Together for Serbia

Together for Serbia (Serbian Cyrillic: Заједно за Србију, romanizedZajedno za Srbiju, ZZS) was a centre-left political party in Serbia. It was formed by Dušan Petrović in 2012, and he led the party until 2016, when he was succeeded by Nebojša Zelenović.

Together for Serbia
Заједно за Србију
Zajedno za Srbiju
PresidentDušan Petrović
Nebojša Zelenović
FounderDušan Petrović
Dissolved11 June 2022 (2022-06-11)
Split fromDemocratic Party
Merged intoTogether
Political positionCentre-left[4]
Colours  Green


Party was created by a broken-off fraction of the Democratic Party (DS) in the aftermath of the 2012 elections after which president Boris Tadić lost to his opponent Tomislav Nikolić and inner arguments maintaint on resulting in early party elections and Tadic's withdrawal from the leadership, settling for an honorary presidential title, in favor of Belgrade mayor Dragan Đilas. A total of 7 MPs left the DS and founded in 2012 the "Together for Serbia" parliamentary club. Its leader is former minister Dušan Petrović.

At the 2014 election, ZZS teamed up with Boris Tadić's fraction of the DS in formation[5] and will run on the election in a coalition with the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV).[6]

In 2018, the Party was one of the founding members of the big tent opposition coalition called the Alliance for Serbia (SzS).[7][8][9] The alliance announced the 2020 Serbian parliamentary elections.[10] In May 2019 ZZS formed a union with Democratic Party (DS) and Tadić's SDS. On 23 February 2020, Together for Serbia announced that they will participate in the 2020 elections on local (municipal) level, shortly after that Alliance for Serbia's leadership commented that Together for Serbia disqualificated itself from the coalition.[11]

The party keeps close ties and cooperates with the centre-left Do not let Belgrade drown (NDB),[12] and it has previously had ties with the centrist Civic Democratic Forum (GDF).[13][14] In July 2021, ZZS announced that it applied for membership to the European Green Party.[15] The leader of ZZS, Nebojša Zelenović, announced the formation of "Action", a political group built around 28 environmental civic groups that support the "Green Agreement of Serbia", in June 2021.[16] Later during the environmental protests in November, Zelenović, Dobrica Veselinović, leader of the NDB and Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta, environmental activist and de facto leader of the protests, have announced the formation of a joint list for the upcoming general elections and Belgrade City Assembly election.[17][18] The media dubbed the coalition as "Green-Left bloc".[17][19] The formation was finalized on 19 January, when it was announced to the public that the coalition has been officially formed.[20][21]

Alongside the Assembly of Free Serbia and Ecological Uprising, the party was merged into Together on 11 June 2022.[22]

Electoral resultsEdit

Parliamentary electionsEdit

National Assembly of Serbia
Year Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Coalition Status
2012 Split from Democratic Party
7 / 250
  7 opposition
2014 204,767 5.70%
2 / 250
  5 With NDS-Z-LSV opposition
2016 227,589 6.02%
1 / 250
  1 With DS-NS-DSHV-ZZŠ opposition
2020 Election boycott
0 / 250
  1 no seats
2022 178,733 4.70%
4 / 250
  4 We Must TBA

Presidential electionsEdit

President of Serbia
Election year Candidate # 1st round vote % # 2nd round vote % Notes
2017 Vuk Jeremić 4th 206,676 5.66 N/A Independent candidate; support
2022 Biljana Stojković 6th 122,368 3.30% N/A We Must coalition


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