National Chung Hsing University

National Chung Hsing University (NCHU; Chinese: 國立中興大學)[6] is a comprehensive research university in South District, Taichung, Taiwan. [7]

National Chung Hsing University
國立中興大學 (Chinese)
Sêng-phok Cheng-khîn
Motto in English
Honesty, Simplicity, Advancement, Diligence
Endowment$126.51 million[2]
PresidentFuh-Sheng Shieu[3]
Academic staff
845 [4]
Administrative staff
South District, Taichung

24°07′26.7″N 120°40′30.2″E / 24.124083°N 120.675056°E / 24.124083; 120.675056
CampusUrban, 0.872 km²
Experimental forest , 83.25 km²
Taiwan Comprehensive University System
Logo of National Chung Hsing University
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese国立中兴大学
Traditional Chinese國立中興大學
Literal meaningUniversity for Chinese National Revival

Currently, NCHU is among the four universities of the Taiwan Comprehensive University System, a university alliance in Taiwan.



The university was originally founded as Advanced Academy of Agronomy and Forestry in Tainan in 1919. In 1928, the academy became a department affiliated to Taihoku Imperial University. In 1943, the department became an independent entity again and moved to Taichung. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, the school was reorganized and became Taichung Agricultural Junior College. In 1946, it was upgraded to Taichung College of Agriculture. In 1961, it merged with the newly established College of Science and Engineering and College of Law and Business and became Chung Hsing University. In 1971, it became a national university and was named National Chung Hsing University.[8]



The Taichung Campus contains the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the College of Science, the College of Engineering, the College of Life Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Social Sciences and Management, and the Extension Division for Inservice and Continuing Education. It is located in the south of Taichung City with an area of approximately 53 hectares. The university owns four experimental forests located in New Taipei City, Nantou County, Taichung City, and Tainan City, respectively. It also owns two experimental farms located at Wufeng and Wuri Districts in Taichung City.



NCHU has ten colleges: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine, Law and Politics, Liberal Arts, Life Sciences, Management, Science, and Veterinary Medicine.[9]

International programs


NCHU participates in the Taiwan International Graduate Program in Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences of Academia Sinica, Taiwan's most preeminent academic research institution.

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University rankings
Global – Overall
ARWU World[10]801-900 (2022)
QS World[11]651-700 (2023)
THE World[12]1201–1500 (2023)
Regional – Overall
QS Asia[13]116 (2023)
THE Asia[14]401–500 (2023)
National – Overall
ARWU National[15]11-14 (2022)
QS National[16]13 (2023)
THE National[17]18+ (2023)

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