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Article Maintenance TemplateEdit

Three maintenance templates were recently added to the top of the article without explanation. They were:

  • Article needs to be updated;
  • Factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information; and
  • Article is incomplete.

These were then combined into a "multiple issues" template and the "needs to be updated" was dropped. Neither the "out-of-date information" nor the "incomplete" warnings seem valid to me.

The article has been continuously updated, and includes information current through at least the second quarter of 2016. The article has been carefully written to identify the time at which each event happened, and in most cases when specific sources commented on Boko Haram. If there is an issue with this somewhere in the article, the specific statement (or at a minimum, section) should be flagged so that other editors will know how to fix it. As it stands, I'm at a loss to even know where to look in the article for the problem. If the issue is that there's nothing on 2017 yet, let's say so - and not put a scare template at the top suggesting that the entire article is somehow tainted.

The article is also quite extensive. Doubtless there is more that could be included, but that's true of any Wikipedia article. There is certainly no reason to believe the article is so incomplete as to be fundamentally misleading to the reader. If there's something missing, please explain what it is on the Talk page (or better year, find a couple of sources and add it). EastTN (talk) 14:25, 6 April 2017 (UTC)

Actually, the article is fundamentally misleading to the reader. There are actually two groups spoken of in this article. One is Jamā'at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da'wah wa'l-Jihād, commonly known as Boko Haram, lead by Abu Bakr Shekau, which is an independent group And the other is Islamic State West Africa Province (Wilayat Garb Ifriqiyah), led by Abu Musab al-Barnawi, which is part of the Islamic State.

They separated in August 2016 after Shekau defied IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and was replaced as leader by Abu Musab He then went back to leading fighters under his original groups name.

This fact is actually stated in the body of the article (under the 2016 section "Weakening and split", but the lede has not been corrected to reflect this and speaks of them as one group. Two separate articles are needed. This one should remain for the group known as 'Boko Haram'

And the article needs to be entirely cleaned up. The majority of the article is simply news. Large blocks of text with random list of attacks, the majority non-significant. Wikipedia is not news. The whole "campaign of violence" section needs to be edited.

I will just go ahead and make some improvements...Kuching7102 (talk) 00:44, 20 November 2017 (UTC)

They don't know that:Edit

killing people does not constitute the supposed personhood of the Universe (the god/allah) actual. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A02:587:4100:5800:5584:67A3:6753:D00C (talk) 05:02, 17 February 2019 (UTC)


Please request at WP:REQUESTED MOVES if you wish to make a such a major name change.The common name appears to be Boko Haram and not ISIS West Africa.For a community discussion.Thanks Pharaoh of the Wizards (talk) 17:06, 26 May 2019 (UTC)

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