Naagin (transl. Female serpent) is an Indian supernatural fiction television series about shape-shifting serpents produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms.[1]

Created byEkta Kapoor
Written byNeha Singh
(season 1-2)
Mukta Dhond
(season 1-5)
Mrinal Jha
(season 3-6)
Heena Kohli Khan (season 6)
Lakshmi Jaikumar (season 6)
Directed bySantram Varma
(season 1-2, 6)
Ranjan Kumar Singh
(season 3-6)
Creative directorsTanushree Dasgupta
Chloe Ferns
Kadar Kazi
Tanya Rajesh
Starringsee below
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes475 + 2 special
Production locationFilm City, Mumbai
CinematographySantosh Suryavanshi
Ravi Naidu
Sadanand Pillai
AnimatorsBodhisatva Datta
Ink Bling Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time34–92 min
Production companyBalaji Telefilms
Original release
NetworkColors TV
Release1 November 2015 (2015-11-01) –
Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein

The first season aired from 1 November 2015 to 5 June 2016.[2] It starred Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani and Adaa Khan.[3][4]

The second season aired from 8 October 2016 to 25 June 2017.[5] It starred Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra and Adaa Khan.[6]

The third season aired from 2 June 2018 to 26 May 2019.[7] It starred Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl V Puri and Anita Hassanandani.[8]

The fourth season was introduced with a new title Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel (transl. Female serpent: the poisonous game of fate). It started airing from 14 December 2019. Its telecast was halted from 22 March 2020 due to Covid-19 outbreak and restarted on 18 July 2020 and ended on 8 August 2020. It starred Nia Sharma and Vijayendra Kumeria.[9][10]

The fifth season aired from 9 August 2020 to 6 February 2021.[11] It starred Surbhi Chandna, Sharad Malhotra and Mohit Sehgal.[12] [13]

The sixth season aired from 12 February 2022 to 9 July 2023[14] and starred Tejasswi Prakash, Simba Nagpal, Mahek Chahal, Shrey Mittal and Vatsal Sheth in lead roles.[15][16]

A seventh season was announced.[17]

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 62 November 1, 2015 (2015-11-01) June 5, 2016 (2016-06-05)
2 75 October 8, 2016 (2016-10-08) June 25, 2017 (2017-06-25)
3 103 June 2, 2018 (2018-06-02) May 26, 2019 (2019-05-26)
4 37 December 14, 2019 (2019-12-14) August 8, 2020 (2020-08-08)
5 52 August 9, 2020 (2020-08-09) February 6, 2021 (2021-02-06)
SP[n 1] 2 February 5, 2022 (2022-02-05) February 6, 2022 (2022-02-06)
6 146 February 12, 2022 (2022-02-12) July 9, 2023 (2023-07-09)


Season 1

Shivanya and Shesha who vow to avenge the death of Shivanya's parents who were murdered by the Rahejas and their partners twenty years ago in a failed attempt to attain Naagmani. Shivanya marries Ritik on his wedding day. Shivanya begins taking her revenge but also begins falling in love with Ritik. Later when living in Shivanya's form with Ritik after she lands in trouble, Shesha also feels a special attraction and falls for him. The sisters learns that Ritik is a Suryavanshi.

Later it is revealed that Yamini is in fact the fifth murderer, who along with her husband Ankush murdered Ritik's mother, kidnapped him, and had held Sangram captive for years for Naagmani. Sesha turns against Shivanya. After learning about Yamini's truth intention and Shivanya's identity, Ritik and Shivanya consummate which makes her lose her powers and turn into a normal human. Ritik reunites with Sangram who sacrifices his life to give Shivanya her powers back for 12 hours for the battle of Naagmani. Shivanya kills Yamini, completing her revenge. Shesha joins hands with Mahishmatis clan but Shivanya defeats her and the Mahishmatis lock her since they're trapped for 25 years.

Season 2

Shivanya delivers her daughter Shivangi in the third month of her pregnancy. Yamini is resurrected by Avantika and frees Shesha.

25 years later, Shivangi grows up with her widowed mother Shivanya as a human being without any knowledge of her mother's past. She falls in love with Rocky, Yamini's foster grandson, who is loved by Shesha as well who lives with Rocky, disguised as a human orphan adopted by Yamini. Shesha breaks the wall in which the Mahishmatis was trapped for years. Yamini fixes Shivangi and Rocky's marriage to murder Shivanya. Yamini, Shesha, and Avantika murder Shivanya and everyone in her family which provokes Shivangi and she decides to avenge her mother. She learns about her parent's life, Yamini, Shesha, and Avantika's reality.

Shivangi turns into a naagin on her 25th birthday. She marries Rocky to take revenge. Shivangi acts as if she has lost her memory and doesn't know who killed her mother. Yamini and the gang spare Shivangi as only she can bring Naagmani for them. She also misinterprets Rocky as one of her mother's killers. On her quest, she befriends Rudra, a naag who was also wronged by Shivanya's killers. Later, Shivangi learns about Rocky being innocent. Rudra secretly falls in love with Shivangi. Shivangi kills four of the eight killers along with Rudra's help. Avantika learns about Rudra and kills him when he doesn't reveal his partner's identity. Distraught, Shivangi learns about Avantika's death secret and kills her. With Avantika's death, the Mahishmatis tribe is also killed once and for all. Nidhi Chachi is revealed to be the 8th killer who kills Shivangi's only relative Gautami who was pregnant. Shivangi kills Nidhi, however, her identity is revealed to Shesha and Yamini. Shivangi turns Shesha into a statue where Rocky was called and he discovers the truth about Shivangi being a Naagin. Yamini tricks Shivangi into thinking that she killed her. Later, she secretly emotionally blackmails Rocky to take revenge on Shivangi for all the deaths that occurred. Rocky decides to punish Shivangi. He and Shivangi consummate their marriage making Shivangi lose her powers. Later, Rocky breaks all ties with her and calls the police to arrest her.

45 days later, Shivangi learns she's still a naagin and escapes from jail during a mass shootout. She learns that her father Ritik was killed by Yamini and other aides and decides to take revenge on them. Rocky turns into a naag on his 27th birthday, as his late mother was the Naagrani of the Takshak clan, who was killed by her own husband. He accidentally frees Shesha who takes Takshika's place. Shivangi shows Rocky the footage of Shivanya's murder from Shesh Naag. They reunite and confess their love to each other. Together they kill Shesha and Yamini. Later, Rocky stabs Shivangi to death under orders from Ritik. She dies without knowing why they killed her but promises to come back.

Season 3

Ruhi in disguise as Bela and Vishakha arrives at the house of Yuvraj who killed Ruhi's husband Vikrant and attempts to kill Yuvraj, but he manages to survive. Mahir is compelled to marry Bela. Vikrant is revealed to be alive and was plotting his fake death with his mother Sumitra - Naagrani of Nidhog clan to attain Naagmani. Yuvraj is also a naag and Sumitra's son, who was also a part of the plan. When Bela learns about this, she is heartbroken and devastated. Vishakha joins Vikrant for Naagmani, but later she regrets it and joins Bela back. Vikrant leaves his mother's evil plans and joins hands with Bela. Vikrant accepts Vishakha's love, and they marry. On finding out the truth about Bela's identity, Mahir is shattered. He loses his memory and forgets Bela. Later, Yuvraj comes back and is revealed to be a Naag from Nidhog clan. Sumitra plans to get Mahir married to Vishakha, but Bela takes Mahir away and makes him recollect his memories. Sumitra arrives there and pushes Bela, Vishakha, and Vikrant from a cliff. Mahir becomes mentally unstable, and Bela returns to take revenge on Sumitra and remarries Mahir. Bela uses Naagmani to bring back Mahir's memories and they consummate their relationship. Sumitra seeks help from Hukkum who tries to impregnate Bela to give birth to a demon child. Vishakha kills Yuvraj, takes Bela's place, and gives birth to Taamsi, who grows up in a matter of seconds and kills Hukkum. Bela reveals to Mahir that she is pregnant with their child. Taamsi kills Bela and Mahir and obtains Naagmani but it is cursed by Mahanaagrani Shivangi, who survived the attack on her and since then has disappeared. Later, Taamsi along with Sumitra and her gang visit a sage and he reveals that Bela and Mahir would be reborn.

28 years later, Bela reincarnates as Shravani and Mahir reincarnates as Mihir, they unite with each other. Vikrant is killed by Taamsi and Sumitra. Learning about Shivangi's story, Shravani tricks Ritik and Rocky into the temple, and calls Shivangi who is now Mahanaagrani to remove the curse of Naagmani. Shivangi touches the Naagmani by mistake and removes its curse. Ritik and Rocky take the Naagmani from her and imprisons them. Yamini, who didn't die, returns to buy Naagmani but is killed by Shivangi once again and sent to hell. Taamsi and Sumitra were defeated by Shravani and Vishakha and they both run away. It is revealed how it was Shesha who survived the attack and killed Shivangi in the form of Rocky and Ritik. Shivangi defeats Shesha. They both are rescued by Mihir. Free from their guilt, Ritik dies and unites with Shivanya, while Rocky and Shivangi start a new life together.

Shivangi declares Shravani as the Naagrani of the entire Naag Lok and the protector of the Naagmani. Shravani kills Sumitra, Taamsi, and Shesha. Naagmani is declared to be safe for the next 50 full moons and post that Shravani's responsibility of taking care of Naagmani will be over. Shravani marries Mihir and they consummate their marriage. Vishakha is also revealed to be a ku-sarp, who since the beginning was betraying Bela. She vows to get the Naagmani after 50 full moon nights.

Season 4

Naagin princess Manyata marries Keshav a human, thus losing her power and gives birth to Nayantara. Keshav is killed by the Parekh family. Manyata escapes and waits for her daughter's 25th birthday to avenge her husband's murder.

25 years later, Nayantara waits to get her naagin powers, however, the powers go to Brinda instead, who is later revealed to have been switched at birth with Nayantara. Meanwhile, Dev who is son of Keshav's murderer, falls in love with Brinda. Manyata and Brinda are reunited and Brinda marries Dev to take revenge.

Vishakha returns with the motive of getting Naagmani. She takes Dev's form and kills Manyata in front of Brinda making Brinda think it was Dev who killed her mother. Brinda vows to avenge her parents by killing Dev and his family.

1 year later, Vish takes Mundika's identity and gives Nayantara a new face and identity, Shalakha. Dev and Shalaka ger married. Brinda realizes that Dev did not kill Manyata. Shalakha finds out that Mundika is Vishakha's new identity. Shalakha manages to frame Vishakha as the murderer and she is put behind bars. Brinda and Dev confess their love. Dev asks Shalakha for divorce as he loves Brinda. Shalakha hypnotizes Dev to detach him from Brinda. Brinda's identity is revealed to Dev. Vishakha enters the Parikh house and murders the entire family under Brinda's disguise and spares Dev to obtain the Naagmani. Brinda finds out that Shalakha is Nayantara under a new identity. Shesha and Shravani enter to assist Brinda. Vishakha is killed by Brinda while Shalakha is killed by Shesha. Dev dies leaving Brinda devastated. The three perform a tandav to impress Lord Shiva who summons Naageshwari. She narrates her story from thousands of years ago.

Season 5

The story starts in the era where eagles had the power to shape shift. When the eagles attacked the snakes, Lord Shiva blessed the shapeshifting ability to snakes and named the first naagin to get this power, Naageshwari. Naageshwari also gained the title of Sarvashresth Aadinaagin. She was in love with a naag Hriday while an eagle Aakesh was obsessed with her. Aakesh killed Hriday with his army and a devastated Naageshwari stabbed herself to death. On completing the story, Dev is brought back to life and he reunites with Brinda. Naageshwari says it's time for her next birth.

3 yugas Later, Naageshwari is reincarnated as Bani. She meets Jay Mathur and they feel a connection. Veeranshu "Veer" Singhania, an eagle, is attracted to Bani while she immensely hates him. Bani and Jay perform a tandav, thus remembering their past lives where they learn that Bani is Sarvashresth Aadinaagin Naageshwari's reincarnation and that Jay is Hriday's reincarnation and Veer is Aakesh's reincarnation. Bani marries Veer and Jay is revealed to be an antagonist who wants to gain Bani's powers. Bani wants to kill Veer's family but slowly starts to fall in love with him and soon Veer also remembers his past life. Bani releases Veer's mother who has been locked in a basement but soon Bani realizes that her mother-in-law is Maarkaat, Aadinaagin's greatest enemy. Bani realizes that Jay being the associate of Maarkaat and learns Jay being Veer's half brother. Bani and Veer team up to defeat Maarkaat and Jay but later Jay kills his own mother and gains the title of Maarkaat who then wishes to defeat Bani and Veer but Bani and Veer face Jay till the very end.

Basant Panchami Special

On Basant Panchami, Bani, Mihir, Shesha, Vishakha, and Priya fight against Trilok Sundari and snake charmers to save Sheshnaag's book.

Season 6

Naagin Mahek and Pratha infiltrate the Gujral house seeking revenge. A shocking revelation exposes Pratha as the true Sarvashresth Shesh Naagin not Mahek, later she married to Rishabh Gujral. Their mission is to expose the mastermind behind the conspiracy, Rishabh's mother, Seema Gujral. The Amrit Kalash holds the key to healing India's pandemic, but danger lurks. Seema ends up in a coma after a rooftop confrontation. Pratha is framed for murder by her sister Mahek and is arrested. While in jail, Pratha discovers she is pregnant but tragically loses her child. Heartbroken, she accepts her death sentence and falls into a coma.

1 year later, Mahek deceives Rishabh into marriage and takes the title of Sarvashresth Shesh Naagin. Pratha awakens from her coma and vows to reclaim her rightful position. As Kiara Sharma, she infiltrates the Gujral house and eliminates her enemies. Mahek and Urvashi eventually uncover her true identity. Pratha learns that her daughter is alive and in a final confrontation, defeats Mahek, reunites with Rishabh, and embraces her new life with their daughter, Anmol.

20 years later, Pratha is still the Sarvashresth Shesh Naagin, grappling with her daughter Prathna being the chosen one. Prathna was accidentally switched at birth, and her foster father is believed to have been murdered. Prathna suspects Rishabh and Rudra, her boss. Their paths cross when Prathna meets Pratha, and together they uncover the truth. Urvashi, Paatali, and Anmol manipulate the situation, leading to Pratha and Prathna being banished. Seeking revenge, they embark on a mission. Prathna acquires the nine Naagmani, while tragedy befalls Anmol and Paatali. Seema awakens from her coma and joins forces with Urvashi to resurrect Mahek. Chaos ensues during Prathna and Rudra's wedding as they vie for the Naagmani. In the ensuing battle, Pratha, Prathna, Rishabh, and Rudra lose their lives.

6 years later, Mahek and Seema search for Prathna, who has lost her memories and is now known as Preeti. Mahek manipulates Preeti into marrying Raghuveer. As Preeti's memories resurface, Naagin Shesha aids her in seeking revenge. A mysterious serpent intervenes, revealing itself as Sheshnaag, Prathna's husband. Together, they eliminate Seema and start a new life. Seven months later, Prathna discovers that Naaglok is beckoning her and Raghuveer. She gives birth to twin daughters, but Raghuveer blames Prathna for the loss of one. The deceased daughter has a new identity through adoption.

5 years later, Prathna combats a new conspiracy, discovering the creation of artificial shapeshifters called Sapolas. Raghuveer supports Prathna after misunderstanding her actions. Naagin Shesha returned to aid her in seeking revenge, while Naagin Vishakha assisted Mahek in her quest for the nine Naagmani. Betrayal unfolded when Shesha turned against Prathna, allowing Mahek to acquire the coveted Naagmani. Raghuveer's sister Swarna learns Meher's true lineage. In a climactic battle, Prathna saves innocent lives and vanquishes the mastermind behind the conspiracy. Prathna is killed off by Mahek and Swarna, and they burn down the house, but Prathna takes a rebirth as Pragati.

20 years later, Pragati's fragmented memories resurface, and she seeks vengeance against Mahek and Swarna. Pragati enlists Raghav's help and together they confront Mahek. They merge their Naagmanis into the Divya Naagmani, achieving victory at a great cost.


  • Mouni Roy as:
    • Shivanya (main season 1; guest season 2-3): A naagin from Sheshnaag clan, Shesha's cousin sister, Ritik's wife, Shivangi's mother.
    • Shivangi (main season 2; guest season 3): Mahanaagrani of Naaglok, Shivanya and Ritik's daughter, Shesha's niece, Rocky's wife.
  • Arjun Bijlani as
    • Ritik/Yuvraj Singh (main season 1; guest season 2-3): Prince of Suryavanshi Kingdom, Sangram and his late wife's son, Shivanya's husband. Shivangi's father.
    • Sangram Singh (recurring season 1): King of Suryavanshi Kingdom, Yamini's brother, Ritik's father. Shivangi's grandfather.
    • Deep Raj Singh (guest season 3) from the series Ishq Mein Marjawan
  • Adaa Khan[18][19][20] as Shesha/Ruchika (main season 1-2, Basant Panchami Special; guest season 3-4,6): A naagin from Kaal Kuth clan, Shivanya's maternal cousin, Shivangi's aunt.
  • Sudha Chandran as
    • Yamini Singh Raheja (main season 1-2; guest season 3): Sangram Singh's half sister, Princess of Suryavanshi kingdom, Ankush's wife, Ritik's adoptive mother, Shivangi's grandaunt, Rocky's adoptive grandmother.
    • Seema Gujral (recurring season 6): Maha Asur from Kalkeya Clan, Yamini's reincarnation, Pataali's daughter, Lalit's second wife, Rishabh and Shakti's stepmother, Jeet, Rainaksh, Rithesh, and Sheena's mother, Anmol and Trisha's grandmother.
    • Pataali (recurring season 6): An Asur from Kalkeya Clan, Puloma's daughter, Valaka's wife, Ashwath, Pratham, Vansh, Yamini and Seema's Mother, Jeet and Ranav's grandmother, Anmol and Trisha's great-grandmother, Urvashi's cousin.
  • Karanvir Bohra as Rocky Pratap Singh (main season 2; guest season 3): A naag from Takshak clan, Vasudha and Mahendra Pratap Singh's son, Yamini's adoptive grandson, Shivangi's husband.
  • Surbhi Jyoti as
    • Bela Sehgal (main season 3): Naagrani of the Sheshnaag clan; Ruhi's new identity, Vishakha's friend, Vikrant's ex-lover, Mahir's wife.
    • Shravani Sippi (main season 3; guest season 4-5): Naagrani of Sheshnaag clan(later on Naagrani of Naag Lok), Bela's reincarnation, Mihir's wife.
  • Pearl V Puri as:
    • Mahir Sehgal (main season 3): Sumitra and Andy's son, Bela's husband.
    • Mihir Sippi (main season 3, Basant Panchami Special): Mahir's reincarnation, Kanika and Samarjeet's son, Shravani's husband.
  • Anita Hassanandani as Vishakha (main season 3, Basant Panchami Special; recurring seasons 4; guest season 6): A naagin from Kaal Kuth clan, Bela/Shravani and Brinda's enemy, Taamsi's mother, Vikrant's wife, Nayantara/Shalaka's crime partner.
  • Nia Sharma as
    • Brinda (main season 4; guest season 5): A naagin from Sheshnaag clan, Manyata and Keshav's daughter, Dev's wife.
    • Aarohi Kashyap (guest season 3) from the series Ishq Mein Marjawan
  • Vijayendra Kumeria as Dev Parekh (main season 4; guest season 5): Vrushali and Aakash's son, Brinda's husband.
  • Surbhi Chandna as Bani Sharma (main season 5, Basant Panchami Special): Sarvashreshth Aadi Naagin from Sheshnaag Clan, Naageshwari's reincarnation, Veeranshu's wife.
  • Sharad Malhotra as
    • Veeranshu Singhania (main season 5): A cheel (shapeshifting eagle); prince of cheels; Akesh's reincarnation; Bani's husband.
    • Teer Singhania (guest season 5): Veer's twin brother.
  • Mohit Sehgal[21] as Jay Mathur (main season 5): Sarvashreshth Aadi Naag from Sheshnaag Clan, Hriday's reincarnation.
  • Krishna Mukherjee as
    • Taamsi (recurring season 3): The most powerful and dreaded demoness in the world, Vishakha and Hukum's daughter, Vikrant's step daughter.[22]
      • Aleena Lambe as young Taamsi
    • Priya (main Basant Panchami Special)
  • Amrapali Gupta as Rani Trilok Sundari (main Basant Panchami Special)
  • Tejasswi Prakash as
    • Pratha Gujral (main season 6): Former Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin from Vasuki Clan; Roopa and Shivansh's younger daughter; Mahek and Arjun's sister; Mayank and Ritesh's ex-fiancee; Rishabh's wife; Prathna's mother; Anmol's adoptive mother; Meher and Purvika's grandmother.
    • Prathna Gujral Ahlawat aka Preeti (main season 6): Former Sarvashreshth Maha Shesh Naagin from Vasuki Clan; Pratha and Rishabh's daughter; Jeet's adoptive daughter; Rudra's love interest; Raghuveer's wife; Meher and Purvika's mother.
    • Pragati Iyer Shukla (main season 6): Reborn Prathna; Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin from Vasuki Clan; Sundar and Meenakshi's younger daughter; Vidushi's sister; Raghav's wife.
  • Simba Nagpal as
    • Rishabh Gujral (main season 6): An army officer turned businessman; Chanda and Lalit's elder son; Shakti's twin brother; Ritesh and Sheena's half-brother; Pratha's husband; Mahek's ex-husband; Prathna's father; Anmol's adoptive father; Meher and Purvika's grandfather.
      • Amaan Aziz as Teenage Rishabh
    • Shakti Gujral (recurring season 6): One of the five betrayers; Chanda and Lalit's younger son; Rishabh's twin brother; Ritesh and Sheena's half-brother.
      • Amaan Aziz as Teenage Shakti
  • Mahek Chahal as Mahek Patel (main season 6): Former Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin from Vasuki Clan; Roopa and Shivansh's elder daughter; Pratha and Arjun's sister; Rishabh and Yash's ex-wife; Vinay and Jeet's widow; Trisha's mother.
  • Shrey Mittal as Raghuveer Ahlawat (main season 6): Former Sarvashresth Shesh Naag from Sheshnaag Clan; Yash's son; Mrignayni and Swarna's brother; Vinay and Sonia's adoptive brother; Prathna's husband; Meher and Purvika's father.
  • Vatsal Sheth as Raghav Shukla (main season 6): Reborn Raghuveer; Sarvashresth Shesh Naag from Sheshnaag clan; Swarna and Ajay's son; Pragati's husband.
  • Manish Khanna as
    • Ankush "Anky" Raheja (recurring season 1): Former farmer, Akhilesh's twin brother, Yamini's husband, Ritik's adoptive father, Amrita and Angad's father, one of the five murderers of Shivanya's parents
    • Akhilesh "Anky 2" Raheja (recurring season 2): Ankush's twin brother, Viren's father.
  • Rajat Tokas as
    • Kabir (recurring season 1): Shape-shifting mongoose, Tanvi's former groom and murderer, Amrita's ex-fiancé.
    • Vikrant (recurring season 3): A naag from Nidhog clan, Sumitra's son, Ruhi's ex-lover, Vishakha's husband, Taamsi's step father.
  • Aashka Goradia as Avantika (guest season 1; recurring season 2): A shape-shifting honeybee, Queen of Mahishmati Kingdom, Shishupal and Vikram's wife, one of the eight murderers of Shivanya, Rudra's murderer.
  • Vishal Puri as Vikram (guest season 1; recurring season 2): Avantika's former general, a shape shifting honey bee, king of Mahishmati kingdom, one of the eight murderers of Shivanya.
  • Rashami Desai as
    • Shalaka (recurring season 4; guest season 6): Nayantara's new identity, Dev's ex-illegal wife; Vishakha's former crime partner. A human who became a naagin after strict penance, she has been liberated from her sins for stealing the Naagmani by the grace of Shesh Naagin.
    • Shanglira (guest season 6): Vish Naagin, artificially created in the laboratory of Changistan, Shalaka's doppelganger, was killed by Shalaka.


Season 1

  • Sharika Raina as Amrita Raheja: Yamini and Ankush's daughter, Angad's sister, Ritik's foster sister.
  • Siddharth Shivpuri as Angad Raheja: Yamini and Ankush's son, Amrita's brother, Ritik's foster brother.
  • Swati Jain as Divya Raheja: Ankush's niece; Viren, Amrita and Angad's cousin; Ritik's foster cousin.
  • Vimarsh Roshan as Viren Raheja: Akhilesh's son, Ankush's nephew, royal servant of Suryavanshi Kingdom, Chhaya's husband, one of the five murderers of Shivanya's parents
  • Gunjan Walia as Chhaya Raheja: Viren's wife.
  • Mazher Sayed as Suri: Monisha's husband, royal servant of Suryavanshi Kingdom, one of the five murderers of Shivanya's parents.
  • Priya Shinde as Monisha: Suri's third wife.
  • Rajeev Saxena as Katakka Bhairav/Gurudev: Shivanya and Shesha's mentor.
  • Kamalika Guha Thakurta as Guru Maa: Sorceress-cum-priestess.

Season 2

  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Rudra: A naag from Sheshnaag clan,[23] friend of Shivangi.
  • Kalyani Chaitanya as Kapalika: An evil sorceress, one of the eight murderers of Shivanya.
  • Indresh Malik as Manav Nikunj: Mansi's brother, Yamini's partner-in-crime, Nidhi's husband, one of the eight murderers of Shivanya.
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh as Nidhi Nikunj: Manav's wife, one of the eight murderers of Shivanya.
  • Aryan Pandit as Roumil Nikunj: Nidhi and Manav's son, Avni's brother.
  • Rutpanna Aishwarya Sethi as Avni Nikanj: Nidhi and Manav's daughter; Roumil's sister.
  • Swati Anand as Manasi Nikunj Mehra: Manav's sister, Amar's wife, Sushant and Alia's mother.
  • Manas Adhiya as Sushant Mehra: Mansi and Amar's son, Alia's brother.
  • Shirin Sewani as Alia Mehra: Mansi and Amar's daughter, Sushant's sister.
  • Malhar Pandya as Nishank: A naag from Sheshnaag clan, Shivanya's friend.
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Anant Bhargava: Ritik's friend, Shivanya's foster brother, Padmini's husband, Gautami and Sapna's father.
  • Monica Sharma as Gautami Bhargava: Padmini and Anant's daughter, Sapna's sister, Shivangi's foster cousin.
  • Naazuk Lochan as Sapna Bhargava: Padmini and Anant's daughter, Gautami's sister, Shivangi's foster cousin.
  • Abha Parmar as Mata Tapaswini: Taksha's chief advisor, a skilled sorceress.
  • Rohan Gandotra as Anshuman: A naag from Sheshnag clan, Shivangi's friend.
  • Sriti Jha as narrator.

Season 3

  • Rakshanda Khan as Sumitra: A former naagin from Sheshnaag clan, then became Naagrani of Nidhog clan. Vikrant and Yuvraj's mother, Andy's wife, Mahir and Kuhu's step mother.
  • Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal: A business tycoon; Sumitra's husband; Poulomi's unmarried husband; Mahir, Yuvraj, Vikrant, Kuhu, Aditya and Pratham's father.
  • Pavitra Punia as Poulomi Roy: Andy's mistress, Aditya and Pratham's mother.
  • Puneett Chouksey as Aditya Sehgal: Poulomi and Andy's son; Pratham's elder brother; Mahir, Yuvraj, Vikrant and Kuhu's half-brother.
  • Mithil Jain as Pratham Sehgal: Poulomi and Andy's son; Aditya's younger brother; Mahir, Yuvraj, Vikrant and Kuhu's half-brother; Suhani's husband.
  • Ankit Mohan as Yuvraj Sehgal: An ichchadhari naag; Sumitra and Andy's son; Mahir, Kuhu, Aditya, Pratham and Vikrant's half-brother; Ravi's ex-boyfriend; Bela's ex-fiancé.
  • Sakshi Pradhan as Raavi Saluja: Yuvraj's former girlfriend.
  • Kushabh Manghani as Karan: Sehgal family's manager, the first murderer of Vikrant.
  • Deepali Kamath as Mukti Mittal: Andy's friend, Shekhar's wife, Rehan and Anu's mother.
  • Naveen Sharma as Rehan Mittal: Mukti and Shekhar's son, Anu's elder brother, Yuvraj's friend.
  • Heli Daruwala as Anu Mittal: Mukti and Shekhar's daughter, Rehan's younger sister, Kuhu's friend.
  • Shahab Khan as Sunil Munshi: Sumitra's family's chief accountant.
  • Aman Gandhi as Daksh Munshi: Sunil's son, Suhani's elder brother.
  • Charvi Saraf as Suhani Munshi: Sunil's daughter, Daksh's younger sister, Pratham's wife, Bela's friend.
  • Simran Sachdeva as Kuhu Sehgal: Sumitra and Andy's daughter; Mahir's sister; Yuvraj, Aditya, Vikrant and Pratham's half-sister; RJ's wife; Ruhi's mother.
  • Rohit Choudhary as Rohit Jaiswal: Kuhu's husband, Ruhi's father.
  • Rupesh Kataria as Bultu: Yuvraj's friend.
  • Heer Chopra as Sonal: Bultu's girlfriend.
  • Melanie Nazareth as Naagrani Maa: An ichchadhari naagin, former queen of Sheshnaag clan, Ruhi and Juhi's mother.
  • Roopali Prakash as Juhi: An ichchadhari naagin from Sheshnaag clan, Naagrani Maa's daughter, Ruhi's younger sister.
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Arvind: An ichchadhari naag from Sheshnaag clan.
  • Manoj Kolhatkar as Jagmohan Sharma: Naagrani Ruhi's chief advisor.
  • Adhvik Mahajan as ACP Ajitabh Singh: A cop with a witty sense of humor.
  • Aly Goni as Vyom: A shape-shifting vulture; Amrita's son; Amit and Rinky's elder brother.
  • Geetanjali Mishra as Amrita: A shape-shifting vulture; Vyom, Amit and Rinky's mother.
  • Adish Vaidya as Amit: A shape-shifting vulture, Amrita's son, Vyom's younger brother.
  • Aditi Sharma as Rinky: A shape-shifting vulture, Amrita's daughter, Vyom's younger sister.
  • Mreenal Deshraj as Rohini: An ichchadhari naagin from Nidhog clan, Sumitra's younger sister, Alekh's wife.
  • Amit Dhawan as Alekh: An ichchadhari naag from Nidhog clan, Rohini's husband.
  • Khushwant Walia as Raj: Shivli's brother, Mona's husband.
  • Mala Salariya as Mona: Raj's wife.
  • Zuber K. Khan as Ritvik: A paranormal investigator, Mahir's cousin.
  • Nikitin Dheer as Hukum: An evil demon; Taamsi's father.
  • Anjali Gupta as Sarika : Shravani's mother.
  • Anjani Kumar Khanna as Manish : Shravani's father, Sarika's husband.
  • Deepak Wadhwa as Mohit Sippi: Kanika and Samarjeet's son, Mihir's elder brother.
  • Jiten Lalwani as Samarjeet Sippi: Kanika's husband, Mihir and Mohit's father.
  • Madhuri Pandey as Kanika Sippi: Samarjeet's wife, Mihir and Mohit's mother.
  • Prachee Pathak as Ambar Sippi: Samarjeet's elder sister, Mihir and Mohit's aunt.
  • Akash Rawat as Rohan: Mihir and Mohit's friend.
  • Sumit Wadhwa as Gaurav: Mihir and Mohit's friend.
  • Sanjay Swaraj as Maha Sapera: Mentor of Shahnawaz, hired by Sumitra to trap Shravani and Vishakha but later was killed by them.

Season 4

  • Jasmin Bhasin as Nayantara: Manyata's adopted daughter; Brinda's adoptive sister.
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Manyata: Naagrajkumari from Sheshnaag clan, Vividha's daughter, Keshav's wife, Brinda's mother, Nayantara's adoptive mother.
  • Farida Patel Venkat as "Baa": Aakash, Madhav, Rasik and Khyati's mother; Dev, Rohan, Harsh, Sparsh, Hardik, Lilly, Milly, Manas and Geetanjali's grandmother.
  • Geetanjali Tikekar as Vrushali Parekh: Aakash's wife, Dev and Rohan's mother, one of the six murderers.
  • Sanjay Gandhi as Aakash Parekh: Baa's son; Madhav, Rasik and Khyati's brother; Keshav and Mahesh's childhood friend; Vrushali's husband, Dev and Rohan's father.
  • Manan Chaturvedi as Rohan Parekh: Aakash and Vrushali's son, Dev's brother.
  • Rakhi Vijan as Ketki Parekh: Rasik's wife; Hardik, Lilly and Milly's mother; Karan's grandmother; one of the six murderers.
  • Hetal Puniwala as Rasik Parekh: Baa's son; Aakash, Rasik and Khyati's brother; Ketki's husband; Hardik, Lilly and Milly's father; Karan's grandfather; one of the six murderers.
  • Lakshay Khurana as Hardik Parekh: Ketki and Rasik's son, Lilly and Milly's brother.
  • Himani Sahani as Lilly Parekh: Ketki and Rasik's daughter, Hardik and Milly's sister, Prateek's ex-girlfriend, Karan's mother.
  • Parree Pande as Milly Parekh: Ketki and Rasik's daughter, Hardik and Lilly's sister.
  • Aparna Kumar as Iravati Parekh: Madhav's wife, Harsh and Sparsh's mother, one of the six murderers.
  • Sikandar Kharbanda as Madhav Parekh: Baa's son; Rasik, Aakash and Khyati's brother; Iravati's husband, Harsh and Sparsh's father, one of the six murderers.
  • Ankur Verma as Harsh Parekh: Iravati and Madhav's son, Sparsh's brother
  • Tushar Dhembla as Sparsh Parekh: Iravati and Madhav's son, Harsh's brother.
  • Swati Anand as Khyati Parekh: Baa's daughter, Manas and Geetanjali's mother, one of the six murderers.
  • Kunal Singh as Manas Parekh: Khyati's son, Geetanjali's brother
  • Disha Kapoor as Geetanjali Parekh: Khyati's daughter, Manas's sister.
  • Mandeep Kumar as Mahesh Sharma: Priest of Parekh family, Aakash's friend, Swara's husband, Brinda's foster father.
  • Supriya Shukla as Swara Sharma: Mahesh's wife, Brinda's adoptive mother.
  • Priya Tandon as Kanika Verma: Manas' ex-fiancé.
  • Kaveri Ghosh as Nanabhai's wife, Keshav's mother.
  • Richa Rathore as Priyal Singh: Manas's lover.
  • Ratnakar Nadkarni as Mahanjay Akappa Sethi/Baba: Manyata and Brinda's mentor.
  • Sanjay Gagnani as Prateek Raichand: Lilly's ex-boyfriend, Karan's father.
  • Afreen Alvi as Billy Rathod: Ketki's niece.
  • Nisha Nagpal as Ghumri: A shape-shifting owl, Brinda's helper.

Season 5

  • Ravee Gupta as Chandrakala Singhania (Maarkat): Balwant's wife; Tapish, Veer, Teer and Jay's mother. An evil creature who has both the forms of cheel and naagin.
  • Parag Tyagi as King of the Cheel Clan/Balwant Singhania: Akesh and Veer, Teer, Tapish's father.
  • Anjum Fakih as Noor: Bani's friend.
  • Aishwarya Khare as Meera Singhania: Bani's adoptive sister, Dehek and Mehek's sister, Tapish's fiancée.
  • Aakash Talwar as Tapish Singhania: Balwant's son, Veer and Teer's elder brother, Meera's fiancée.
  • Simran Mahendrawal as Naina: A naagin from Sheshnaag clan, Abhishek's wife, a key witness of Noor's death, she died saving Bani's life.
  • Shourya Lathar as Abhishek: A naag from Sheshnaag clan, Naina's husband.
  • Anjani Kumar Khanna as Shivayya Sharma: Meera, Dehek, Mehak's father; Bani's adoptive father.
  • Shivani Gosain as Ritu Sharma: Bani's adoptive mother; Mehek, Dehek and Meera's mother.
  • Aahna Sharma as Dehek Sharma: Bani's adoptive sister, Mehek's and Meera's sister.
  • Khushi Chaudhary as Mehak Sharma: Bani's adoptive sister, Meera and Dehek's sister.
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Gautam Mathur: Jay's brother.
  • Mehak Ghai as Aarohi Mathur: Jay's sister.
  • Kajal Pisal as Adhira Mathur: Jay's paternal aunt.
  • Kiran Bhargava as Dolly Mathur: Jay's grandmother.
  • Dinesh Mehta as Pawan Singhania: Balwant's younger brother; Daksh, Monil and Ponky's father.
  • Utkarsh Gupta as Pankaj "Ponky" Singhania: Pawan's son, Monil and Daksh's brother, Veer's cousin.
  • Anurag Vyas as Monil Singhania: Pawan's son, Ponky and Daksh's brother, Veer's cousin.
  • Suchit Vikram as Daksh Singhania: Pawan's son, Monil and Ponky's brother, Veer's cousin.
  • Swarda Thigale as Mayuri: A shape-shifting peafowl, Veer's friend and Ponky's fiancée.
  • Karan Taneja as Sunny: Mayuri's friend.
  • Shivanshu Sharma as Bobby: Mayuri's assistant and Sunny's friend.
  • Kamal Malik as Pandit: Lord Shiva's source.
  • Shreyas Pandit as Mahaguru: Lord Shiva's source.
  • Manorama Bhattishyam as Panditayan: Lord Shiva's source, Pandit's wife.
  • Priyamvada Kant as Chandani: Princess of the moon. She hypnotised Veer to come to Moon and marry her, but was unsuccessful later.
  • Arjit Taneja as Farishta: An angel who wants Bani to take revenge from the cheels, he tried to kill Veer, but later realises their true love and leaves.
  • Ami Neema as Monika: A girl appointed by Jay to seduce Veer.

Season 6

  • Poulomi Das as Swarna Shukla: A naagin from Sheshnaag Clan; Yash's daughter; Raghuveer and Mrignayni's sister; Ajay's wife; Raghav's mother.
  • Sanket Choukse as Inspector Ajay Shukla:Vijay's son; Swarna's husband; Raghav's father.
  • Ajay Sharma as Sarvashreshth Naagraj Takshak: King of the Takshak snake clan; Pratha, Prathna and Pragati's mentor.
  • S Ashraf Karim as Sundar Iyer: Meenakshi's husband; Vidushi and Pragati's father.
  • Malini Kapoor as Meenakshi: Sundar's wife; Vidushi and Pragati's mother.
  • Lokesh Batta as Professor Prashant: Jeet's disciple.
  • Aarohi M Kumawat as Purvika Ahlawat: Sarvashreshth Sheshnaagrajkumari from Sheshnaag Clan; Prathna and Raghuveer's younger daughter; Meher's twin sister.
  • Kevina Tak as Meher Ahlawat: Sarvashreshth Sheshnaagrajkumari from Sheshnaag Clan; Prathna and Raghuveer's elder daughter; Manjit Singh and Manjit Kaur's adoptive daughter; Purvika's twin sister; Ballu's adoptive sister.
  • Sheeba Akashdeep as Manjeet Kaur: Manjit Singh's wife; Ballu's mother; Meher's adoptive mother.
  • Digvijay Purohit as Manjit Singh: Manjeet Kaur's husband; Ballu's father; Meher's adoptive father.
  • Shivani Jha as Mrignayni Ahlawat: A naagin from Sheshnaag Clan; Yash's daughter; Raghuveer and Swarna's sister.
  • Aashvi Bisht as Naina: Prathna's adopted daughter; Param's wife
  • Yash Acharya as Param: A shape-shifting mongoose; Rainaksh and Supreet's son; Naina's husband
  • Srikant Dwivedi as Sarvashreshth Anantnag: Yash and Samaira's brother
  • Vaishnavi Ganatra as Tina: Prathna's adopted daughter.
  • Gautam Ahuja as Gautam: Prathna's foster brother; Sonia's husband.
  • Rushitaa Vaidya as Sonia Ahlawat: Raghuveer and Vinay's sister, Gautam's wife.
  • Neha Jurel as Trisha: A Naagin from Vasuki clan, Mahek and Jeet's daughter, Vasuki's adopted daughter, Raghu's obsessive lover, Prathna's cousin, Purvika and Meher's aunt.
  • Manit Joura as Professor Jeet Patel : Seema's son; An Asur from Kalkeya Clan; Mahek's fourth husband; Anmol and Trisha's father; Prathna's adoptive father.
  • Mahru Sheikh as Kadru/Naageshwari: Former Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin from Vasuki Clan, Puloma's sister, Roopa and Urvashi's mother, Pratha, Mahek, Arjun, Reem, and Rhea's grandmother, Prathna's great-grandmother, Pataali's maternal aunt, Seema's maternal grandmother, Anmol's maternal great-great-grandmother
  • Fatimah Begum as Pulooma.Former Queen of Kalkeya Clan, Naageshwari's sister, Pataali's mother, Seema's grandmother, Rithesh, Jeet, Sheena's great-grandmother, Anmol great-great-grandmother, Roopa and Urvashi's maternal aunt, Pratha, Mahek, Arjun, Reem and Rhea's maternal grandmother, Prathna's maternal great-grandmother.
  • Yash Pandit as Vinay Ahlawat: A businessman, Raghuveer, and Sonia's brother, Mahek's third husband.
  • Urvashi Dholakia as Urvashi Kataria: A cursed naagin from the Vasuki Clan, Naageshwari's younger daughter, Roopa's younger sister, Pratha, Arjun and Mahek's maternal aunt, Ankush's ex-wife, Reem and Rhea's mother, Sayali's grandmother.
  • Amandeep Sidhu as Anmol Patel: An Asur from Kalkeya Clan, Professor Jeet's daughter, Rishabh and Pratha's foster daughter.
  • Pratik Sehajpal as Rudra Raichand: Sanjana and Ranjeet's son, Anmol's childhood friend, Prathna's love interest.
  • Tushar Khanna as Yash: Former Sarvashreshth Shesh Naag, Pratha's destined husband, Anant and Samaira's brother, Mahek's ex-husband, Raghu, Mrignayni and Swarna's father.
  • Vishal Solanki as Rajesh Pratap Singh: Pratha's fake husband, Divya's elder brother, and Rithvik's father.
  • Bakul Thakkar as Lalit Gujral: Chanda and Seema's husband, Rishabh, Shakti, Ritesh & Sheena's father, one of the twenty conspirators.
  • Sneha Raikar as Chanda Gujral: Lalit's wife, Rishabh, and Shakti's biological mother.
  • Abhishek Verma as Ritesh Gujral: Rishabh and Shakti's younger brother, Seema and Lalit's son, Sheena's elder brother, Rhea and Pratha's ex-fiancé, Rehaan and Vihaan's cousin, Reem's husband, Sayali's father.
  • Gayathiri Iyer as Reem Kataria Gujral: Urvashi and Ankush's elder daughter, Rhea's elder sister, Mahek, Pratha, Arjun's cousin, Roopa and Shivansh's elder niece, Rishabh's ex-fiancée, Ritesh's wife, Sayali's mother.
  • Jeyabhuben as Arjun/Varun Nair: Sarvashreshth Raj Naag from Vasuki Clan, Shivansh and Roopa's younger son, Mahek and Pratha's younger brother, Prathna's uncle
  • Reema Worah as Radha Gujral: Puneet's Wife, Vihaan, and Rehan's Mother.
  • Shoaib Ali as Vihaan Gujral: Puneet and Radha's elder son, Rehaan's elder brother, Rishabh, Shakti, Ritesh, and Sheena's cousin brother.
  • Pranav Kumar / Vishesh Sharma as Rehan Gujral: Puneet and Radha's younger son, Vihaan's younger brother, Rishabh, Shakti, Ritesh and Sheena's cousin brother, Samaira's ex-husband.
  • Nupur Dhariwal as Sheena Gujral: Seema and Lalit's daughter, Rishabh and Shakti's younger half-sister, and Ritesh's younger sister, Rehaan, Vihaan, and Ananya's cousin.
  • Srushti Tare as Ananya Gujral: Seema's maternal niece, Rishabh, Shakti, Ritesh, Sheena, Rehan, and Vihaan's cousin sister.
  • Abeer Singh Godhwani as Vijay Shukla: An inspector, Mahek's love interest, Ajay's father.
  • Nandani Tiwari as Divya: Rajesh's younger sister.
  • Preeti Gandwani as Roopa: A Naagin from Vasuki clan, Naageshwari's elder daughter, Urvashi's sister, Shivaan's wife, Mahek, Pratha and Arjun's mother.
  • Amit Singh Thakur as Shivansh: Roopa's husband, Urvashi's love interest, Pratha, Mahek, and Arjun's father, one of the twenty conspirators aka The Mastermind.
  • Lokesh Tilakdhari as Ankush Kataria: A minister, Urvashi's husband, Reem and Rhea's father, one of the twenty conspirators.
  • Aditi Shetty as Rhea Kataria: Urvashi and Ankush's younger daughter, Reem's younger sister, Ritesh's ex-fiancée.
  • Pratibha Pooghat as Samaira: Yash and Anant's sister, Rehan's ex-wife.
  • Ashish Trivedi as Mayank: Pratha's ex-fiancée.
  • Shivam Singh as an army officer, Rishabh's friend.
  • Ravi Chhabra as an army officer, Rishabh's friend.
  • Ashita Dhawan as Ashita: Mehak's sister-in-law
  • Saurabh Agarwal as Ashita's husband


Season 1

  • Kapil Kumar as Shailesh Mathur: Ramya's husband, Tanvi's father, Arjun's uncle, royal servant of Suryavanshi Kingdom, one of the five murderers of Shivanya's parents
  • Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal / Karuna Verma as Ramya Mathur: Shailesh's wife, Tanvi's mother.
  • Puja Sharma as Tanvi Mathur: Ramya and Shailesh's daughter, Ritik's childhood friend and ex-fiancé.
  • Pranav Misshra as Arjun Mathur: Shailesh's nephew, Tanvi's cousin, Ritik's friend.
  • Gaurav Gera as Chutki: A fake transgender naagin created by Guru Maa.
  • Madhura Naik as Mayuri: Shape-shifting peafowl, she was killed by shivanya.
  • Kaushal Kapoor as Kabir's fake father.
  • Shahnaz Rizwan as Kabir's fake mother.
  • Lavina Tandon as the girl who became possessed by Goddess Kali.

Season 2

  • Lalit Bisht as Aditya: Shivangi's former fiancé.
  • Vishal Bharadwaj as Shishupal: The real king of Mahishmati Kingdom, a shape shifting honey bee, Avantika's first husband.
  • Vineet Kumar Chaudhary as Mahish: A shape-shifting bison.
  • Vindhya Tiwari as Takshika: Former monarch of Takshak clan.
  • Anjali Ujawane as Uttara: A tribal woman with knowledge of witchcraft.
  • Rohit Sagar as Mahendra Pratap Singh: Vasudha's husband, Rocky's father, one of the four murderers of Ritik.
  • Shweta Dadhich as Vasudha Singh: A naagin from Takshak clan, Ritik's friend, Mahendra Pratap's wife, Rocky's mother.
  • Shagun Ajmani as Tanya: Manjusha and Ranbeer's daughter, Rocky's friend.
  • Jaineeraj Rajpurohit as Ranbeer: Manjusha's husband, Tanya's father, one of the four murderers of Ritik.
  • Arzoo Govitrikar as Manjusha: Ranbeer's wife, Tanya's mother, one of the four murderers of Ritik.

Season 3

Season 4

  • Shalin Bhanot as Keshav: Nanabhai and Madhulata's son, Aakash Parekh's friend, Manyata's husband, Brinda's father.
  • Ankit Bathla as Rajat Malhotra: Brinda's ex-fiancé.

Season 5

  • Hina Khan as Naageshwari: Sarvashreshth Aadi Naagin, the first and the most powerful Naagin, Hriday's lover, Aakesh's obsession.
  • Mohit Malhotra as Hriday: Aadi Naag, Naageshwari's love interest.
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as
    • Akesh: Prince of cheels, Naageshwari's obsessive lover.
    • Shakura: A shapeshifting cheel. Akesh/Veer's Doppelganger.

Season 6

  • Arjit Taneja/Akash Jagga as Farishta: An angel
  • Shikha Singh as Riddhi Sharma: A police officer, one of twenty conspirators.
  • Sanjay Gagnani as Mahasapera.
  • Zeeshan Khan as Rainaksh: A shape-shifting mongoose, Seema and Bhanu's son, Supreet's husband, Param's father.
  • Nitin Bhatia as Bhanu: A shape-shifting mongoose, Seema's ex-husband, Rainaksh's father.
  • Eisha Singh as Bela Raichand: A fairy, Devlekha's reincarnation, Ranav's wife
  • Shalin Bhanot as Ranav Raichand: A demon, Pratham's reincarnation, Ashwath's son, Bela's husband
  • Antara Biswas as Yamini Raichand: A demoness, Pataali's daughter, Ashwath, Pratham and Vansh's step brother, Ranav's aunt
  • Chetan Hansraj as Shekhar Raichand: Yamini's husband
  • Shubhaavi Choksey as Queen of Fairy: Queen of Pari Lok, Devlekha's mother

For promotion


Naagin 6 had crossover with Bekaboo from 6 May 2023 to 13 May 2023.[26]


There are two spin-off series of Naagin franchise. Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein is the spin-off of Naagin 5 and Bekaboo is a spin-off of Naagin 6.


In its launch week, the series topped the ratings charts. Season One proved to be highly successful.[27][28]

The second season also topped the ratings chart in its launch week and continued to do so.

Like the first 2 seasons, the third season also topped the ratings chart in its launch week and continued to do so for several months. But when the 3rd season was extended in January 2019, the season lost its top position in the TRP charts and even went out of the top 5 shows for several months but regained its top position in the last week.[29]

The fourth season topped the rating charts for 2 months and later managed to remain in top 5 shows. However, because of the lockdown, the season's original story was scrapped and it had to wrap up within 8 episodes post lockdown since it was not as successful like the previous seasons.[30]

Unlike previous seasons which consistently maintained its positions in top 5, season 5 since its respective third week of telecast, wasn't able to enter the top 5 Hindi GEC while its ratings dropped weekly. The ratings of the season dropped to an all-time low.[31]

The sixth season had a successful 2 months, but later on, met with slight fluctuations in ratings due to time slot changes. It got multiple extensions due to its success and became the longest-running season of the franchise


Season 2

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Year / Week Episodes Broadcast date BARC ratings (Urban)[32]
Nationwide Ranking (Nationwide)
Week 41, 2016 1 – 2 8 October 2016 – 9 October 2016 8.8% (8838)[33] 1
Week 42, 2016 3 – 4 15 October 2016 – 16 October 2016 8.2% (8272)[34] 1
Week 43, 2016 5 – 6 22 October 2016 – 23 October 2016 8% (7979)[35] 1
Week 44, 2016 7 – 8 29 October 2016 – 30 October 2016 6.6% (6617)[36] 2
Week 45, 2016 9 – 10 5 November 2016 – 6 November 2016 8.6% (8605)[37] 1
Week 46, 2016 11 – 12 12 November 2016 – 13 November 2016 9.2% (9168)[38] 1
Week 47, 2016 13 – 14 19 November 2016 – 15 November 2016 9.1% (9133)[39] 1
Week 48, 2016 15 – 16 26 November 2016 – 27 November 2016 10.2% (10214)[40] 1
Week 49, 2016 17 – 18 3 December 2016 – 4 December 2016 9.4% (9370)[41] 1
Week 50, 2016 19 – 20 10 December 2016 – 11 December 2016 8.5% (8460)[42] 1
Week 51, 2016 21 – 22 17 December 2016 – 18 December 2016 8.8% (8753)[43] 2
Week 52, 2016 23 – 24 24 December 2016 – 25 December 2016 9.1% (9076)[44] 1
Week 1, 2017 25 – 26 31 December 2016 – 1 January 2017 8% (7986)[45] 1
Week 2, 2017 27 7 January 2017 8.4% (8414)[46] 1
Week 3, 2017 28 – 29 14 January 2017 – 15 January 2017 7.4% (7410)[47] 1
Week 4, 2017 30 – 31 21 January 2017 – 22 January 2017 7.3% (7297)[48] 1
Week 5, 2017 32 – 33 28 January 2017 – 29 January 2017 7.4% (7416)[49] 1
Week 6, 2017 34 – 35 4 February 2017 – 5 February 2017 8.1% (8126)[50] 1
Week 7, 2017 36 – 37 11 February 2017 – 12 February 2017 7.4% (7377)[51] 1
Week 8, 2017 38 – 39 18 February 2017 – 19 February 2017 7.9% (7940)[52] 1
Week 9, 2017 40 – 41 25 February 2017 – 26 February 2017 7.8% (7829)[53] 1
Week 10, 2017 42 – 43 4 March 2017 – 5 March 2017 7.1% (7113)[54] 1
Week 11, 2017 44 – 45 11 March 2017 – 12 March 2017 7.7% (7732)[55] 1
Week 12, 2017 46 – 47 18 March 2017 – 19 March 2017 7.69% (7690)[56] 1
Week 13, 2017 48 – 49 25 March 2017 – 26 March 2017 7.9% (7987)[57] 1

Season 3

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.[58]

Year / Week Episodes Broadcast date BARC ratings (Urban + Rural)[32]
Nationwide Ranking (nationwide)
Week 23, 2018 1 – 2 2 June 2018 – 3 June 2018 16.5% (16545)[59] 1
Week 24, 2018 3 – 4 9 June 2018 – 10 June 2018 14% (14103)[60] 1
Week 25, 2018 5 – 6 16 June 2018 – 17 June 2018 14.5% (14559)[61] 1
Week 26, 2018 7 – 8 23 June 2018 – 24 June 2018 14.5% (14579)[61] 1
Week 27, 2018 9 – 10 30 June 2018 – 1 July 2018 14.3% (14374)[61] 1
Week 28, 2018 11 – 12 7 July 2018 – 8 July 2018 13.9% (13910)[62] 1
Week 29, 2018 13 – 14 14 July 2018 – 15 July 2018 15.5% (15466)[63] 1
Week 30, 2018 15 – 16 21 July 2018 – 22 July 2018 15.8% (15818)[64] 1
Week 31, 2018 17 28 July 2018 16.7% (16677)[65] 1
Week 32, 2018 18 – 19 4 August 2018 – 5 August 2018 15.2% (15221)[66] 1
Week 33, 2018 20 – 21 11 August 2018 – 12 August 2018 14.8% (14835)[67] 1
Week 34, 2018 22 – 23 18 August 2018 – 19 August 2018 15.2% (15528)[68] 1
Week 35, 2018 24 – 25 25 August 2018 – 26 August 2018 13.6% (13612)[69] 1
Week 36, 2018 26 – 27 1 September 2018 – 2 September 2018 14.2% (14294)[70] 1
Week 37, 2018 28 – 29 8 September 2018 – 9 September 2018 14.2% (14422)[71] 1
Week 38, 2018 30 – 31 15 September 2018 – 16 September 2018 15.4% (15402)[72] 1
Week 39, 2018 32 – 33 22 September 2018 – 23 September 2018 14.5% (14488)[73] 1
Week 40, 2018 34 – 35 29 September 2018 – 30 September 2018 14.6% (14641)[74] 1
Week 41, 2018 36 – 37 6 October 2018 – 7 October 2018 13.4% (13406)[75] 1
Week 42, 2018 38 – 39 13 October 2018 – 14 October 2018 13.1% (13093)[76] 1
Week 43, 2018 40 – 41 20 October 2018 – 21 October 2018 13.1% (13135)[77] 1
Week 44, 2018 42 – 43 27 October 2018 – 28 October 2018 12.4% (12376)[78] 2

Season 4

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Year / Week Episodes Broadcast date BARC ratings (Urban)
Nationwide Ranking (nationwide)
Week 51, 2019 1-2 14 December 2019 - 15 December 2019 8.9% (8953)[79] 1
Week 52, 2019 3-4 21 December 2019 - 22 December 2019 7.5% (7487)[80] 2
Week 53, 2019 5-6 28 December 2019 - 29 December 2019 7.6% (7632)[81] 3
Week 1, 2020 7-8 4 January 2020 - 5 January 2020 8.4% (8410)[82] 1
Week 2, 2020 9-10 11 January 2020 - 12 January 2020 7.7% (7718)[83] 2
Week 3, 2020 11-12 18 January 2020 - 19 January 2020 7.2% (7184)[84] 3
Week 4, 2020 13-14 25 January 2020 - 26 January 2020 8.0% (8015)[85] 2
Week 5, 2020 15-16 1 February 2020 - 2 February 2020 8.0% (8004)[86] 2
Week 6, 2020 17-18 8 February 2020 - 9 February 2020 7.1% (7139)[87] 2
Week 7, 2020 19-20 15 February 2020 - 16 February 2020 6.9% (6894)[88] 5

Season 5

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Year / Week Episodes Broadcast date BARC ratings (Urban)
Nationwide Ranking (nationwide)
Week 32, 2020 1 9 August 2020 6.2% (6163)[89][90] 3
Week 33, 2020 2–3 15 August 2020 – 16 August 2020 5.7% (5758)[91] 5

Unlike previous seasons which consistently maintained its positions in top 5, season 5 since its third week of telecast could not be able to enter top 5 Hindi GEC while its ratings dropped weekly.[31][92]

Season 6

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Year / Week Episodes Broadcast date BARC ratings (Urban)
Impressions (in millions) Ranking (nationwide)
Week 7, 2022 1-2 12 February 2022 - 13 February 2022 2.1[93] 8
Week 8, 2022 3-4 19 February 2022 - 20 February 2022 2.0[94] 8
Week 9, 2022 5-6 26 February 2022 - 27 February 2022 1.9[95] 11
Week 10, 2022 7-8 5 March 2022 - 6 March 2022 2.2[96] 5
Week 11, 2022 9-10 12 March 2022 - 13 March 2022 1.9[97] 6
Week 26, 2022 39 26 June 2022 2.0[98] 4
Week 49, 2022 85-86 3 December 2022 - 4 December 2022 1.7[99] 7


Naagin: Tracklisting
1."Kaun Hai Woh (Opening Theme)" (Duet)Kailash Kher, Mounima3:00
2."Tere Sang Pyaar Mein (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)" (Female)Pamela Jain2:18
3."Tera Pyaar Jivan Ka (season 3, 4, 5)" (Female)Pamela Jain3:34
4."O Re Piya (season 1)" (Male)Rahat Fateh Ali Khan4:07
5."Bol Do Na Zara (season 3, 4, 5, 6)" (Male)Armaan Malik3:09
6."Kaise Hua (season 4, 5)" (Male)Vishal Mishra2:48
7."Baarish (season 4)" (Duet)Ash King, Shashaa Tirupati2:49
8."Bulleya (season 4)" (Male)Amit Mishra, Pritam5.48
9."Dil Ibaddat (season 5)" (Male)KK5.29
10."Tose Naina (season 6)" (Male)Arijit Singh4.24

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Season Result
2016 Gold Awards Best Actress in Lead Role (Critics) Adaa Khan Season 1 Won[100]
Best Actor in Lead Role (Critics) Arjun Bijlani
Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Mouni Roy
Best Crime/Thriller/VFX Ekta Kapoor
Best Actor in Lead Role (Popular) Arjun Bijlani Nominated
Best TV Show (Fiction) Ekta Kapoor
16th Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Mouni Roy Won[101]
Best Serial (Popular) Ekta Kapoor
2017 10th Boroplus Gold Awards Best Actress in Negative Role (Critics) Adaa Khan Season 2 Won[102]
Boroplus Face of the Year Mouni Roy
Best Actress in Lead Role (Critics)
Best Actor in Lead Role (Critics) Karanvir Bohra
Best TV Show Based on Crime/Thriller/VFX Ekta Kapoor
Best Actor in Lead Role (Popular) Arjun Bijlani Nominated
Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Mouni Roy
Best TV Show (Fiction) Ekta Kapoor
BIG Zee Entertainment Awards BIG Zee Most Entertaining TV Actor (Female) Mouni Roy Won[103][104]
BIG Zee Most Entertaining TV Show (Fiction) Ekta Kapoor
BIG Zee Most Entertaining TV Actor (Male) Karanvir Bohra Nominated[105]
2018 Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress (Jury) Surbhi Jyoti Season 3 Nominated
Highest Rated Show on Television Ekta Kapoor Won[106]
2019 Indian Telly Awards Best Actress in Supporting Role Anita Hassanandani Won[107]
Best Actor In Lead Role Male (Popular) Pearl V Puri Nominated[108]
Best Actor In Lead Role Female (Popular) Surbhi Jyoti
Best Jodi (Popular) Pearl V Puri & Surbhi Jyoti
Gold Awards Best Actress in a Supporting Role Anita Hassanandani Won[109]
Best Actor in a Lead Role (Jury) Pearl V Puri
Best Television Show (Thriller) Ekta Kapoor
Best Actress in a Negative Role Rakshandha Khan Nominated
Best Actor in a Negative Role Rajat Tokas
Best Actress in a Lead Role (Popular) Surbhi Jyoti
Best Actor in a Lead Role (Popular) Pearl V Puri
Best On-screen Jodi Surbhi Jyoti & Pearl V Puri
Best TV Show of the Year (Fiction) Ekta Kapoor
2022 Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress (Popular) Tejasswi Prakash Season6 Nominated
Best Show(Popular) Ekta Kapoor
Best Actress in a Negative Role(Jury) Mahek Chahal
2023 Indian Telly Awards Fan Favorite Actress Tejasswi Prakash Nominated
Fan Favorite Show Ekta Kapoor
Fan Favorite Mytho/ Super Natural Show Ekta Kapoor
Fan Favorite Actor/ Actress - Mytho/ Super Natural Tejasswi Prakash
Best Actress in a Negative Role Mahek Chahal Won
Programming Awards - Weekly Serial Ekta Kapoor Won
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress (Popular) Tejasswi Prakash Won
Best Show(Popular) Ekta Kapoor Nominated
Best Actress in a Negative Role(Jury) Mahek Chahal


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