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TV3 is a Swedish television channel owned by Viasat. It was founded on 31 December 1987 by entrepreneur Jan Stenbeck.

TV3 logo
Launched31 December 1987
Owned byNordic Entertainment Group
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Audience share7.2% (2014, [1])
CountryUnited Kingdom
Broadcast areaSweden
Sister channel(s)TV6
Viasat Sport
BoxerChannel 3
Channel 63 (HD)
ViasatChannel 69
Channel 3 (HD)
Canal DigitalChannel 3
Com HemChannel 3
Channel 23 (HD)
Tele2VisionChannel 3
Canal DigitalChannel 3

The channel was initially broadcast across all of Scandinavia. In 1990, separate Danish and Norwegian versions were launched.[2] The channel's name refers to its launch at a time when television in Sweden was dominated by the two channels of SVT.



TV3 was launched on December 31, 1987 and was the first commercial channel to broadcast in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The channel was transmitted from London, in order to circumvent legislation that prohibited advertising being broadcast on Swedish television.

TV3 was one of the first channels to be broadcast on the Astra 1A satellite when that launched in 1989; in addition, TV3 Sweden became available through cable television in many cities. In 1989, TV3 bought the rights to broadcast the Ice Hockey World Championships and the Wimbledon tennis championships: their purchase of the former created major headlines in Swedish newspapers, as very few Swedes had access to TV3 at the time, whereas the interest in ice hockey in Sweden was high. As a result of this, TV3 made an agreement with SVT to allow them to broadcast the ice hockey matches on a 15 minute delay, in exchange for SVT producing the broadcasts. In 1991, music channel ZTV was launched as a program block on TV3. That same year, TV3 made a profit for the first time.

In mid 2006, TV3 began to broadcast six different regional versions, for advertising purposes; this made it possible to broadcast advertising directed to individual regions via the channel, an advertising form that TV4 previously had a monopoly on. On satellite, all six versions are distributed. On other networks, Boxer and their respective cable operators transmit the regional version for the relevant area. Today, the channel is available via satellite (DVB-S/S2 through the owner MTG's Viasat and also at competing Canal Digital, terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) and cable (analogue and DVB-C).


TV3 originally showed factual programs, news (originally for 20 minutes, later only for 3 minutes only), reality series, game shows, children's programs and pure commercial programmes. In 2006, it became an entertainment channel, having dropped all daily news programmes. After the launch of digital television, bringing with it increased competition, imported films and TV series, have formed the backbone of the channel's output. Current acquired programming on TV3 has included among others The Simpsons, NCIS, The Nanny, Weeds, Charmed and My Name Is Earl. Previous original programming included reality and game shows like Expedition: Robinson (bought from SVT in 2004) as well as some factual programs.


After having used a 3 surrounded by a circle as its logo since the start of the channel, on 7 September 2009 it was dropped for a new logo consisting of a 3 with a dash underneath. The new logo was developed in cooperation with the New York-based graphics studio Trollbäck + Company and comes with a complete graphical makeover and the new tagline Strong Feelings, Strong Characters.[3][4] The remake also includes some adjustments to the programming in an overall attempt to give the channel a clearer and more targeted profile. The objective of the changes was to make MTG's television channels (also including TV6 and TV8) more popular than the TV4 Group in the 15-49 demographic.[5]


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