Sanriku Expressway

The Sanriku Expressway (三陸自動車道, Sanriku Jidōsha-dō) is an incomplete expressway that exists in multiple segments in Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The expressway connects Sendai, the capital and largest city in Miyagi Prefecture, to Miyako in Iwate Prefecture. It follows the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the northern parts of the Tōhoku region, otherwise known as the Sanriku Coast. It is owned and operated by East Nippon Expressway Company (NEXCO East Japan), the Miyagi Prefecture Road Corporation, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). The route is signed as an auxiliary route of National Route 45 as well as E6 and E45 under MLIT's "2016 Proposal for Realization of Expressway Numbering."[1] It is one of three routes numbered E45, the other two are the Sanriku-kita Jūkan Road and the Hachinohe-Kuji Expressway, and one of many routes numbered E6, although the Sanriku Expressway only carries the number close to its southern terminus in Sendai. When completed, all of these routes will form an expressway that travels from the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway in Saitama Prefecture along the Pacific Coast to Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture.

Sanriku Expressway sign

Sanriku Expressway
E6 E45 三陸自動車道
The Sanriku Expressway highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Length248.1 km (154.2 mi)
National Route 45
Major junctions
South endSendaiko-kita Interchange
National Route 45 / Sendai-Tōbu Road in Sendai, Miyagi
North endTarō-kita Interchange
National Route 45 / Sanriku-kita Jūkan Road in Miyako, Iwate
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan


The expressway is named after the Sanriku region of northern Japan. The region was named Sanriku in the aftermath of the Boshin War, the provinces of Mutsu and Dewa were divided. Mutsu was split into new five provinces: Rikuō (also read Mutsu), Rikuchū, Rikuzen, Iwashiro and Iwaki. The first three of these collectively known as the "Three Riku", or Sanriku, with san (三) meaning "three." They are now known, respectively, as Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, and Miyagi Prefecture. When completed the Sanriku Expressway and Sanriku-kita Jūkan Road will span these three prefectures.[2]


The expressway is expected to be entirely completed by 2020 as part of a region-wide recovery effort from the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[3]

Junction listEdit

TB= Toll booth, PA= Parking Area

  Through to Sendai-Tōbu Road
MiyagiMiyagino-ku, Sendai0.00.01Sendaikō-kita  National Route 45
Tagajō2.71.71-1TagajōMiyagi Prefecture Route 35 (Izumi Shiogama Route)
Rifu4.02.52Rifu  Sendai-Hokubu Road – to Tōhoku Expressway, Morioka, AomoriNorthern terminus of E6 concurrency, southern terminus of E45
5.63.53Rifu ShiogamaMiyagi Prefecture Route 3 (Shiogama Yoshioka Route)
7.84.84Rifu-nakaMiyagi Prefecture Route 8 (Sendai Matsushima Route)Northern limit of tolling by NEXCO East, southern limit of tolling by Miyagi Prefecture Road Corporation
11.87.35Matsushima-KaiganMiyagi Prefecture Route 144 (Akanuma Matsushima Route)
Matsushima15.99.96Matsushima-ŌsatoMiyagi Prefecture Route 9 (Taiwa Matsushima Route)
19.312.07Matsushima-kita  National Route 346
Higashimatsushima26.116.28/TBNaruse-Okumatsushima  National Route 45Northern terminus of toll collection by Miyagi Prefecture Road Corporation, southern terminus of section maintained by MLIT
31.919.89YamotoMiyagi Prefecture Route 34 (Yamoto Kanan Route)
36.122.410IshinomakikoMiyagi Prefecture Route 251 – to   National Route 45
Ishinomaki38.523.911Ishinomaki-KananMiyagi Prefecture Route 16 (Ishinomaki Kashimadai Ōhira Kanan Route) – to   National Route 108
40.525.211-1Ishinomaki-Onagawa   National Route 45 / National Route 398 – ⛨ Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital
45.228.112KahokuMiyagi Prefecture Route 196
52.632.713Monō-ToyosatoMiyagi Prefecture Route 30
56.835.314Monō-TsuyamaMiyagi Prefecture Route 61
Tome66.441.315TomeMiyagi Prefecture Route 4 (Ishinomaki Kashimadai Ōhira Kanan Route) – to   National Route 108
71.444.416Tome-Tōwa  National Route 398 – to Michi-no-eki RinrinkanNorthbound exit, southbound entrance
73.445.616-1Mitakido  National Route 398 – to Michi-no-eki Mitakido
Minamisanriku82.551.317Shizugawa  National Route 398 – to   National Route 45
85.553.118Minamisanriku-Kaigan  National Route 45
89.755.719Utatsu  National Route 45
93.758.220Utatsu-kita  National Route 45Northbound exit, southbound entrance
Kesennuma99.762.021Koizumi-Kaigan  National Route 45Northbound exit, southbound entrance
2-kilometer-long (1.2 mi) gap in the expressway, connection is made by   National Route 45
101.763.222Motoyoshitsuya  National Route 45Southbound exit, northbound entrance
105.765.723Ōya-Kaigan  National Route 45
108.267.223-1IwaisakiUnnamed road – to   National Route 45Southbound exit, northbound entrance
112.870.124Kesennuma-chūō  National Route 45 (Kesennuma Bypass)
9-kilometer-long (5.6 mi) gap in the expressway, connection is made by   National Route 45
121.875.7Karakuwa-minami  National Route 45
124.877.529Karakuwa-Goharagi  National Route 45Northbound exit, southbound entrance
IwateRikuzentakata128.379.730Rikuzentakata-Taosabe  National Route 45
134.883.831Rikuzentakata  National Route 340
138.986.332Kayooka  National Route 45Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Ōfunato141.387.8PAFunagawaraParking area is only accessible for northbound traffic
142.388.433Ōfunato-Goishikaigan  National Route 45/ Iwate Prefecture Route 38
146.991.3Emergency Exit⛨ Iwate Prefecture Ōfunato HospitalEmergency vehicles only
150.993.834Ōfunato  National Route 45
154.596.035Ōfunato-kita  National Route 45Southbound exit, northbound entrance
159.999.436Sanriku  National Route 45
163.5101.637Yoshihama  National Route 45
Kamaishi168.5104.738Kamaishi-minami  National Route 45Northbound exit, southbound entrance
171.0106.339Kamaishi-Tōni  National Route 45Southbound exit, northbound entrance
177.5110.340Kamaishi  Kamaishi Expressway – to Tōhoku Expressway, Tōno, Hanamaki
178.4110.941Kamaishi-chūō  National Route 283
183.1113.842Kamaishi-RyōishiIwate Prefecture Route 242Southbound exit, northbound entrance
187.0116.243Kamaishi-kita  National Route 45Southbound entrance, northbound exit
Ōtsuchi192.5119.644ŌtsuchiIwate Prefecture Route 26
Yamada200.5124.645Yamada-minami  National Route 45
208.3129.446Yamada  National Route 45
216.3134.447Yamada-kita  National Route 45Northbound exit, southbound entrance
222.3138.148Miyako-minami  National Route 45
227.1141.149Miyako-chūō  National Route 106 (Miyako West Bypass)
240.1149.251Tarō-minamiIwate Prefecture Route 177
244.1151.752Tarō-Masakikaigan  National Route 45
248.1154.253Tarō-kita  National Route 45Northbound exit, southbound entrance
  Through to Sanriku-kita Jūkan Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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