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Nordic Entertainment Group

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) is a media and entertainment company operating broadcasting and OTT services focused primarily on the Nordic market. It was created after a proposed merger between parts of Modern Times Group and TDC A/S fell through.

Nordic Entertainment Group AB
Publicly traded Aktiebolag NASDAQ: class A (NENT-A.ST) and class B (NENT-B.ST)
PredecessorModern Times Group
FoundedJuly 1, 2018; 16 months ago (2018-07-01)
Key people
  • TV3
  • Viasat4
  • TV6
  • TV8
  • TV10
  • Viasat
  • Viasport
  • Viafree

The company consists of advertising-funded TV and radio channels, a pay-TV and broadband operator (Viasat), two online video streaming services (Viaplay and Viafree) and several content studios, 30 production companies and Splay Networks.


Nordic Entertainment Group was conceived in March 2018 as Modern Times Group (MTG) decided to become two companies by spinning off its then Nordic Entertainment and MTG Studios business segments plus Splay Networks. This was initiated after the failed sale of these assets to TDC A/S as the TDC board had agreed to purchased by the Australian Macquarie Group a month earlier. The MTG executive vice president and CEO of Nordic Entertainment was named president and CEO of NENT Group.[1] In mid-April 2018, additional executives were named including MTG Denmark CEO Kim Poder as executive vice president and group chief commercial officer and Denmark CEO. Morten Mogensen would continue as CEO of Nice Entertainment Group production.[2] MTG chief strategy officer Gabriel Catrina was named chief financial officer in May to go along with his April announced positions of executive vice president, chief strategy officer and head of merger and acquisitions.[3]

NENT Group began operating separately on July 1, 2018.[4] In September 2018, DRG founder and chairmen Jeremy Fox left DRG, which was acquired by NENT in 2013. NENT agreed to purchase Fox's remaking stake in DRG while naming NENT Studio CEO Mogensen as DRG chairman while Richard Halliwell was appointed Atrium CEO to replace Fox.[5] On 28 March 2019, Modern Times Group had completed Nordic Entertainment Group stock distribution to its share holders. The two class A and B started trading that day on Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.[6]

NENT Group took a stake in Erik Feig's Picturestart media company along with a first look Nordic rights at Picturestart's May 2019 launch.[7]

Company structureEdit

Advertising funded television (Free-TV)Edit

Nordic Entertainment Group operates advertising funded channels in Scandinavia and Bulgaria. Typically, the portfolio structure for these channels is one primary channel (TV3), and then secondary channels (TV6, TV3+ etc...) These channels generate primarily advertising revenues, and are classified as free-TV, but a majority of the Scandinavian free-TV channels are encrypted and subject to decoding fees.


Channel type Sweden Norway Denmark
General TV3 Sweden TV3 Norway TV3 Denmark
General secondary TV6 Sweden (Free) Viasat 4 TV3+ Denmark
Supplementary TV8
TV6 Norway TV3 Puls
TV3 Max
TV3 Sport

Pay televisionEdit

TV servicesEdit

Nordic Entertainment Group operates the Viasat satellite platform[4] in the Scandinavia, offering both in-house and third party channels.

The sports channels available in the different Scandinavian countries differ somewhat depending on different rights held for different markets and different business agreements.

Nordic Entertainment Group also operates Viaplay, an online pay-TV service in the Nordic countries.[4]

Viafree - streaming service in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden[4]


The following channels are available in all Scandinavian countries:

These channels are only available in Sweden:

These channels are only available in Norway:

These channels are available in Finland:


Viasat owns several radio networks and stations in Sweden and Norway:

  • I Like Radio, streaming service[4]

Nent StudiosEdit

Nent Studios comprises 28 production companies in 16 countries, including Strix Television, Paprika Latino, Novemberfilm, Redaktörerna, DRG, Monster, One Big Happy Family, Playroom, Rakett, Titan, Baluba, Nice Drama, Moskito, Production House, Grillifilms and Gong. It also includes Splay, the largest Swedish MCN ('Multi Channel Network') on YouTube.

NENT StudiosEdit

formerly Nice Entertainment Group head by CEO Morten Mogensen[2]

  • DRG (2013) stake purchased 2013 and the founder's remaining stake in 2019[5]; UK distribution company[8]
    • Atrium TV - formed in 2017, Atrium is a scripted drama commissioning club for regional streaming services and telecom operators: Viaplay (Nordics), BT (UK), Orange (France), Movistar+ (Spain), Deutsche Telecom (Germany), iflix (Asia/MENA), Sky (New Zealand), Antenna (Greece), Yes TV (Israel), Newfilm (Russia), Big Flix (India), and Showmax (Poland and South Africa)[5]
    • Double Yellow Television - founded by Mark Wells and Glen Middleham to produce factual, factual entertainment and entertainment programming. DRG invested in the company in February 2018 and was to co-locate at DRG's Central London offices.[8]
  • Norway
    • Monster (Norway)
    • One Big Happy Family (Norway)
    • Playroom (Norway)
    • Rakett
  • Sweden
    • Titan
    • Baluba
    • Nice Drama
  • Finland
    • Moskito
    • Production House
    • Grillifilms
  • Denmark
  • Central Eastern Europe
    • Paprika Studios (Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)


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