region Record (which is usually printed at the Star-owned Hamilton Spectator.) The new presses allow full-colour printing, which was not available with the old presses and allowed the Star to be one of the few full colour newspapers in Toronto.

The presses at the old press centre were removed after the move to Vaughan. The old press centre is now home to a Canada Post Distribution Centre. The printing of the Star ceased briefly during the 2003 blackout and printed from presses in Welland, Ontario.[6]


On January 15, 2016 Torstar confirmed the closure of the Vaughan printing presses and will outsource to Transcontinental Printing the work leading to layoff of all 285 staff at the plant as Transcontinental has an existing facility also in Vaughan.[7]

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