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National archives are central archives maintained by countries. This article contains a list of national archives.

Among its more important tasks are to ensure the accessibility and preservation of the information produced by governments, both analogically and digitally, for the government itself, researchers and generations to come.

Some national archives collections are large, holding millions of items spanning several centuries, while others created recently have modest collections. In the last decade, digitization projects have made possible to browse records and contents online, although no archive have their entire collections published on the web.


Country Archive Location Year Collection size Notable artifacts Image Website
  Afghanistan National Archives of Afghanistan Kabul 1890  
  Albania General Directorate of Archives Tirana 1949 [1]
  Algeria Centre Nationale des Archives [2]
  Andorra National Archives of Andorra Andorra la Vella 1975   [3]
  Angola Arquivo Histórico Nacional Luanda
  Argentina General Archive of the Nation Buenos Aires 1821
  • 800,000 photographs
  • 100,000 volumes
  • 3,000 films
  Armenia National Archives of Armenia Yerevan 1923   [5]
  Aruba National Archives of Aruba Oranjestad
  Australia National Archives of Australia Canberra 1961
  • 40,000,000 items
National Film and Sound Archive Canberra 1984
  • 2,800,000 items
  Austria Austrian State Archives Vienna 1749   [8]
  Azerbaijan National Archive Department Baku 2002 [9]


Country Archive Location Year Collection size Notable artifacts Image Website
  Bahamas National Archives of the Bahamas Nassau 1971 [10]
  Bangladesh National Archives of Bangladesh Dhaka 1973
  • 225,000 volumes
  Barbados Barbados National Archives Bridgetown
  Belarus National Archives of Belarus Minsk 1927   [12]
  Belgium National Archives of Belgium Brussels   [13]
  Belize National Archives of Belize Belmopan
  Benin National Archives of Benin Porto-Novo 1914 [14]
  Bhutan National Library & Archives of Bhutan Thimphu 1967   [15]
  Bolivia National Archives of Bolivia Sucre 1836
  • 114,000 volumes
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo [17]
  Botswana National Archives of Botswana Gaborone 1967
  • 20,000 items
  Brazil Arquivo Nacional Rio de Janeiro 1838
  • 1,740,000 photographs
  • 124,000 films
  • 44,000 maps
  • 20,000 illustrations
  • 4,000 videotapes
  Bulgaria Bulgarian Archives State Agency [bg] Sofia   [19]
  Burkina Faso National Archives of Burkina Faso Ouagadougou [20]


Country Archive Location Year Collection size Notable artifacts Image Website
  Cambodia National Archives of Cambodia Phnom Penh   [21]
  Cameroon National Archives of Cameroon Yaoundé 1966
  • 64,000 volumes
  Canada Library and Archives Canada Ottawa 2004
  • 30,000,000 photographs
  • 20,000,000 books
  • 3,000,000 architectural drawings, plans and maps
  • 425,000 works of art
  • 550,000 music items
  • 90,000 films
  Cape Verde Arquivo Histórico Nacional Praia 1988   [23]
  Chile National Archives of Chile Santiago 1927   [24]
  China National Archives Administration of China Beijing 1954
  • 80,000,000 items
  Colombia General National Archive Bogotá 1989   [26]
  Republic of the Congo Archives Nationales du Congo Brazzaville
  Democratic Republic of the Congo Archives Nationales de la République démocratique du Congo Kinshasa
  Cook Islands National Archives of the Cook Islands 1974
  • 4,000 photographs
  Costa Rica National Archives of Costa Rica
  Croatia Croatian State Archives Zagreb   [28]
  Cuba Archivo Nacional de la República de Cuba Havana 1840 [29]
  Cyprus Cyprus State Archives Nicosia 1972 [30]
  Czech Republic National Archives Praga   [31]





















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