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Strike Force Kobra is the name of two supervillain teams appearing in DC Comics.

Strikeforce Kobra
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceOutsiders #21 (July 1987)
Created byMike W. Barr
Jim Aparo
In-story information


Fictional character biographyEdit

Strike Force Kobra IEdit

Kobra researched every villain that ever fought Batman and how they each acquired their respective powers. After obtaining some test subjects, Kobra had his researchers use this information to transform them into Strike Force Kobra. Kobra sent them to fight the Outsiders and infiltrate Stagg Enterprises. During the resulting fight, Spectrumonster was destroyed and the rest of Strike Force Kobra was defeated by the Outsiders and arrested by the police.[1]

Strike Force Kobra IIEdit

Kobra would later form a second incarnation of Strike Force Kobra led by his cult member Lady Eve. When this version of Strike Force Kobra was defeated by Eradicator's incarnation of the Outsiders even after the death of the third Syonide, Lady Eve called Kobra for help only for him to tell them to surrender. This action caused a strain between Kobra and Lady Eve.[2]


Strike Force Kobra IEdit

  • Clayface IV - A supervillain with shapeshifting powers similar to the Matt Hagen version minus the limits that he had.
  • Elemental Woman - A former lab assistant of Kobra who can turn into different elements like Elemental Man did.
  • Planet Master II - A supervillain whose suit enables him to tap into the powers of the planets.
  • Spectrumonster - A Stagg Enterprises employee-turned-spy for Kobra who became a being of coherent light.
  • Zebra-Man II - A supervillain with diamagnetism. Unlike the first Zebra-Man, this version lacks the aura sported by the first Zebra-Man and sports a mohawk that evokes the image of his equine namesake.

Strike Force Kobra IIEdit

  • Lady Eve - The leader of the second Strike Force Kobra.
  • Dervish - A female supervillain with super-speed.
  • Fauna Faust - The daughter of Felix Faust who can perform magic and control animals. She was apparently killed by her father.
  • Syonide III - A whip-wielding female supervillain. She was killed by Eradicator.
  • Windfall - A female aerokinetic supervillain who is the sister of New Wave.


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