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Front of House is a term that is also being adopted by the Foodservice industry. FOH is used to describe the area of a restaurant that is visible to the general public. (Back of House) would refer to the kitchen.

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I have been reading a bunch of articles on Christian Music and apparently Front of the House means something in the operations of a church. Also, in reference to the first comment above, Front of House is used across the Hospitality Industry, not just in Foodservice. The term has been used to describe the front desk and lobby area in a hotel (and jobs that are done in those areas) since at least the mid-1970's. Back of the house would refer to the laundry, the restaurant kitchen, the boiler room, etc. Gtwfan52 (talk) 04:58, 13 May 2012 (UTC)Reply

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As I first encountered it, this article was narrowly focused on theatrical arts, and completely unreferenced. I have somewhat expanded its focus to include the commonly-seen usages in the restaurant, hospitality, and retailing industries, and added several references. I also added better coverage of the term term "back of house". There is plenty of room for improvement in this article, such as the origins and history of the term.

Also, there are Wikipedia articles on Front office and Back office. All of these articles need to be cross-referenced and cleaned up for consistency and to remove overlaps. Perhaps there should be just a single article to cover the overall concept, with redirects pointing to it.

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Hi There! Great point. I agree with you that this article needs to be improved, cited and expanded, and I here to work on that. What do you think of this rough outline for some possible improvements? Any suggestions?
Outline Draft:
1. Introduction Brief overview of what "Front of House" is in various contexts
2. Terms Meanings/History Defining "Front of House" and link its various meanings, and talking about where the term originated from
3. Use Cases Discuss the places where the term is commonly used and how it's used
4. Front of House Design Explanation of the design principles, considerations, and best practices related to the Front of House area in different settings.
5. Back of House Design Description of the design aspects and considerations for the Back of House area, contrasting with the Front of House design.
6. Functions and Responsibilities Discussion of the roles and responsibilities and what personnel are typically associated with it
7. Evolution How it's evolved over time CathStudies (talk) 17:40, 15 February 2024 (UTC)Reply

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