Kazuko Yoshiyuki

Kazuko Yoshiyuki (吉行和子, Yoshiyuki Kazuko) (born 9 August 1935) is a Japanese actress and voice actress essayist.

Kazuko Yoshiyuki
Born (1935-08-09) 9 August 1935 (age 87)
Tokyo, Japan
Years active1958–present
Parent(s)Eisuke Yoshiyuki
Aguri Yoshiyuki
RelativesJunnosuke Yoshiyuki (brother)
Rie Yoshiyuki (sister)


Early lifeEdit

Kazuko was born in Tokyo as a first daughter of Eisuke Yoshiyuki, a writer, and Aguri. She has an older brother, Junnosuke Yoshiyuki, a novelist, and a sister, Rie Yoshiyuki, a poet. A lifelong sufferer of asthma since she was two years old, she was frequently taken as a child to Okayama, where her grandparents lived, for a change of air. She graduated from Joshigakuen Girls High school in Tokyo in 1954.


She started her career as an actress with theatre troupe Gekidan Mingei in 1955, appearing in the role of Sophie in Junji Kinoshita's A Japanese Called Otto in 1966. Her major breakthrough on the stage came when she played Anne Frank in The Diary of a Young Girl in 1977.

She made her debut on the screen in 1955 and has appeared in more than 60 films since then. She won Best Supporting Actress award in 1959 Mainichi Film Award, then won Best Actress in 1978 Japan Academy Prize for her role in the film Empire of Passion.

She has also appeared in more than a hundred different Japanese television dramas.

Selected filmographyEdit




  • Kinuyo Tanaka Award (2002)[9]


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