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Shōsuke Tanihara promotes iPhone 3G, in 2008

Shōsuke Tanihara (谷原 章介, Tanihara Shōsuke, born July 8, 1972 in Yokohama,[1] Kanagawa Prefecture)[2] is a Japanese actor probably best known outside Japan for his portrayal of Riki Fudoh in Fudoh: The New Generation.

Tanihara hosts Tokyo Twenty-Four Living Supported by FLET’S Hikari, a podcast produced by TOKYO FM. The podcast began airing on 2006-01-07 with a guest appearance by the former Yokohama Bay Stars pitcher Takashi Saitō.[3]

He is married to Emi Miyake, who gave birth to their daughter in October 2007.[4] He made the announcement at the 8th Best Formalist Award ceremony.[4]





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