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May and June 2011Edit

Cloverleaf interchange between US Highway 131 and M-6 south of Grand Rapids

July 2011Edit

US Highway 41 and M-26 cross the Portage Lake Lift Bridge between Houghton and Hancock, Michigan

Recently selected: US 131 and M-6 interchange

August 2011Edit

The Capitol Loop follows city streets in Lansing to provide access to the state government buildings

Recently selected: US 131 and M-6 interchange • Portage Lake Lift Bridge

September 2011Edit

M-39 (Southfield Freeway) crosses the River Rouge in Dearborn where the river was channelized as a flood control measure

Recently selected: US 131 and M-6 interchange • Portage Lake Lift Bridge • Capitol Loop

October 2011Edit

M-28 and M-64 near Lake Gogebic in rural Ontonagon County

Recently selected: Portage Lake Lift Bridge • Capitol Loop • M-39

November 2011Edit

Marquette–Negaunee Road along Dead Man's Curve in 1917 with the first highway centerline in the country

Recently selected: Capitol Loop • M-39 • M-28/M-64

December 2011Edit

Trees line a wintry stretch of M-65 along the River Road National Scenic Byway

Recently selected: M-39 • M-28/M-64 • County Road 492

January 2012Edit

A wooden sign marks the terminus of US 41 at a cul-de-sac east of Copper Harbor

Recently selected: M-28/M-64 • County Road 492 • M-65

February 2012Edit

I-275 has an adjacent bike path, shown here in the winter

Recently selected: County Road 492 • M-65 • US 41

March 2012Edit

A view of M-185 through Arch Rock on Mackinac Island

Recently selected: M-65 • US 41 • I-275

April 2012Edit

I-296 viewed from across the Grand River

Recently selected: US 41 • I-275 • M-185

May 2012Edit

Looking south down Woodward Avenue from the Maccabees Building with the Detroit skyline in the distance, July 1942

Recently selected: I-275 • M-185 • I-296

June 2012Edit

The US 127 freeway through Lansing

Recently selected: M-185 • I-296 • Woodward Avenue

July 2012Edit

The Seney Stretch along M-28

Recently selected: I-296 • Woodward Avenue • US 127

August 2012Edit

Brule River crossing as M-189 transitions from Highway 139 at the Michigan-Wisconsin state line

Recently selected: Woodward Avenue • US 127 • M-28

September 2012Edit

US 41/M-28 previously used the Peshekee River Bridge, the first bridge built by the Michigan State Highway Department in 1914 .

Recently selected: US 127 • M-28 • M-189

October 2012Edit

Fall color along M-22 on the Leelanau Peninsula

Recently selected: M-28 • M-189 • Peshekee River Bridge

November 2012Edit

I-75 crosses between the Upper and Lower peninsulas on the Mackinac Bridge, shown at night

Recently selected: M-189 • Peshekee River Bridge • M-22

December 2012Edit

M-311 sign along the highway in December 2009

Recently selected: Peshekee River Bridge • M-22 • Mackinac Bridge

January 2013Edit

M-35 on a Pennsylvania through truss bridge over the Dead River in Marquette County in 1922

Recently selected: M-22 • Mackinac Bridge • M-311

February 2013Edit

Pedestrian plazas over Interstate 696 in Oak Park

Recently selected: Mackinac Bridge • M-311 • M-35

March 2013Edit

Portions of H-58 are not plowed in the winter months; closed to vehicle traffic, the road is used as a snowmobile trail instead.

Recently selected: I-696 • M-35 • M-311

April 2013Edit

M-54 and M-83 as a "wrong-way concurrency" near Frankenmuth

Recently selected: H-58 • I-696 • M-35

May 2013Edit

US 2 along the Lake Michigan shoreline near Brevort

Recently selected: M-54/M-83 • H-58 • I-696

June 2013Edit

The former M-209 running past the Glen Haven General Store

Recently selected: US 2 • M-54/M-83 • H-58

July 2013Edit

A special sign at the northern terminus of US 41 east of Copper Harbor

Recently selected: M-209 • US 2 • M-54/M-83

August 2013Edit

Satellite image of the interchange with M-5, I-275 and I-696 in Novi and Farmington Hills

Recently selected: US 41 • M-209 • US 2

September 2013Edit

Welcome to the Upper Peninsula on I-75 north of the Mackinac Bridge toll plaza in St. Ignace

Recently selected: I-96/I-275/I-696/M-5 • US 41 • M-209

October 2013Edit

Construction on H-58 at the Hurricane River

Recently selected: I-75 • I-96/I-275/I-696/M-5 • US 41

November 2013Edit

Planning map for the US 131 Constantine Bypass, which opened on October 30, 2013

Recently selected: H-58 • I-75 • I-96/I-275/I-696/M-5

December 2013Edit

H-13/FFH 13 during winter 2001

Recently selected: US 131 • H-58 • I-75

January and February 2014Edit

Next to US 131, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum at the end of the motorcade on January 3, 2007 when the late president was laid to rest

Recently selected: H-13/FFH 13 • US 131 • H-58

March 2014Edit

View towards western end of Brockway Mountain Drive with Lake Bailey and Mount Lookout (Mt. Baldy) visible in distance

Recently selected: US 131 • H-13/FFH 13 • US 131

April 2014Edit

New signs being erected along I-94/I-69 in Port Huron bearing American and Canadian flags to keep motorists in the proper country

Recently selected: Brockway Mountain Drive • US 131 • H-13/FFH 13

May 2014Edit

M-35 looking south near G-12 in Menominee County

Recently selected: I-94/I-69 • Brockway Mountain Drive • US 131

June 2014Edit

US 31 passing through Bay View north of Petoskey

Recently selected: M-35 • I-94/I-69 • Brockway Mountain Drive

July and August 2014Edit

Old CR 553 in Marquette County, bypassed by what is now M-553

Recently selected: US 31 • M-35 • I-94/I-69

October 2014Edit

Construction on I-75 during the Gateway Project in 2007

Recently selected: Old CR 553 • US 31 • M-35

November and December 2014Edit

I-69 and I-94 on the twin-span Blue Water Bridge

Recently selected: I-75 • Old CR 553 • US 31

January 2015Edit

H-13/FFH-13 in winter 2001/02

Recently selected: I-94/I-69 • I-75 • Old CR 553

February 2015Edit

Streetcar on Woodward Avenue (now M-1) in Detroit between 1900 and 1910

Recently selected: H-13/FFH-13 • I-94/I-69 • I-75

March 2015Edit

Mileage sign along US 41 in Copper Harbor showing 1,990 miles (3,200 km) to Miami, Florida

Recently selected: M-1 • H-13/FFH-13 • I-94/I-69

April 2015Edit

Running alongside M-6 south of Grand Rapids, the Frederik Meijer Trail connects to other trails in the area.

Recently selected: US 41 • M-1 • H-13/FFH-13

May 2015Edit

Grading the gravel section of H-58 in Alger County before 2007

Recently selected: M-6 • US 41 • M-1

June 2015Edit

US 25 along Gratiot Avenue in Detroit in 1941

Recently selected: H-58 • M-6 • US 41

July 2015Edit

I-75 north of St. Ignace

Recently selected: US 25 • H-58 • M-6

August and September 2015Edit

End point of M-212 at Aloha State Park

Recently selected: I-75 • US 25 • H-58

October 2015Edit

Brockway Mountain Drive with fall colors in October 2006

Recently selected: M-212 • I-75 • US 25

November 2015Edit

US 41 northbound in Baraga County

Recently selected: Brockway Mountain Drive • M-212 • I-75

December 2015Edit

M-185 downtown Mackinac Island during the winter

Recently selected: US 41 • Brockway Mountain Drive • M-212

January 2016Edit

Sunrise along M-43 (Grand River Avenue) in East Lansing

Recently selected: M-185 • US 41 • Brockway Mountain Drive

February 2016Edit

A section of the 1932 Official Michigan Highway Map, showing the planned M-35 in the Huron Mountains between Big Bay and L'Anse

Recently selected: M-43 • M-185 • US 41

March 2016Edit

BL I-94/Bus. US 23 along Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor

Recently selected: M-35 • M-43 • M-185

April 2016Edit

M-26 in downtown Lake Linden

Recently selected: BL I-94/Bus. US 23 • M-35 • M-43

May 2016Edit

A mile marker along M-14 in 1922. From that year's biennial state highway commissioner's report:

The diamond mile post markers are numbered consecutively from the point of origin of the trunk line to its end. The numbers are placed on the metal post directly under the diamond. The origin of the trunk line is considered to be at the east or south end of the route and is at the State line or at the intersection of two trunk lines

Recently selected: M-26 • BL I-94/Bus. US 23 • M-35

June 2016Edit

M-203 outside of McLain State Park between Hancock and Calumet

Recently selected: M-14 • M-26 • BL I-94/Bus. US 23

July 2016Edit

M-72 bridge over the Au Sable River in Grayling

Recently selected: M-203 • M-14 • M-26

August 2016Edit

M-134 crossing the DeTour Passage on the SS Drummond Islander IV

Recently selected: M-72 • M-203 • M-14

September 2016Edit

M-53 splits from Van Dyke Road in Sterling Heights

Recently selected: M-134 • M-72 • M-203

October 2016Edit

M-553 approaching Glass' Curve south of Marquette

Recently selected: M-53 • M-134 • M-72

November 2016Edit

M-17 in downtown Ypsilanti

Recently selected: M-553 • M-53 • M-134

December 2016Edit

US 41 crossing the Interstate Bridge into Menominee

Recently selected: M-17 • M-553 • M-53

January and February 2017Edit

I-275 southbound where it splits from I-96 and meets M-14

Recently selected: US 41 • M-17 • M-553

March and April 2017Edit

Olympia Stadium on US 16 (Grand River Avenue), home of the Detroit Red Wings from 1927 to 1979

Recently selected: I-275 • US 41 • M-17

May and June 2017Edit

The Y in Bus. M-28 (Silver Street) south of downtown Negaunee

Recently selected: US 16 • I-275 • US 41

July and August 2017Edit

Overpass carrying M-55 over US 131 at the northern end of the currency along the Cadillac Bypass

Recently selected: Bus. M-28 • US 16 • I-275

September 2017Edit

I-75 at exit 254 near Grayling

Recently selected: US 131/M-55 • Bus. M-28 • US 16

October 2017Edit

The bridge which carried US 41 across the Backwater Creek in Baraga County near Keweenaw Bay

Recently selected: I-75 • US 131/M-55 • Bus. M-28

December 2017Edit

Bus. US 12/M-17 in downtown Ypsilanti

Recently selected: Bus. M-28 • I-75 • US 131/M-55

February 2017Edit

Diagrammatic guide sign of a Michigan left in the median of US 41/M-28 at the northern terminus of M-553

Recently selected: Bus. US 12/M-17 • Bus. M-28 • I-75

April 2017Edit

Merchants Row along M-1 (Woodward Avenue) in Detroit

Recently selected: US 41/M-28 • Bus. US 12/M-17 • Bus. M-28

June 2017Edit

Junction of M-28 and M-178 south of Munising before 1941

Recently selected: M-1 • US 41/M-28 • Bus. US 12/M-17

August 2017Edit

M-1 (Woodward Avenue) and Lincoln Street in Birmingham during the Woodward Dream Cruise showing a replica Batmobile

Recently selected: M-28/M-178 • M-1 • US 41/M-28

October 2017Edit

M-28 near McMillan

Recently selected: M-1 • M-28/M-178 • M-1