Miho Nakayama

Miho Nakayama (中山 美穂, Nakayama Miho, born 1 March 1970) is a Japanese singer and actress.[1]

Miho Nakayama
中山 美穂
Born (1970-03-01) 1 March 1970 (age 50)
Other namesMiporin
  • Singer
  • actress
Years active1985–present
(m. 2002⁠–⁠2014)
RelativesShinobu Nakayama (sister)



Nakayama was born in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan. She made her debut on 21 June 1985. She also starred in a Famicom Disk System dating sim made by Nintendo titled Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School, in which she played a high school student trying to mask her true identity. Her younger sister is Shinobu Nakayama, who is also an actress and former pop singer.

In 1995, director Shunji Iwai cast Miho in the starring dual roles of Hiroko Watanabe and Itsuki Fujii in the film Love Letter. The film was a huge box-office success, and Miho won Best Actress awards for her role in the film at the 38th Blue Ribbon Awards,[2] the 17th Yokohama Film Festival[3] and the 18th Hochi Film Awards.[4]

She was nominated for a Best Actress Japanese Academy Award in 1998 for her role in Tokyo biyori,[5] and has appeared in a number of TV series including Love Story (2001).[6]

Personal lifeEdit

She had been signed to the same Box Corporation and before debut, became friends with Yasuko Endō. Two years after Endō's suicide, Nakayama performed song called "Long Distance Tengoku He" during concert tour 1988. As a homage to the title of Endō's cancelled debut single "In the Distance", it was held as a requiem for her. Nakayama wrote the lyrics and composed the song herself. The song title changed to "Long Distance To The Heaven", and it was included on album Mind Game, released July that year. Nakayama touched about this song in essay collection P.S. I LOVE YOU released 1991. Also in 2009 collection "Nazenara Yasashii Machi ga Atta Kara", Endō is written about with name excluded.[7].

She married Hitonari Tsuji in 2002 and divorced in 2014.[8] She had lived in Paris during marriage. However, after she divorced, she went back to Japan.


Studio albumsEdit

Year Album Title Label
1985 「C」 King Records
After School
1986 Summer Breeze
1987 One and Only
1988 Catch the Nite
Mind Game
Angel Hearts
Makin' Dancin' (Remix album)
1989 Hide 'n' Seek
Merry Merry
Virgin Flight First Concert (Live album)
1990 All for You
1991 Dé Eaya
Dance Box (Remix album)
1992 Mellow
1993 わがままな あくとれす (Selfish Actress)
1994 Pure White Live '94 (Live album)
Pure White
1995 Mid Blue
1996 Deep Lip French
1997 Groovin' Blue
The Remixes Miho Nakayama Meets New York Groove (Remix album)
1998 The Remixes Miho Nakayama Meets Los Angeles Groove (Remix album)
1999 Manifesto
2019 Neuf Neuf

Compilation albumsEdit

Year Album Title Label
1997 Collection King Records
1998 Ballads
1990 Collection II
Collection III
1991 Miho's Select
1993 Dramatic Songs
Blanket Privacy
1996 Ballads II
1997 Treasury
2001 Your Selection 1
Your Selection 2
Your Selection 3
Your Selection 4
2006 Collection IV
Complete Singles Box
2010 Perfect Best


Year Title Label
1985 "「C」" King Records
1986 "色・ホワイトブレンド"
1987 "「派手!!!」"
"Catch Me"
1988 "You're My Only Shinin' Star"
1989 "Rosécolor"
"Virgin Eyes"
1990 "Midnight Taxi"
1991 "これからのI Love You"
1992 "Mellow"
"世界中の誰よりきっと" (With Wands)
1993 "幸せになるために"
"Sea Paradise -OLの反乱-"
1994 "ただ泣きたくなるの"
1995 "Cheers for You"
"Hurt to Heart~痛みの行方~"
1996 "Thinking about you~あなたの夜を包みたい~
"True Romance"
"未来へのプレゼント" (With Mayo Okamoto)
1997 "マーチカラー"
1998 "Love Clover"
1999 "A Place Under the Sun"



  • Be-Bop High School (1985) – Kyōko Izumi
  • Who Do I Choose? (1989) – Nobuko Kuwata
  • Love Letter (1995) – Itsuki Fujii and Hiroko Watanabe
  • Marmalade Boy (2018)
  • Butterfly Sleep (2018)
  • Aiuta: My Promise to Nakuhito (2019)
  • 108: Revenge and Adventure of Goro Kaiba (2019) – Ayako
  • Last Letter (2020)


  • Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte... (1985) – Nobuko Takaoka
  • Mama wa Idol[9] (1987-88) – herself
  • Suteki na Kataomoi (1990) – Keiko Yoda/Nana Hayashi
  • Nemureru Mori (1998) – Minako Ōba
  • W's Tragedy (2019) – Yoshie


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