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Siren is the name of two fictional supervillains, both appearing in books published by DC Comics.

Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearance(Hila)
Aquaman #22
(August, 1965)
As Siren
Brightest Day #5 (July 2010)
(La Sirène la Bailene) #5
(July 1999)
The Titans #5
(July 1999)
Created by(Hila)
Nick Cardy (penciler, inker)
(La Sirène la Bailene)
Devin Grayson (writer)
Mark Buckingham (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego-Hila
-La Sirène la Bailene
Amphibious alien
(La Sirène la Bailene)
Place of originXebel, Dimension Aqua
AbilitiesControl of "hard water".


Publication historyEdit

The first Siren made her debut in Aquaman vol.1 #22, and is the identical twin sister of Mera and a sister-in-law to Aquaman.

The second Siren is a mermaid who made her first appearance in Teen Titans #5 (July 1999), and was created by Devin Grayson and Mark Buckingham.

Fictional character biographyEdit


Hila is the identical twin sister of Mera and a sister-in-law to Aquaman. A born trouble-maker, Hila was the black sheep of the family. Given her reputation, she was easily framed for a crime and sentenced to exile with her lover Kandor.

A few years later, they were on Earth. Kandor was on a quest to locate the Golden Eels and acquire their powers. He had taken to using mind-control to keep the bored Hila by his side. He had her set up a trap for Aquaman, intending to interrogate him for the location of the Eels. Hila received some affection from Aquaman before Mera caught them in the act. Then she lured him to a confrontation with Kandor. Actually Hila had planned for the two men to knock each other out, leaving her free.

Hila arrived in Atlantis and impersonated Mera. But acts of public adoration for the Queen by the Atlanteans, including a birthday celebration, got her feeling guilty. She tearfully admitted the truth and returned to rescue Arthur. Kandor had gained the upper hand in the battle and was ready to literally crush his opponent, when Hila rescued her brother-in-law and confronted her lover. The two fought using their hard-water powers.

Meanwhile, Professor Xeron/Kreon contacted Mera and restored her lost powers. The second sister joined the fray, but the general confusion allowed Kandor to place one of the sisters under his mind-control again. Aquaman was then in a new predicament. The two identical sisters were fighting over his fate, one trying to kill him and the other to save him. The mind-controlled one lost the fight.

Kandor was worried his Hila was hurt, only to learn he had made the same mistake Arthur did: he was unable to tell them apart. Mera was the sister first mind-controlled and then defeated. Hila was the defender of Aquaman and the victor. The four of them then had to join forces against the Armadillo Men; created by Kandor to be his private army, the genetic constructs had rebelled. The two sisters and their respective consorts were able to defeat them.

A tired but healthy Kandor released Mera and expressed his love for her. Then the four were joined by Aqualad. He had used the contact with Dimension Aqua to ask some questions. Hila and Kandor's innocence of their original crime had been proven some time ago. Their names were clear and their sentence had been canceled. The other members of their race were simply unable to locate them and recall them. The duo returned home but their subsequent activities are unknown.

Years later, Hila, now calling herself Siren, attacks Mera and Aquaman. As Mera pulls her husband away from Hila, she reveals that Siren was sent to kill him,[1] proceeding then to confess her real origins to him. Mera also states that, despite her original mission being a solo one, Siren is now backed by the entire Death Squad, elite Xebel soldiers at the orders of the acting princess, and that she is her sister Hila.[2]

Siren is next seen approaching Black Manta at Aquaman's father's demolished tombstone. The Death Squad begin fighting Black Manta but before the fight can get too far along, Siren stops them. She tells Black Manta that they need to work together to find his son, as she makes a hard water image of Jackson Hyde.[3] Siren, with the help of Black Manta, tracks down Jackson, but Aquaman pulls Jackson and his foster father to safety from Black Manta and Siren.[4]

After Jackson learns the truth behind his origin, Aquaman and Jackson (now calling himself Aqualad) are ambushed by Siren and the Xebel soldiers. The fight continues onto the beach where innocent citizens get caught in the crossfire. She lies to Aquaman by telling him that her Death Squad had captured Mera while she was searching for help and that she had killed her sister herself. As Aquaman was about to strike back at Siren, Black Manta sprung from the water and severed Aquaman's right hand.[5] Mera and Aquagirl arrive and aid Aquaman in the battle; Mera tells Aquaman that her sister lied about her condition for unknown reasons. Mera and Jackson are able to work together to seal Black Manta, Siren, and the rest of the invaders away in the Bermuda Triangle; Siren cried out to her sister Mera of her Xebel betrayal.[6]

New 52Edit

Siren returns in the New 52. She is depicted as being weaker than Mera and having no hydrokinetic abilities. A dark alternate version of Atlantis from a parallel reality known as Thule begins to make incursions into Earth. Hila bargains with the rulers of Thule for powers equal to Mera's and imprisons and impersonates her sister, declaring Aquaman a traitor and enemy of Atlantis, becoming sole ruler of the kingdom. She secretly rules on behalf of the sorceror-kings of Thule, sending mercenaries to kill Aquaman.

Mera eventually frees herself from captivity after overcoming the enchantments that were intended to keep her magic repressed. She easily overpowers Hila, who is presumably imprisoned.

La Sirène la BaileneEdit

The second Siren first appeared as a mermaid ecoterrorist, Siren had begun a campaign that should prevent humans from going near the water. She sang her song while walking through the town of Four Heroes, Maine. Tempest, Argent and Damage of the Titans investigated the case and Tempest soon met Siren. He held her responsible for the people's fear of water because she "stands out" and has recently been swimming. Siren tries to escape, but is frozen by Tempest. She escapes by first making Damage free her from the ice and then making Argent and Damage afraid of the water so that Tempest will have to save them. Tempest later finds her in the shallows and manages to capture her by knocking her out. She's freed from her imprisonment by Vandal Savage, whom she repays by joining the criminal team he had formed named Tartarus.

As a member of Tartarus, Siren was degraded to a sidekick of Vandal Savage and had little significance on the story she appeared in. She was a henchman in Vandal Savage's plan to attack the H.I.V.E., led by Adeline Wilson, Deathstroke's wife, on a floating island above the fictional country of Zandia. Siren was seen trying to sing various heroes and members of H.I.V.E. into submission, but was first stopped by Jesse Quick, and then later escaped with Vandal Savage. She is a follower of the Vodou religion.

Siren was briefly seen during the attack on Zandia by Young Justice. In issue #50, Siren is the first obstacle Young Justice must get by to actually land in Zandia. She tries to stop Lagoon Boy from crushing the coast of Zandia with a tidal wave by trying to hypnotize him and promising to make him "from a boy to a man". She is stopped by Jayna, one of the Wonder Twins. Her ultimate fate remains unknown.

During the Infinite Crisis storyline, Siren became a member of Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hila has identical powers to Mera. Their world is covered entirely in water and their race are amphibians. Swimming is their equivalent to walking. Their main power is hydrokinesis. They have the ability to psionically increase the density of volumes of water and shape them to create hard-water constructs. She can use them to cause blunt force damage or simply drown opponents. She has low-level telepathic powers, allowing her to communicate with others. She can not perceive the thoughts of individuals not broadcasting to her. Her main weakness is common to all of her race. Lead causes them to lose their hydrokinetic powers for the duration of their exposure to it.

The second Siren is a mermaid and able to change her tail into a pair of legs, enabling her to walk on land. In addition to that, Siren is able to stand on her tail for an unknown period of time. It appears she is able to survive outside of the water for longer periods of time. She has a light green skin tone and completely black eyes. Siren is from the Bight of Benin which makes her vulnerable to cold temperatures. Like the sirens of myth, Siren uses her voice as her main weapon. She sings hypnotic songs, forcing people to follow her every command. This also works on Tempest who is an Atlantean. During her appearance in Young Justice, she seems to have perfected that skill so that she does not need to sing to hypnotize someone. Siren is shown, in Aquaman, to have super-human strength, giving her the ability to break into a plane.

Other versionsEdit


In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, the Hila version of Siren aids Aquaman on his war against the Amazons. She along with Orm tried to kill Terra because of her value in battle and mostly because Siren wanted revenge for her sister's death. However, Siren is slain by Penthesileia (sister of Hippolyta).[7]

DC BombshellsEdit

In other mediaEdit


  • An unrelated Siren appeared in the Batman episode "Wail of the Siren" portrayed by Joan Collins. Lorelei Circe is a world-famous chanteuse who first started out as an underestimated ally of the Riddler in the previous episode "Ring Around the Riddler" to make men fall under her powerful singing voice. She told Riddler that she has her own plans for Batman. After Riddler's arrest, Siren went solo with a plot of her own to become the richest and wickedest woman in Gotham City. As seen in "Wail of the Siren," she put Commissioner James Gordon under her spell in order to get him to stow away in the Batmobile and find out Batman and Robin's true identities.
  • Another unrelated Siren (appearing in human form as "Nadia") appeared in the pilot episode of Aquaman, portrayed by Adrianne Palicki. She is shown to be the villain responsible for the death of Aquaman's mother Atlanna.
  • The Siren from the 60's Batman TV series appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Day of the Dark Knight". She is shown as an inmate at Iron Heights Penitentiary and takes part in a mass-breakout attempt only to be thwarted by Batman and Green Arrow.



In Batman '66 (which is based on the 1960s TV series), Siren appears where she collaborated with Chandell.[8]


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