Alliance for Serbia

The Alliance for Serbia (Serbian: Савез за Србију / Savez za Srbiju) is a catch-all opposition alliance of political parties in Serbia that was founded in September 2018.

Alliance for Serbia

Савез за Србију
Savez za Srbiju
LeaderRotating presidency
Founded2 September 2018
IdeologyBig tent
National Assembly
30 / 250
Assembly of Vojvodina
10 / 120
City Assembly of Belgrade
18 / 110


Coalition was founded by Dragan Đilas in September 2018.[2] The political background of alliance members is diverse, with both left-wing, liberal, moderate, right-wing and far-right factions voicing opposition to the government. It is composed of the Democratic Party, Dveri, People's Party, Party of Freedom and Justice, as well some minor and local anti-government parties and organisations. They have called for the institution of a technocratic transitional government which would serve for a period of 1 year after which elections would be held.[3]

The Alliance have supported protests against Vučić and have signed Agreement with people along with other opposition parties on 6 February.[4] The protests were precipitated by an assault on Borko Stefanović, one of the leaders of the Alliance.[5] The non-partisan expert group, introduced during protests, concluded there were no conditions for free and fair elections in the country, due to the lack of public communication and inequality in that process, and they drafted a comprehensive and systematic document with six demands and six annexes.[6] On September 16, 2019, the parties of the Alliance had taken a joint decision to boycott the coming parliamentary elections.[7] In October, the first round of inter-party European Parliament-mediated dialogue took place, while the Alliance for Serbia refused to participate, stating that there is no time for their demands for fair election conditions to be met before April, when the election is scheduled.[8]

Founders and full membersEdit

Name Leader Ideology Political position Deputies
Democratic Party
Демократска странка
Demokratska stranka
Zoran Lutovac Social liberalism
18 / 250
Boško Obradović Serbian nationalism
Social conservatism
Right wing to
4 / 250
People's Party
Народна странка
Narodna stranka
Vuk Jeremić Liberal conservatism
3 / 250
Party of Freedom and Justice
Странка слободе и правде
Stranka slobode i pravde
Dragan Đilas Social democracy
2 / 250
Slaviša Ristić National conservatism
Christian democracy
1 / 250
Movement for Reversal
Покрет за преокрет
Pokret za preokret
Janko Veselinović Social democracy
Social liberalism
United Trade Unions of Serbia "Sloga"
Удружени синдикати Србије „Слога”
Udruženi sindikati Srbije „Sloga”
Željko Veselinović Syndicalism
Democratic socialism

Former MembersEdit

In December of 2019, Healthy Serbia created a coalition with SPAS which means that the party de facto left the Alliance for Serbia. [9]

Name Leader Ideology Political position Deputies
Healthy Serbia
Здрава Србија
Zdrava Srbija
Milan Stamatović National conservatism


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