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Blaze and Satanus are fictional demonic siblings published by DC Comics. Blaze debuted in Action Comics #655 (July 1990); she was created by Roger Stern and Brett Breeding and first pencilled by Bob McLeod. Satanus was created by Brett Breeding and debuted in Adventures of Superman #493 (August 1992) by Jerry Ordway writer and Tom Grummett penciler.

Blaze and Satanus
Blaze from The Power of Shazam! #10 (December 1995). Art by Jerry Ordway.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBlaze
Action Comics #655 (July 1990)
Adventures of Superman #493 (August 1992)
Created byBlaze
Roger Stern (writer)
Brett Breeding (artist)
Satanus - Brett Breeding
In-story information
Place of originHell
Notable aliasesBlaze
Angelica Blaze
Colin Thornton
Abilitiesboth siblings are experts in maleficium

Fictional character biographiesEdit

Blaze and Satanus are the human-demon hybrid children of the wizard Shazam and an unnamed demoness.


Satanus is a brother to the demon Blaze. Satanus resembles a traditional demon, with large horns that protrude from the front of his head and dark red skin. He wears a heavy Roman-style helmet which buries his face in shadow. Blaze and Satanus fight each other for possession of Blaze's domain, using Superman as a pawn. Satanus has an earthly identity and disguises himself as Colin Thornton, the publisher of Newstime magazine, who had previously hired Clark Kent as editor.[1]


Blaze is involved in the creation of Superman's enemies Silver Banshee and Skyhook. A red-skinned demoness with horns, she disguises herself as Metropolis nightclub owner Angelica Blaze in order to steal souls. Superman follows her to Hell to fight for the souls of Jimmy Olsen and Perry White's son Jerry (who in fact was the son of Perry's wife Alice and Lex Luthor). Superman manages to save Jimmy Olsen, but Blaze succeeds in killing Jerry White, whose selfless sacrifice saves his soul.[2]

Satanus from Adventures of Superman #584 (November 2000).
Art by Mike S. Miller.

Underworld UnleashedEdit

Blaze and Satanus are two of the many supervillains involved in the Underworld Unleashed crossover event. Both are pawns in the demon Neron's plans to give many of the DC Universe's supervillains-and superheroes-their heart's desires in exchange for their immortal souls or for completing a task for him.[3]

Day of VengeanceEdit

Satanus reveals to Superman that he is Colin Thornton when the Spectre arrives in Metropolis as part of his mission to destroy all evil magic during the Day of Vengeance miniseries as part of Alexander Luthor Jr.'s plot.[4]

Reign in Hell and afterwardEdit

Blaze and Satanus from DC Universe Special: Reign in Hell #1 (August 2008). Art by Ryan Sook.

Blaze and Satanus are major characters in the eight-issue Reign in Hell miniseries (September 2008-April 2009). In this story they have become the rulers of Purgatory and lead a rebellion against Hell by offering "hope to the hopeless", which has never happened before. They are opposed by Neron, other demons and the magical superheroes of the DC Universe.[5]

Blaze contacts Mary Marvel, offering to restore her lost powers in exchange for killing Freddy Freeman so that she can have his powers. Mary appears to go along with it, seemingly poisoning Freddy; however, when Blaze arrives, Freddy gets up and fights her, eventually impaling her on an iron statue and using his lightning to send her back to Hell. Now Blaze seems to be interested in manipulating Osiris.[6]

Satanus sends the Justice League to Hell, where the League thwarts Satanus' plans to get the nine pieces of Dante's mask. Satanus attempts to use the mask to become all-powerful, but is prevented by Plastic Man, who is possessed by the mask. The mask is then destroyed by the combined efforts of the League and Zauriel helps the League escape Hell.[7]

Other versionsEdit

An alternate version of Blaze and (presumably) Satanus appear as creations of Lex Luthor to use against Superman in Superman: Red Son. [8]

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