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Incorrect region labeling of acadiana...Edit

I live and work in Acadiana, and can cite that this article is inaccurate when labeling the different regions of our state.

see the map on the attached reference link of the [1] Or from the acadiana area chamber of commerce at [2] that defines the area as Acadia Evangeline Iberia Jeff Davis

Lafayette St. Landry St. Martin St. Mary & Vermilion Parrish's.

None of the people here, nor the people in Baton Rouge or Alexandria would feel that they are included in Acadiana... Alexandria clearly identifies with the term Central or CENLA and Baton Rouge Area Clearly Identifies with the Term Bayou Country or more often as the Capitol City. Lake Charles is normally Identified as being in SouthWestern LA. Not Acadiana...

I would Submit that this should be corrected as this is clearly inaccurate. I have lived all over the state in many different regions and the lines between culture are clear and well defined. The creole culture is central only to New Orleans and the immediate surrounding neighboring parishes. The Culture in the Capitol Region is entirely different and once you cross the mississippi river and over the basin you have entered almost another country. Living in Lafayette is that different from Baton Rouge or New Orleans both of which I have also Lived or Worked in. (talk) 12:34, 18 January 2017 (UTC)RMG

You are correct that the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, now known as "One Acadiana," has a narrow definition of what constitutes "Acadiana." However, it nonetheless remains true that in 1971 the Louisiana state legislature defined the Acadiana region as consisting of 22 named parishes and any number of unnamed parishes of similar culture. And while some of these 22 parishes or more or less "Acadian" or "Cajun" than others, I think the Wikipedia entry should adhere to the official definition of "Acadiana" as codified by the state of Louisiana (as opposed to, say, Acadiana One's definition, which has no standing in state law). --Skb8721 (talk) 17:07, 31 January 2017 (UTC)


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