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The Hudson Valley (also known as the Hudson River Valley) comprises the valley of the Hudson River and its adjacent communities in the U.S. state of New York, from the cities of Albany and Troy southward to Yonkers in Westchester County. Depending upon the definition delineating its boundaries, the Hudson Valley encompasses a growing metropolis which is home to between 3 and 3.5 million residents centered along the north-south axis of the Hudson River.

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Black Rock Forest view from NE.jpg

Black Rock Forest is a 3,830-acre (1,550 ha) privately owned nature preserve in the western Hudson Highlands region of the U.S. state of New York. It is in Orange County, mostly in the town of Cornwall, with the southern fringe overlapping into the neighboring town of Highlands. It is managed for educational, recreational and scientific purposes by The Black Rock Forest Consortium, a group of similarly-oriented organizations.

First established by a local resident in 1928, the forest was the property of Harvard University until 1989. The consortium has invested heavily in facilities to not only improve its research and educational missions but promote sustainability, erecting several green buildings in the middle of the forest with guest facilities, classrooms and laboratories. Its educational facilities are used by groups at every level, from the primary elementary grades to college undergraduates. Over 400 papers have been published from research done in the forest.

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Credit: Daniel Case
The village of Kiryas Joel, a predominantly Hasidic community in Orange County, has the highest poverty rate in the United States.


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A light yellow house lit by sun from the left with trees in autumn color

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Marcus Tullius Reynolds.jpeg

Marcus Tullius Reynolds (August 20, 1869 – March 18, 1937) was a prominent architect from the Albany, New York area. Born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, he was raised by his aunt in Albany after the death of his mother. He attended Williams College and Columbia University and began his life as an architect in 1893. He is well known for his bank designs and specifically his design of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building in downtown Albany. Many of his buildings still stand today, some of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. He was the brother of the prominent Albany historian and author Cuyler Reynolds.

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The village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, viewed from Breakneck Ridge
Credit: Daniel Case

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