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The following is a complete list of books published by Stephen King, an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. His books have sold more than 350 million copies,[1] and many of them have been adapted into feature films, television movies and comic books. King has published 63 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has written over 200 short stories, most of which have been compiled in book collections. Many of his stories are set in his home state of Maine.

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Year Title Publisher ISBN Pages Note
1974 Carrie Doubleday 0385086954 199
1975 'Salem's Lot 978-0-385-00751-1 439 World Fantasy Award nominee for Best Novel, 1976[2]
1977 The Shining 978-0-385-12167-5 447 Runner-up (4th place), Locus Award, 1978[3]
Rage Signet Books 978-0-451-07645-8 211 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman
1978 The Stand Doubleday 978-0-385-12168-2 823 Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 1979;[2]
Runner-up (15th place), Locus Award, 1979[3]
1979 The Long Walk Signet Books 978-0-451-08754-6 384 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman
The Dead Zone Viking Press 978-0-670-26077-5 428 Runner-up (2nd place), Locus Award, 1980[3]
1980 Firestarter 978-0-670-31541-3 426 Nominee, British Fantasy Award’s August Derleth Award, 1981;
Runner-up (8th place), Locus Award, 1981[3]
1981 Roadwork Signet Books 978-0-451-09668-5 274 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman
Cujo Viking Press 978-0-670-45193-7 319 Winner, British Fantasy Award’s August Derleth Award, 1982[3]
1982 The Running Man Signet Books 978-0-451-11508-9 219 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman
The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Grant 978-0-937986-50-9 224
1983 Christine Viking 978-0-670-22026-7 526 Nominee, Locus Award, 1984[3]
Pet Sematary Doubleday 978-0-385-18244-7 374 Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 1984;[2]
Nominee, Locus Award, 1984[3]
Cycle of the Werewolf Land of Enchantment 978-0-960-38282-8 127 Illustrated by Bernie Wrightson
1984 The Talisman Viking 978-0-670-69199-9 646 Written with Peter Straub;
Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 1985;[2]
Nominee, Locus Award, 1985[3]
The Eyes of the Dragon Viking 978-0-670-81458-9 326
Thinner NAL 978-0-453-00468-8 309 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman
1986 It Viking 0-670-81302-8 1138 Winner, British Fantasy Award, 1987;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1987[3]
1987 The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three Grant 978-0-937986-90-5 400 Nominee, Locus Award, 1988[3]
Misery Viking 978-0-670-81364-3 310 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 1987;[3]
Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 1988[2]
The Tommyknockers Putnam 978-0-399-13314-5 558 Nominee, Locus Award, 1988[3]
1989 The Dark Half Viking 978-0-670-82982-8 431 Nominee, Locus Award, 1990[3]
1990 The Stand Doubleday 978-0-385-19957-5 1152 The Complete & Uncut Edition
1991 The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Grant 978-0-937986-17-2 512 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 1991;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1991[3]
Needful Things Viking 978-0-670-83953-7 690 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 1991;[3]
Nominee, Locus Award, 1991[3]
1992 Gerald's Game 978-0-670-84650-4 352
Dolores Claiborne 978-0-670-84452-4 305 Nominee, Locus Award, 1993[3]
1994 Insomnia 978-0-670-85503-2 787 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 1994;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1994[3]
1995 Rose Madder 978-0-670-85869-9 420 Nominee, Locus Award, 1995[3]
1996 The Green Mile Signet Books 400 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 1996;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1997[3]
Desperation Viking 978-0-670-86836-0 704 Twin novel of The Regulators;
Winner, Locus Award, 1997[3]
The Regulators Dutton 978-0-525-94190-3 480 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman;
Twin novel of Desperation
1997 The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass Grant 978-1-880418-38-3 787 Nominee, Locus Award, 1998[3]
1998 Bag of Bones Scribner 978-0-684-85350-5 529 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 1998;
Winner, British Fantasy Award’s August Derleth Award, 1999;
Winner, Locus Award, 1999[3]
1999 The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 978-0-684-86762-5 224
2001 Dreamcatcher 978-0-743-21138-3 620
Black House Random House 978-0-375-50439-6 625 Sequel to The Talisman;
Written with Peter Straub;
Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2001;
Nominee, Locus Award, 2001[3]
2002 From a Buick 8 Scribner 978-0-743-21137-6 368 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2002[3]
2003 The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla Grant 978-1-880-41856-7 714 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2003;
Nominee, Locus Award, 2004[3]
2004 The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah 978-1-880-41859-8 432 Nominee, Locus Award, 2005[3]
The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower 978-1-880-41862-8 845 Winner, British Fantasy Award, 2005;
Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2004[3]
2005 The Colorado Kid Hard Case Crime 978-0-843-95584-2 184
2006 Cell Scribner 978-0-743-29233-7 351
Lisey's Story 978-0-743-28941-2 528 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 2006;
Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 2007;[2]
Nominee, Locus Award, 2007[3]
2007 Blaze 978-1-416-55484-4 304 Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman
2008 Duma Key 978-1-416-55251-2 607 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 2008[3]
2009 Under the Dome 978-1-439-14850-1 1074 Nominee, British Fantasy Award, 2010;
Nominee, Locus Award, 2010[3]
2011 11/22/63 978-1-451-62728-2 849 Nominee, British Fantasy Award, 2012;
Nominee, Locus Award, 2012;[3]
Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 2012[2]
2012 The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole Grant 1-880418-76-2 336 The eighth Dark Tower novel, but chronologically set between the fourth and fifth volumes.
2013 Joyland Hard Case Crime 978-1-781-16264-4 288 Nominee Edgar Award, Best Original Paperback, 2014[4]
Doctor Sleep Scribner 978-1-476-72765-3 531 Sequel to The Shining;
Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 2013[5]
2014 Mr. Mercedes 978-1-476-75445-1 436 First novel in the Bill Hodges Trilogy;
Winner, Edgar Award for Best Novel, 2015[3]
Revival 978-1-476-77038-3 403
2015 Finders Keepers 978-1-501-10007-9 434 Second novel in the Bill Hodges Trilogy.
2016 End of Watch 978-1-501-12974-2 496 Third novel in the Bill Hodges Trilogy.
2017 Gwendy's Button Box Cemetery Dance 978-1-58767-610-9 175 Written with Richard Chizmar
Sleeping Beauties Scribner 978-1-50116-340-1 702 Written with Owen King;
Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2017
2018 The Outsider 978-1-50118-098-9 576 First novel in the Holly Gibney Series
Elevation 978-1-98210-231-9 144
2019 The Institute 978-1-98211-056-7 576


Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
1978 Night Shift Doubleday 978-0-385-12991-6 Nominee, World Fantasy Award;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1979[3]
1982 Different Seasons Viking Press 978-0-670-27266-2 Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 1983;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1983[3]
1985 Skeleton Crew Putnam 978-0-399-13039-7 Winner, Locus Award, 1986;
Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 1986[3]
1990 Four Past Midnight Viking 978-0-670-83538-6 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 1990
Nominee, Locus Award, 1991[3]
1993 Nightmares & Dreamscapes 978-0-670-85108-9 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award;
Nominee, Locus Award, 1993[3]
1999 Hearts in Atlantis Scribner 978-0-684-85351-2 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2000;
Nominee, British Fantasy Award, 2000;
Nominee, Locus Award, 2000;
Nominee, World Fantasy Award, 2000[3]
2002 Everything's Eventual 978-0-743-23515-0 Nominee, Bram Stoker Award, 2002;
Nominee, British Fantasy Award, 2002;
Nominee, Locus Award, 2002[3]
2008 Just After Sunset 978-1-416-58408-7 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 2008;
Nominee, British Fantasy Award, 2009[3]
2010 Full Dark, No Stars 978-1-439-19256-6 Winner, Bram Stoker Award, 2010;
Winner, British Fantasy Award, 2011[3]
2015 The Bazaar of Bad Dreams 978-1-501-11167-9 Winner, Shirley Jackson Award, 2015[3]
2020 If It Bleeds 978-1-982-13797-7


Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
1981 Danse Macabre Everest House 978-0-896-96076-3
1988 Nightmares in the Sky Viking Studio Books 978-0-670-82307-9 Illustrated by f-stop Fitzgerald
2000 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Scribner 978-0-684-85352-9
Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing BOMC 978-0-965-01851-7
2005 Faithful Scribner 978-0-743-26752-6 Written with Stewart O'Nan


Year Title Notes
1982 Creepshow An anthology film consisting of adaptations of five short stories (3 of which were written original for the film)
1985 Cat's Eye An anthology horror film based on King's short stories "Quitters, Inc." and "The Ledge"
Silver Bullet A horror film based on King's novella Cycle of the Werewolf
1986 Maximum Overdrive A comedy horror film written and directed by King, based on King's short story "Trucks"
1987 "Sorry, Right Number" An episode of the horror anthology series Tales from the Darkside

Later included in King's short story collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes

1989 Pet Sematary A horror film based on King's novel of the same name
1991 Golden Years An original television science fiction thriller limited series created by King, and cowritten with Josef Anderson
1992 Sleepwalkers An original horror film
1994 The Stand A television miniseries based on King's novel of the same name
1996 Michael Jackson's Ghosts A musical short film with a story by King, Stan Winston, Mick Garris and Michael Jackson, based on an original concept by King and Michael Jackson
1997 The Shining A three-episode television miniseries based on King's novel of the same name
1998 "Chinga" An episode of the television series The X-Files, cowritten with series creator Chris Carter
1999 Storm of the Century An original horror television miniseries
2002 Rose Red An original horror television miniseries
2004 Kingdom Hospital A horror television series based on Lars von Trier's The Kingdom
2006 Desperation A horror television film based on King's novel of the same name
2014 "Heads Will Roll" An episode of the television series Under the Dome, based on King's novel of the same name
A Good Marriage A psychological thriller film based on King's novella of the same name
2016 Cell A science fiction horror film based on King's novel of the same name, cowritten with Adam Alleca


Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
1982 Creepshow Plume 0452253802 Graphic novel, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson
1985 The Bachman Books NAL 978-0-453-00507-4 Originally four stories, with Rage removed later on
1988 Bare Bones - Conversations on Terror McGraw-Hill 0-07-065759-9 Collected interviews
1997 Six Stories Philtrum Press Limited edition (1100 copies); collected in Everything's Eventual (2002)
1999 Blood and Smoke Simon & Schuster 978-0-671-04617-0 Original audiobook of three stories; collected in Everything's Eventual (2002)
Storm of the Century Pocket Books 978-0671032647 Original screenplay, published shortly before the initial airing
2000 The Plant Philtrum Press Published partially in 1982/83/85/2000, Unfinished
2009 Stephen King Goes to the Movies Pocket Books 978-1-416-59236-5 Contains five previously collected short stories
2010 Blockade Billy Simon & Schuster 978-1-4516-0821-2 Contains the title short story and "Morality", both collected in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (2015)
American Vampire Vol. 1 Vertigo 978-1401228309 Graphic novel, co-written with Scott Snyder, Illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque;
Winner, Eisner Award for Best New Series, 2011[6]
2013 Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Hear Music 978-1-579-40235-8 Libretto for musical
2016 Six Scary Stories Cemetery Dance Publications 978-1587675706 An anthology of stories picked by Stephen King (not to be mistaken with Six Stories)
2016 Charlie the Choo-Choo Simon & Schuster 978-1-534-40123-5 Published under pseudonym Beryl Evans, Illustrated by Ned Dameron
Hearts in Suspension University of Maine Press 978-0-89101-127-9 A collection of essays by King with other authors
2018 Flight or Fright Cemetery Dance Publications 978-1587676796 An anthology edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent, and including stories from King, Vincent, and Joe Hill

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