Sendai-Hokubu Road

The Sendai-Hokubu Road (仙台北部道路, Sendai-Hokubu Dōro) is a toll road in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It is owned and operated by the East Nippon Expressway Company (NEXCO East Japan). Along with the Sanriku Expressway, Sendai-Tōbu Road, Sendai-Nanbu Road, and Tōhoku Expressway it forms a ring road around the city, Sendai, known as the "Gurutto Sendai".[1] The route is signed E6 under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "2016 Proposal for Realization of Expressway Numbering."[2]

Sendai-Hokubu Road
E6 仙台北部道路
Route information
Maintained by East Nippon Expressway Company
Length13.5 km (8.4 mi)
National Route 47
Major junctions
East endRifu Junction
E6 Sanriku Expressway
in Rifu, Miyagi
West endTomiya Interchange/Junction
Tōhoku Expressway
National Route 4
in Tomiya, Miyagi
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan


The first section of Sendai-Hokubu Road to open was the 5.2-kilometer-long (3.2 mi) section between the road's eastern terminus at the Sanriku Expressway and Rifu-Shirakashidai Interchange on 19 May 2002. At the time, there was no access to the northbound lanes of the Sanriku Expressway and from the southbound lanes to eastbound Sendai-Hokubu Road, this has since been fixed.[3] The toll road was damaged on 11 March 2011 during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Inspections after the disaster showed that the road had sunken in places due to soil liquefaction. The damage was repaired within the two weeks after the event.[4]

Junction listEdit

The entire expressway is in Miyagi Prefecture.

Rifu0.00.02Rifu      Sanriku Expressway – Matsushima, Ishinomaki, Sendai Airport, Sōma, FukushimaSouthern terminus of E45 and the Sendai-Hokubu Road; E6 continues south along the Sanriku Expressway
5.23.21Rifu-ShirakashidaiMiyagi Prefecture Route 3 (Shiogama-Yoshioka Route)
Tomiya11.87.329-1Tomiya  Tōhoku Expressway – Morioka, Aomori, Fukushima, TokyoNo access from eastbound Sendai-Hokubu Road to Tōhoku Expressway, no access from Tōhoku Expressway to westbound Sendai-Hokubu Road
13.58.42Tomiya  National Route 4 (Ōshū Kaidō)Northern terminus; at-grade junction
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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