Direction Nationale des Archives du Mali

The Direction Nationale des Archives du Mali is a governmental entity responsible for safeguarding archival heritage of Mali, including the collection and preservation of its national archives.[1] The National Assembly approved its creation in 2002 (decree n°02-262/P-RM du 24 mai 2002). Previously the Minister of Culture directed archives-related efforts.[2]

Archives Nationales du MaliEdit

The Malian national archives is headquartered in Bamako on the Avenue de l’Union Africaine. Prior to 2006 it was in the Kuluba area of the city.[2] As of 1979 the governmental Institut des Sciences Humaines [1] oversaw the archives.

The materials kept in the archives are grouped as "old" (pre-1915), "recent" (1915-1958), and "new" (since 1958) (fonds anciens, recents, nouveaux) and organized by topic, as follows:[3][2]

  • A. Official Acts
  • B. General Correspondence
  • D. Ethnological, Geographical and Historical Studies; Administrative Organization; Deliberations of the Administrative Council; États Civils; Census; Taxes; Conseil Supérieur; Cartography and Topography
  • E. Politics; Religions; Islamic Affairs; Exterior Relations
  • F. Police; Prisons
  • G. Education
  • H. Health; Public Assistance
  • J: Postal Service
  • K: Railroads
  • L: Navigation; Meteorology; Aviation
  • M: Justice
  • N. Military
  • O: Property and Land Grants
  • P. Customs
  • Q: Economic Affairs; Industry; Mines
  • R: Agriculture; Zoological; Forests; Fish
  • S: Labor
  • T: Budget; Treasury; Special Agencies
  • U: Archives


Directors have included:

  • Moussa Niakaté, 1964-circa 1974?
  • Aliou Ongoïba, circa 1992-2013[4][5]
  • Seydou Diabaté, circa 2017[6]

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