The August Derleth Award is one of the British Fantasy Awards bestowed annually by the British Fantasy Society. The award is named after the American writer and editor August Derleth. It was inaugurated in 1972 for the best novel of the year, was not awarded in 2011, and was resumed in 2012 for the best horror novel of the year.

Winners edit

The August Derleth Award was conferred 45 times in 46 years to 2017, including 39 times to 2010 for the best novel of the year. Its multiple winners include Ramsey Campbell (6), Graham Joyce (5), Michael Moorcock and Stephen King (4).

Source: August Derleth Award, Worlds Without End ([1]

Best novel of the year (1972–2010) edit

Best horror novel (2012–present) edit

References edit

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