Lords of the Ultra-Realm

Lords of the Ultra-Realm is a six-issue comic book limited series, created and written by Doug Moench, illustrated by Pat Broderick, and published in 1986 by DC Comics, followed by a 1987 special issue.


Vietnam veteran Michael Savage, upon returning to America and after his journey to the Ultra-Realm, was merged with Falkon, Prince of Bliss, after his death at the hands of his opposite, Maurkon, Prince of Rage.

Seven princes of light existed in the Ultra-Realm (Erosanda: the Prince of Love, the previously mentioned Falkon, Krishlar: the Prince of Peace, Kontentos: the Prince of Grace, Sain: the Prince of Order, Satorana: the Prince of Enlightenment, and Viridium: the Prince of Life) as did their opposites, the seven princes of darkness (Lashtarr: the Prince of Madness, previously mentioned Maurkon, Mortanos: the Prince of Death, Myridian: the Prince of Hate, Shatragon: the Prince of Chaos, Squamonton: the Prince of Greed, and Zorla: the Prince of War).

Michael Savage as Falkon travels the Ultra-Realm, eventually killing all the other Princes and thus becoming the Overlord of the Ultra-Realm, which he recreates with Princes and Princesses in place of the all-male Princes that existed previously. The special issue was set in this recreated Ultra-Realm and dealt primarily with the Princes and Princesses of Love (Eros and Sanda) and Hate (Myra and Rhydian).