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Nikita Singh (born 6 October 1991) is an Indian writer.[1][2][3] She has written twelve books including The Reason is You, Every Time It Rains, Like a Love Song, The Promise and After All This Time.[4][5][6] Her 2016 novel, Like a Love Song, debuted at No. 2 at Hindustan Times Bestseller list. In the following year, Every Time It Rains, debuted on No. 9 on the same list.

Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh Bihar writer.jpg
Born (1991-10-06) 6 October 1991 (age 28)
Ranchi Jharkhand, India
ResidenceNew York City
EducationMaster of Fine Arts – Creative Writing Bachelor of Pharmacy
Years active2011 - Present
Known forAuthor of Every Time It Rains, Someone Like You, Like a Love Song

Early life and CareerEdit

Nikita Singh was born in Patna, Bihar, where she spent the first four years of her life. She then relocated to Indore, where she went to a primary school. She completed her schooling at Bridgeford School, Ranchi, in 2008. She graduated in pharmacy at the Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in Indore in 2012. She then moved to New York for a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from The New School, New York City, from where she graduated in 2016.[7][8][9]

She signed a contract with Penguin Books India in 2011 and also joined Grapevine India as an editor. She wrote her first book Love @ Facebook when 19 years old and was studying pharmacy.[10] Love @ Facebook is a young adult book about a nineteen-year-old girl, who falls in love with a VJ, after befriending him on Facebook. Under the pseudonym Sidharth Oberoi she has also contributed to the books in "The Backbenchers" series, by editing the first book and writing the second book of the series, The Backbenchers: The Missed Call. The book was released in June 2012.

Huffpost called Singh "India's Leading Romance Writer" in an expansive profile done on the writer in 2017.[11] The Hindu called her "the Goddess of Racy Reads" in an article.[12] Singh received a Live India Young Achievers Award in 2013 and nominated for a First International Young Author Award, held in April 2018 in UAE.[13]

In September 2011, the sequel to Singh’s Love @ Facebook, Accidentally In Love..With Him? Again? was published. The novel is aimed at an older audience than Love @ Facebook. In February 2012, If It's Not Forever...It's Not Love, was published. The book is about a real life incident, the Delhi High Court Blast, which occurred on 7 September 2011. The protagonist of the book was there when the blast happened. He stumbles upon a half burnt diary, which had a love story written in it and decides to chase it. Nikita also edited an anthology 25 Strokes of Kindness.[14]

Singh has also spoken on various TEDx conferences in colleges and top business schools across India.[15][16] She also worked as an editor in Grapevine India.[17][18] Her recent bestseller Like a Love Song was released in March 2016.[19][20] "Like a Love Song" was followed by "Every Time It Rains" which was released in Feb, 2017.[21][22] In February 2018, her book Letters To My Ex was released and sold widely across the Indian subcontinent. Her most recent novel "The Reason Is You" was released in February 2019.


Nikita Singh at her book launch in Pune dated 21 February 2018
  • Love @ Facebook (2011)
  • Accidentally in Love (2011)
  • If It's Not Forever… It's Not Love (2012)
  • The Promise (2012)
  • 25 Strokes of Kindness (2013)
  • Someone Like You (2013)
  • The Unreasonable Fellows (2013)
  • Right Here Right Now (2014)
  • After All This Time (2015)
  • Like A Love Song (2016)
  • Every Time It Rains (2017)
  • Letters To My Ex (2018)
  • The Reason is You (2019)
Nikita Singh at her book launch in Pune in 2016


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