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Michael Uppendahl is an American television and film director.

Michael Uppendahl
Other namesMike Uppendahl
OccupationFilm director, television director
Years active1999–present

He is well known for his work on the AMC period drama Mad Men; FX's horror anthology series American Horror Story, and Marvel's Legion; and the Fox musical/dramedy Glee.


His first television credit came from directing 4 episodes of the CBS sitcom Becker, from 2003-2004.[1][2] He wrote, directed and produced the 2009 short film A Hundred & Forty-Six Questions, starring Jamie Anne Allman.[citation needed]

Since 2008, Uppendahl has directed 7 hours of the AMC drama Mad Men, for which he has received critical acclaim.[1] In 2011 and 2012, Uppendahl joined the crews of Fox's Glee and FX's American Horror Story, directing 2 episodes of the former and 3 of the latter.[1]

In 2013, Uppendahl made his feature film directorial debut with Grounded (formerly under the working title, Quad), a drama about a salesman that becomes a quadriplegic. It was co-written by Michael Burke, Mike Young, Robin Veith, and Brett Johnson. Jeff Daniels, Lena Olin, Aaron Paul, and Tom Berenger star.[1][3]

Uppendahl served as co-executive producer and director on the first season of Marvel's Legion; which airs on FX. The series centers on David Haller, possibly the most powerful mutant on the planet.


Television creditsEdit

Year Title Episode Notes
2003 Becker "Thank You for Not Smoking"
"Amanda Moves Out"
"The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking"
2004 "Snow Means Snow"
2008 Mad Men "Six Month Leave"
2009 "The Arrangements"
"The Color Blue"
2010 "Christmas Comes But Once a Year"
"The Beautiful Girls"
Weeds "Pinwheels and Whirligigs" season 6, episode 7
2011 American Horror Story: Murder House "Piggy Piggy" episode 6
2012 Mad Men "At the Codfish Ball"
"Christmas Waltz"
Glee "Choke" season 3, episode 18
"Glease" season 4, episode 6
Longmire "The Dark Road" season 1, episode 2
American Horror Story: Asylum "Nor'easter" episode 3
"I Am Anne Frank (Part 1)" episode 4
2013 Ray Donovan "Housewarming" season 1, episode 6
American Horror Story: Coven "Fearful Pranks Ensue" episode 4
"The Axeman Cometh" episode 6
Mad Men "To Have and to Hold" season 6, episode 4
"The Crash" season 6, episode 8
The Walking Dead "Live Bait" season 4, episode 6
2014 Mad Men "A Day's Work" season 7, episode 2
Turn: Washington's Spies "Epiphany" season 1, episode 5
Ray Donovan "Uber Ray" season 2, episode 2
Manhattan "Acceptable Limits" season 1, episode 6
Ray Donovan "Volchek" season 2, episode 10
"Rodef" season 2, episode 11
"The Captain" season 2, episode 12
American Horror Story: Freak Show "Edward Mordrake (Part 1)" episode 3
"Pink Cupcakes" episode 5
2015 House of Lies "He Didn't Mean That, Natalie Portman" season 4, episode 8
"We're Going to Build a Mothership and Rule the Universe" season 4, episode 9
Shameless "South Side Rules" season 5, episode 10
Mad Men "New Business" season 7, episode 9
Turn: Washington's Spies "Providence" season 2, episode 8
Ray Donovan "Tulip" season 3, episode 8
Fargo "Waiting for Dutch" season 2, episode 1
Scream Queens "Seven Minutes in Hell" season 1, episode 6
Fargo "The Myth of Sisyphus" season 2, episode 3
"Fear and Trembling" season 2, episode 4
Scream Queens "Mommie Dearest" season 1, episode 8
"Ghost Stories" season 1, episode 9
Manhattan "Brooklyn" season 2, episode 9
American Horror Story: Hotel "She Wants Revenge" episode 9
2016 "Battle Royale" episode 11[4]
Daredevil "Guilty as Sin" season 2, episode 8
Fear the Walking Dead "Blood in the Streets" season 2, episode 4
2017 Legion "Chapter 2" season 1, episode 2
"Chapter 3" season 1, episode 3
"Chapter 8" season 1, episode 8[5]
2018 Castle Rock "Severance" season 1, episode 1
"Habeas Corpus" season 1, episode 2
"The Box" season 1, episode 4


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