Sky Sport (Italian TV channel)

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Sky Sport is a group of nine sports satellite TV channels in the Italian language produced and broadcast by Sky Italia.

Sky Sport
Sky Sport - Logo 2018.svg
Owned bySky Italia (Sky)
Picture format576i (16:9 SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Broadcast areaItaly
SkyChannel 201–206
Channel 200, 250, 500 (Sky Sport 24)
Channel 248–265 (Sky Calcio)

Sky Sport channelsEdit

  • Sky Sport Uno HD
  • Sky Sport 24 (since 2008) / HD (since 2011)
  • Sky Sport Serie A HD (from fall of 2018 onwards)
  • Sky Sport Football HD (from fall of 2018 onwards)
  • Sky Sport Arena HD (from fall of 2018 onwards)
  • Sky Sport NBA HD (from fall of 2018 onwards)
  • Sky Sport F1 HD (since 2013)
  • Sky Sport MotoGP HD (since 2014)
  • Sky Sport Collection HD (from summer 2019 onwards)

Sky Sport UnoEdit

Sky Sport Uno (till 30 June 2018, Sky Sport 1), it is the main channel of Sky Sport.

Sky Sport 24Edit

Sky Sport 24 is Sky Sport's 24-hour rolling sports news service. The channel broadcasts current event updates, press conferences and breaking news all related to sport.

Sky Sport Serie AEdit

  • Serie A (266 games/season, until 2021)

Sky Sport FootballEdit

Sky Sport ArenaEdit



Rugby union

Wrestling (until 30 June 2020)

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