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This sentence isn't English yet, nor is it clear enough for me to revise into English: Moravia, Bohemia stood the previous 100 years under Regensburg. Does the author mean that Moravia and Bohemia are merely synonyms for each other (which isn't true)? Does the author mean that there was a bishop of Bohemia and a bishop of Moravia (because it doesn't say that, either)? --MichaelTinkler

To MichaelTinkler They were under the Frankish kings ,emperors, then HRE. First bishopric in Moravia(Maehren) was not until 1063 Olmuetz under Mainz. 1. Moravian monastery Raigern

Alright, then 'Moravia' shouldn't be mentioned in this article. That's all I wanted to know. No need to read the Cath. Encyc.

So are there any other archbishops of Mainz called William? Is there any reason there is an entry for this guy other than he was the son of an Otto? JHK

To JHK. I cannot say for sure, but I don't think so , around that time anyway H.J.

Sorry -- I'm just not sure why you're making entries for every single person you mention (or at least it seems that way) -- especially when there is a possibility that the name could be shared by someone of more historical or religious importance -- kind of like if someone created an entry for St. Augustine because they'd created a link for him in an article on Canterbury -- there would be the entry, and St Augustine of Hippo, who is much more important (not that A of C isn't) and is better known as plain St Augustine, gets left out in the cold till someone else takes care of fixing the nomenclature and doing redirects! ;-) JHK

HJ, the way you have it set up now on the Otto I page it looks like William was the son of Otto and Adelaide of Italy. That needs to be made clear.

I will add that to Otto page H.J.

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