National Bravery Award

The National Bravery Awards are a set of awards given annually to about 25 Indian children below 18 years of age for "meritorious acts of bravery against all odds." The awards are given by the Government of India and the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW).[1] The award was instituted in 1957

Winners of National bravery awards – 2011

National bravery awardEdit

The National Bravery Awards consist of five categories, which are .[2]

  1. The Bharat Award
  2. The Geeta Chopra Award
  3. The Sanjay Chopra Award
  4. The Bapu Gaidhani Award
  5. The General National Bravery Awards


On Gandhi Jayanti day, 2nd October 1957, India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was watching a performance Delhi's Ramlila ground, at the Red Fort. During the performance, a short circuit caused a fire to break out in a shamiana (decorated tent). Harish Chandra Mehra, a 14-year-old scout, promptly took out his knife and ripped open the burning tent, saving the lives of hundreds of trapped people. This incident inspired Nehru to ask the authorities to establish an award to honour brave children from all over the country. The first official National Bravery Awards were presented to Harish Chandra and one other child on 4 February 1958, by Prime Minister Nehru,[3][4] and the ICCW ( Indian Council for Child Welfare) has continued the tradition ever since.[5]The Sanjay Chopra Award and the Geeta Chopra Award were established in 1978, in memory of two Chopra children who lost their lives while confronting their kidnappers. The Sanjay and Geeta awards are given to a boy and a girl for acts of bravery.[6] The Bharat Award was established in 1987, and the Bapu Gaidhani Award was established in 1980.

In 2001, Scholastic published a commemorative book featuring the winners of the 1999 National Bravery Awards. The book was entitled Brave Hearts.[3]

Selection processEdit

Each year, the ICCW receives applications for the National Bravery Award. These applications come from official agencies such as local and district governments, school authorities, and councils for child welfare. The applications must be received by 30 September to be eligible for selection.[7]

President Abdul Kalam giving away the award to Sanmesh in 2006.

Awardees are selected by a committee constituted by the ICCW. This committee consists of representatives from leading government and non-government organizations, such as the secretariats of the president and the vice-president, the Central Social Welfare Board, the Indian Police, All India Radio, Doordarshan, the National Bal Bhavan, SOS Children's Villages of India.


The awards are usually announced on 14 November, Children's Day, or in January the following year, and later presented by the prime minister on the eve of the Republic Day, and prior to this the President hosts a reception in their honour, where the children meet the media.[8] On 26 January, the awardees take part in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi.[6][9]

List of awardsEdit

Bharat AwardEdit

Year Name Act of bravery Age Indian state of origin
1995 Sowmith Saved 4-year-old child from drowning. 11 years Bihar
1996 Vardhana Confronted armed robber and helped police. 8 years Bihar
2000 Sunil Confronted armed militants who had attacked their village. 9 years Jammu & Kashmir
2000 Robert Cruiser Confronted armed militants who had attacked their village.[10] 13 years Jammu & Kashmir
2000 Sunil Chand Rajan Saved a little child of 6 year who his sibling from human-eating panther. 9 years Uttarakhand
2001 Surjeet Singh Fought a night-long battle with a group of 40 militants who had surrounded their village. 18 years Jammu & Kashmir
2001 Amrik Singh Fought a night-long battle with a group of 40 militants who had surrounded their village.[11] 20 years Jammu & Kashmir
2002 Chinmay Sharma Foiled a robbery on a Mumbai train. 7 years Maharastra
2002 Charu Sharma Sustained knife injuries, while trying to foil a robbery on a Mumbai train. 11 years Maharashtra
2002 Shambhavi Ray Fought two men on a motorcycle, and foiled their attempt to steal her mother's purse. 13 years Delhi
2003 C. Vanlalhruaia (posthumously) Lost his life fighting the dacoits. 17 years Mizoram
2005 Ratul Chandra Rabha Chased the militants who killed their school teacher (subsequently one of the militants was caught). 17 years Assam
2005 Rituparna Boro Chased the militants who killed their school teacher (subsequently one of the militants was caught). 15 years Assam
2007 Babita Saved several schoolmates from drowning when their school bus fell into the Western Yamuna canal. She was studying 11th standard 17 years Haryana
2007 Amarjeet Saved several school mates from drowning when their school bus fell into the Western Yamuna canal. 15 years Haryana
2008 No Award
2009 Gaurav Singh Saini Saved 50–60 people in the 2008 stampede at the Naina Devi temple[12] 13 years Haryana
2010 No Award
2011 Kapil Singh Negi (posthumously) Helped younger schoolmates cross a flooded stream during rains and landslide, but he failed to save himself.[13][14] 15 years Uttarakhand
2012 Tarang Atulbhai Mistry Saved four people from drowning in Narmada River[15] 17 years Gujarat
2013 Kumari Mahika Gupta Saved her brother from floods at Kedarnath (Uttarakhand).[16] 8 years Delhi
2015 resham fatama acid attack victim, kidnaped by her uncle(mother's cousin) on way to her coaching class he forced her into a car and poured acid over her head when she turned down marriage proposal later she escaped 16 years uttar pradesh
2016 Tarah Peju(Posthumous) Saved her friends from drowning, but failed to manage herself 8 years Arunachal Pradesh [17]
2017 Nazia Helped Police to stop illegal gambling business 16 years Uttar Pradesh[18]
2018 Kunwar Divyansh Singh Saved his younger sister and 7 other kids from a bull attack. 13 years Uttar Pradesh[19]

Sanjay Chopra AwardEdit

Year Name Notes Age Indian origin
1998 Akash Grover Failed Robbery Attempt 10 years Uttar Pradesh
2000 Prince Kumar and Ashish Kumar Confronted armed robbers. 12 years
Heena Bakshi Failed robbery attempt
2001 Rajput Hirani Saved building fire. 9 years Haryana
2002 Moneesh Mohan Saved two children from drowning. 10 years Dubai
2003 Riyaz Ahmed Lost his hands and a foot in an effort to save a child from a train accident. 9 years Uttar Pradesh
2004 Harry Chaudhry Received several stab wounds on his stomach while trying to save his sister from assailants knife. 13 years Delhi
2005 Sanmesh Kalyanpur Saved his sister from drowning during Mumbai Floods. 15 years Maharashtra
2006 V Teeja Sai (posthumously) Lost his life while trying to rescue some fellow students in river Munneru in Krishna district. 12 years Andhra Pradesh
2006 C V S Durga Dondieswar (posthumously) Lost his life while trying to rescue some fellow students in river Munneru in Krishna district. years Andhra Pradesh
2007 Yuktarth Shrivastava Saved his 11-month-old sister from stray dogs, who attacked them. 6 years Chhattisgarh
2008 Saumik Mishra Single-handedly fought with two goons who entered his home for theft. 15 years Uttar Pradesh
2009 Karan Nishad Saved five people from drowning. 11 years Uttar Pradesh
2010 Priyanshu Joshi Single-handedly fought off a leopard which attacked his sister on their way to school. 10 years Uttarakhand
2011 Om Prakash Yadav Saved schoolmates from a burning van. 12 years Uttar Pradesh
2012 Gajendra Ram Saved a child from drowning in well.[15] 11 years Chhattisgarh
2013 Shubam Santosh Chaudari Saved two children when their school van caught fire.[16] 17 years Maharashtra
2017 Karanbeer Singh Saved 15 children after a vehicle plunged into a drain 16 years Punjab
2018 Gohil jayram singh

Geeta Chopra AwardEdit

Year Name Notes Age Indian origin
1987 Monalisa Saved a blind boy from the attack of bulls 7 years Odisha
1996 Harsha shivarakash Helped 2 boys from drowning 26 Karnataka
1998 Anchal Grover Foiled robbery attempt. 8 years Uttar Pradesh
2000 Shubham Padhy Foiled robbery attempt. 13 years Haryana
2001 Satyajeet Patra (posthumously) Lost life while trying to rescue four other children from drowning. 13 years Rajasthan
2002 Guddiben Kalubhai Masher Saved an infant's life from a wild animal by fighting that wild animal. 13 years _
2003 Ramseena R.M. Lost her leg while trying to save a young girl from a speeding car. 12 years Kerala
2004 Boya Geethanjali For fighting seven armed Naxalites at Ananthapuram village, securing the release of a woman Member of Legislative Assembly they were trying to abduct, and forcing the Naxalites to flee. 12 years Andhra Pradesh
2005 Seidalyne Mawtyllup For saving her three-month-old sister from a blazing house. 10 years Meghalaya
2006 Vandana Yadav For fighting three local goons single-handedly, suffering 17 stab wounds, and later turning up to identify culprits in the police station. 13 years Uttar Pradesh
2007 Lalrempuii (posthumously) For resisting her rapist even though she lost her life in the bargain. 14 ½ years Mizoram
2008 Prachi Santosh Sen Saved four children from electrocution, suffering severe burns to the left hand. 10 years Madhya Pradesh
2009 Maibam Prity Devi Saved several lives when she rushed and threw away a grenade hurled at her family-owned shop by miscreants, herself hit by exploding splinter. 10 years Manipur[20]
2010 Jismi PM Saved lives of a nine-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl from drowning in a river. 13 years Kerala
2011 Mittal Mahendrabhai Patadiya Faced armed robbers and foiled a robbery attempt. 13 years Gujarat
2012 Renu Exposed physical and psychological abuse at her shelter home.[15][21] 18 yrs New Delhi
2013 Kumari Maleka Singh Tak Displayed rare grit and determination in fighting off her molesters.[16] 16 yrs Rajasthan
2014 Kumari Gunjan Sharma Displayed exemplary valour in saving her friends from the clutches of an abductor[22] 13 yrs Assam
2017 Netravati M. Chavan (Posthumous) Saved two boys from drowning, but failed to save herself 14 yrs 10 months Karnataka
2018 Nitisha negi (posthumously) Saved her classmate from drowning, but failed to save herself delhi[23]

Bapu Gaidhani AwardEdit

Year Name Act of bravery Age Indian state of origin
1994 Nilesh Umale Alone saved 4 drowning girls from a flooded river. 12 years Maharashtra
2001 Andy Fernandes, Ashwini Kamath, Shruthi Ullal, Sridevi Damodar The girls together saved 18 of their classmates from drowning when a boat capsized. 14 – 15 years Karnataka
2002 10 years
Dhanajay Ramrao Ingole 13 years
Rinku Burman 13 years
2003 Vivek Purkayastha[24] Bravely fought with the dacoits. 14 years Assam
Asit Ranjal Sama (posthumously) Lost life while trying to save other children from drowning. 17 years Orissa
Lalramdinthara (posthumously) Lost life while trying to save other children from drowning. 15 years Mizoram
2004 N. Kandha Kumar (posthumously) Saved two of his schoolmates by pulling them off the school van, stuck at a level-crossing; died while trying to save another. 11 years Tamil Nadu
Master Lalthanzawna 11 years Mizoram
Majda alias Babli Saved several children between age 3–6 years, from drowning in the Ganges canal. 11 years Uttarakhand
2005 Dugi alias Minati Revolted against child marriage. 14 years Orissa
C Susheela Revolted against child marriage. 14 years Orissa
Mahesh Kumar Saved an 11-year-old girl from the jaws of a tiger. 15 years Uttarakhand
2006 Asma Ayyub Khan Helped move 35–40 children of her institution to a safe place, during 2005 Mumbai floods. 13½ years Maharashtra
Sushila Gurjar Fought against the social evil of child marriage. 13 years Rajasthan
Shilpa Janbandhu Participated in an anti-naxalite movement, Salwa Judum, despite threats. 15 years Chhattisgarh
2007 Raipalli Vamsi Saved five girls from drowning, by diving into the Nagavali river thrice. 12 years Andhra Pradesh
Boney Singh Saved two boys from drowning in a water tank near Sagolband Meino Leirak, Imphal West-I. 16½ years Manipur
Amol Aghi (posthumously) Lost his life in chasing robbers in Geeta colony, Panipat. 15 years Haryana
2008 Asu Kanwar Displayed amazing courage in standing up against child marriage. 14 years Rajasthan
Kavita Kanwar (posthumously) and Seema Kanwar Saved their friends from an accidental fire; Kavita lost her life in this accident. 16 years Chhattisgarh
2009 Devansh Bidhuri (posthumously) Lost her life while saving her brother and his friend from drowning[25] 10 years Uttar Pradesh
Deepak Kumar Kori (posthumously) Died while trying to save a girl from drowning as villagers looked on. 12 years Uttar Pradesh
Vijith V Edonath Saved four children from drowning in river. 16 years Kerala
Narendrasinh Solanki Saved his father from a crocodile in Dhadhar River. 17 years Gujarat
2010 Vishnudas K. Saved two children from drowning. 17 years Kerala
Moonis Khan Saved an old man from a railway accident. 15 years Madhya Pradesh
Ipi Basar Rescued his paralysed 70-year-old aunt and 7-year-old cousin after her village caught fire. 16 years Arunachal Pradesh
2011 Adithya Gopal (posthumously) Tried to save his friend from drowning, but lost his life. 14 yrs Arunachal Pradesh
Uma Shankar Rescued victims of a bus accident. 14 yrs Delhi
Anjali Singh Gautam Saved her younger brother in a naxalite attack. 15 yrs Chhattisgarh
2012 Hali Raghunath Baraf Saved her pregnant elder sister from a panther.[26][27] 15 yrs Maharashtra
Vijay Kumar Sainik Uttar Pradesh
Akanksha Gaute Fought alone with 4 people following her father's bike.[28] 16 yrs Chhattisgarh
2013 Sanjay Navasu Sutar Outstanding bravery in fighting Leopard.[16] 17.5 yrs Maharashtra
Akshay Jairam Roj Outstanding bravery in fighting Leopard 13 years Maharashtra
Kumari Mausmi Kashyap (Posthumously) Sacrificed her life in trying to save a girl from drowning. She has been given the award posthumously. 11 yrs Uttar Pradesh
Aryan Raj Shukla (Posthumously) Sacrificed his life in saving four of his friends lives by his sense of duty and heroic action. He has been given award posthumously. 14 yrs Uttar Pradesh
Rumoh meto Helped his elder brother (Milu Mega) stuck to a 33KV high voltage line 13 years Arunachal Pradesh
2016 Tushar Verma Risked his life to rescue elderly neighbour couple with their three cows and two bulls when the house began to burn. Chhattisgarh[29]

Other recipientsEdit

  • 1982 : Ajmal Khan Gauhar (Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh)
  • 1985: Abdhesh Kumar Gupta, (Etah, Uttar Pradesh).
  • 1993: Prem Prakash Pathak, (lives in Delhi), native place: Gangolihat, District: Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand).
  • 1993: M Pavitra 6 years (Bhopal Madhya Pradesh/Native K Keeranur, Oddanchatram Taluk/Settled at Chennai, Tamil Nadu). Youngest awardee.
  • 1987: Vikas D. Satam (Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra), Saurabh Oberoi (posthumous, SriGanganagar, Rajasthan) and Savottam Jeevan Raksha Padhak 1988; Shantanu Oberoi (Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, ICCW-Rajasthan 1988)
  • 1990: Prashant Singh (Rewa, Madhya Pradesh), Prabhakar (Uttar Pradesh).
  • 1994: Nilesh Umale, (12) (Vidarbha, Maharashtra)
  • 1995: Shivshankar Madhukar Bidri killari earthquake 1993 two persons saved life[citation needed]
  • 1997: Nandan Kumar Jha, (15) (Adityapur, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand)[30][31]
  • 2000: Richa Tiwari,(Sagar, Madhya Pradesh) Saved her sister Mansi from drowning into a pond.[32][33]
  • 2001: Aakash Sabharwal (Delhi), Amrik Singh (Jammu & Kashmir) Ashwini Kamath, Andy Tenita Fernandes, Shruti Ullal, Sridevi Damodar, K.J. Kamaraju and Shilpa Satish Tamadaddi (Karnataka); Katta Trinadh and Putta Someshwar (Andhra Pradesh); Sanath (Kerala), Lalitha Devi Yadav, Mehul Sanyal (Bhopal), and Ritu Singh Tomar (Madhya Pradesh), Nijal Omprakash Patil, Narendra Shantaram Bithale, Sharvari Sudhir Mali, Mitali Khanapurkar of Maharashtra, Bhoopendra Singh Bainiwal (Rajasthan), Reshma Mohapatra from Orissa (posthumous), Nikhil (Posthumous), Lalmunsanga, Johny Lalnunfela (Mizoram).[34]
  • 2002: Prithi Singh (10), Aparajit Singh (11), Swapnali Harishchandra Ghag (13), Rukaiya Begum (14), Nikky Maria Jacob (14), Jessamma George (16), Ashok Kumar Choudhary (18), Abdul Razak CM (16), Mumthaz TM (12), Balkrishna Upadhyay (17), Shreshthi Amrit Gorule (17), Naseer Khan (13) and Justin K Tom (19).[35]
  • 2003: Chuneshwari Kothalis, Ramsadharan (Chhattisgarh), Nitin Uttamrao Kakde, Dyaneshwar Manikrao Kakade, Raju Namdev Kakde, Satyam Mahendra Khandekar, Skiewtidaris Lyngkhoi (Meghalaya), Pratap Vikubhai Khachar (Gujarat), Neelam Rani, Sarita Tyagi, Sunita Devi Sighdoya, Swati Tyagi, Sushma Rani (Haryana), G. Kranthi Kumar, Thotakura Mahesh (Andhra Pradesh) Ram Nayan Yadav (Uttar Pradesh), Harish Rana (Uttaranchal), Ajith Kumar P.T, Saneesh K.S, Suramya U.R. (Kerala).[36][37]
  • 2004:Hotilal, Km Mahima Tiwari both from Uttar Pradesh, Master Ramandeep Singh and Master Pawan Kumar of Punjab (Joint Deed), Master RK Rahul Singh of Manipur, Km Shiney TA, Master Sajan Antony, Master TP Krishna Prasad and Master Johncy Samuel all from Kerala, Master Khiangdingliana of Mizoram, Km Priyanka of Haryana, Master Gopal Singh Sondia of Madhya Pradesh, Master B Sai Kushal of Andhra Pradesh and Master Vinod R. Jain of Karnataka.[38][39]
  • 2005:Master Sarath sabu, Km. Divya TV, Late Master Shibu T (all from Kerala), Master Laxman (Chhattisgarh), Master Mukesh Kumar Tanwar (Madhya Pradesh), Master Puttijungshi (Nagaland), Master Nelson Karam, Km L. Pusparani Devi (both from Manipur), Master Nagarani Venkateswara Rao (Andhra Pradesh), Master Santosh Ramesh Dahe (Maharashtra).[9]
  • 2006: Master Aakash Saha (New Delhi), S/O Ravi Saha & Purnima Saha was awarded for helping and donating blood at the age of 15, was taken under custody for donating blood being a minor by Delhi Police however was applauded later and awarded by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam on Republic Day.
  • 2006: Km. Deepa Kumari, Master Sudhir Jakhar, Master Pawan Kumar Parashar, Master Rajender Kumar (all from Rajasthan), Kumari Anita Singh Lodh (Madhya Pradesh), Master David Kino (Arunachal Pradesh), Master Michael N.George (Delhi), Master Joel Salim Jacob (Kerala), Master Parth S Sutaria, Kum Antara Srivastava, Kum Ankita Ashok Bhosle (all from Maharashtra), Km. Paonam Babyrose Devi (Manipur), Km. Pooja Kabadwal (Uttaranchal), Master Rahul Chaurasia (Uttar Pradesh).[40]
  • 2007: Master Raveendra Halder, Master Ravi Kumar Jhariya, Master Awadhesh Kumar Jhariya, Master Manas Nishad (all from Chhattisgarh), Master Vishnu C.S., Master Bijin Babu (both from Kerala), Master Kavvampalli Rajkumar, Master Pinjari Chinigi Sab (both from Andhra Pradesh), Km. Meher Legha (Noida, UP), Master Ankit Rai, Late Master Abhishake and Late Master Suraj (all from Haryana), Master Subhash Kumar (U.P.), Km. Congress Kanwar (Rajasthan) and Master Sunil Kumar P.N. (Karnataka).[6][41]
  • 2008: Master Gagan J. Murthy, Km. Bhoomika J. Murthy (Karnataka), Km. Silver Kharbani (Meghalaya), Master Yumkhaibam Addison Singh (Manipur), Master Vishal Suryaji Patil (Maharashtra), Master Shahanshah (Uttar Pradesh), Km. Dinu K.G. (Kerala), Master M. Marudu Pandi (Tamil Nadu), Km. Anita Kora, Km. Rina Kora (West Bengal), Km. Manjusha A (Kerala), Km. Kritika Jhanwar (Rajasthan), Km. Hina Quereshi (Rajasthan), Master Manish Bansal (Haryana) and Master Rahul (New Delhi).[42][43] For the first time, an award-winner's real name was withheld, as he identified the men who planted bombs on Barakhamba Road in New Delhi, during 13 September 2008 Delhi bombings, and helped police make sketches of the suspects.[44]
  • 2009: Uddesh R. Ramnathkar (Goa); Zonunsanga and Lalrammawia (Mizoram); Sujith R., Amal Anthony, Krishnapriya K. and Sujith Kumar P. (all from Kerala); Dijekshon Syiem (Meghalaya); Thoi Thoi Khumanthem (Manipur); Vaishaliben Sambhubhai Solanki (Gujarat); Rekha Kalindi, Sunita Mahato and Afsana Khatun, (all from West Bengal); and Yogesh Kumar Jangid (Rajasthan).[45][46]
  • 2010: Kalpana Sonowal and Rekhamoni Sonowal (Assam), Rahul Kurrey and Parvati Amlesh (Chhattisgarh), Anoop. M. and Raj Narayanan (Kerala), Rohit Maruti Mulik (Maharashtra), Md. Nurul Huda (Macnipur), Freedy Nongsiej and Lovelystar K. Sohphoh (Meghalaya), Lalmawizuali (Mizoram), Gurjeevan Singh (Punjab), Late Km. Chhampa Kanwar and Shrawan Kumar (6yrs) (Rajasthan), Bibek Sharma (Sikkim), Uttam Kumar (Uttar Pradesh), Late Km. Shruti Lodhi (Uttarakhand) and Sunita Murmu (West Bengal).[47][48][49][50]
  • 2011: Yandam Amara Uday Kiran and Suthrapu Shiva Prasad (Andhra Pradesh), Ranjan Pradhan and Km. Sheetal Sadvi Saluja (Chhattisgarh), Km. Divyaben Mansangbhai Chauhan (Gujarat), Sandesh P Hegde and Km. Sindhushree B.A. (Karnataka), Mohammed Nishadh V.P., Anshif C.K. and Sahsad K (Kerala), Johnson Tourangbam and Kshetrimayum Rakesh Singh (Manipur), Late C. Lalduhawma (Mizoram), Km. Prasannta Shandilya (Orissa), Dungar Singh (Rajasthan), G. Parameswaran (Tamil Nadu), Late Km. Lovely Verma (Uttar Pradesh) and Late Km. Saudhita Barman (West Bengal).[14]
  • 2012: Ramdinthara (Mizoram, posthumous),[21] Devansh Tiwari (Chhattisgarh), Mukesh Nishad (Chhattisgarh), Lalrinhlua (Mizoram), E. Suganthan (Tamil Nadu), Ramith.K, (Kerala), Mebin Cyriac (Kerala), Vishnu MV (Kerala), Koroungamba Kuman (Manipur, 7 yrs),[21] Sameep Anil Pandit (Maharashtra), Viswendra Lohkna (Uttar Pradesh), Satendra Lohkana (Uttar Pradesh), Pawan Kumar Kanaujiya (Uttar Pradesh), Mahika Sharma (Assam) Stripleaseman Mylliem (Meghalaya), Sapna Kumari Meena (Rajasthan), Suhail KM (Karnataka).[51][52]
  • 2015: Labhanshu Sharma (15) (Rishikesh, Uttarakhand)[53]
  • 1987:Naga Varaprasad Surikuchi (6) won National Bravery Award for saving his brother from drowning in a well. ('Bhimavaram, Andhrapradesh')

Note: Many others who have received these awards are not listed in this due to the unavailability of the complete information about them.


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