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Moving this section to the talk page so that the sources can be found. --DBigXray 07:29, 14 August 2019 (UTC)


Year Title Role Notes
1990 Bran Nue Dae [citation needed]
1994–1996 Ningali Deckchair Theatre[1]
1996–1997 Corrugation Road Black Swan Theatre national tour[citation needed]
1997 Wolf Lullaby [citation needed]
2001 Solid Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre[citation needed]
2001 Aliwa Company B Belvoir[1]
2002 One Day in '67 Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre and Perth international Arts Festival[citation needed]
2002 Walkabout Bangarra Dance Theatre[citation needed]
2004 Yandy Black Swan Theatre[citation needed]
2005 Uncle Vanya Black Swan Theatre[1]
2008 Jandamarra Black Swan Theatre and Perth International Arts Festival[1]
2015–2017 The Secret River Dhirrumbin Sydney Theatre Company national tour[1]


  1. ^ a b c d e Collins, Ben; Bol, Michaela (14 August 2019). "Australian actor Ningali Lawford-Wolf dies on tour". ABC News. Retrieved 14 August 2019.
AusStage has some good information about many of the plays Lawford was in especially over the past few years. --~~.
Will go to the theatres concerned too like Black Swan Theatre for Uncle Vanya and Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre - a few months ago [May] I looked at lots of Noongar literature and Noongar theatre. --Bronwyn Gannan (talk) 08:18, 14 August 2019 (UTC).
Further to Walkabout - I learnt that this 2002 production was actually *two* works - *Rush* by Stephen Page (the man who ran Bangarra until very recently) - the other was *Rations* by Frances Rings. It toured the east coast of Australia - Victoria New South Wales and Queensland. NLW played a big role in both of those productions. [1] until I can find a better one.
Other articles about NLW
Guardian: [2]

(we don't have anything about the *Long-Forgotten Dream* as far as I can see).

Sydney Theatre Company: [3]

<quote>Ningali’s theatre roles included her one-woman show Ningali (1994-1996), which toured nationally and internationally and earnt her a Green Room Award for Best Actress and a Fringe First Award for Best New Production, Aliwa for Company B Belvoir (2001), Uncle Vanya (2005) and Jandamarra (2008) both for Black Swan Theatre Company.

Ningali was involved in the development of The Secret River at STC, narrating its return Sydney season and national tour in 2016, Adelaide Festival performances in 2018 and Edinburgh Festival performances in 2019. Ningali gave a solo performance in the reading of Windmill Baby in 2014, the winner of the 2003 Patrick White Playwright’s Award, which she co-wrote with David Milroy, and performed in The Long Forgotten Dream at Sydney Opera House last year.</quote> Patrick White Playwright's Award that is so great along with David Milroy. And it does confirm she died at the Edinburgh Festival 2019. :=(.--Bronwyn Gannan (talk)

  • Bronwyn Gannan, Please feel free to update the table above (or even the table in the article), if you find a reliable source that can confirm that NLW participated in this particular stage show. --DBigXray 12:42, 14 August 2019 (UTC)
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