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Marv Films (commonly known as Marv and stylized as MARV) is a British production company owned by Matthew Vaughn. It is best known for the motion pictures Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Marv Films
Motion Pictures
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Key people
Matthew Vaughn & Kris Thykier


Title Release date Director Producer Writer Production company Release studio Rotten Tomatoes
Layer Cake October 1, 2004 Matthew Vaughn Adam Bohling
David Reid
Matthew Vaughn
J. J. Connolly Sony Pictures Classics 81%[1]
Stardust April 10, 2007 Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Michael Dreyer
Neil Gaiman
Matthew Vaughn
Jane Goldman
Matthew Vaughn
Ingenious Media Paramount Pictures 76%[2]
Harry Brown November 11, 2009 Daniel Barber Matthew Vaughn
Kris Thykier
Matthew Brown
Keith Bell
Gary Young UK Film Council
HanWay Films
Framestore Features
Lionsgate Entertainment 64%[3]
Kick Ass March 26, 2010 Matthew Vaughn Matthew Vaughn
Brad Pitt
Kris Thykier
Adam Bohling
Tarquin Pack
David Reid
Jane Goldman
Matthew Vaughn
Plan B Entertainment Lionsgate Entertainment
Universal Studios
The Debt September 30, 2010 John Madden Matthew Vaughn
Kris Thykier
Matthew Vaughn
Jane Goldman
Peter Straughan
Focus Features
Kick-Ass 2 August 14, 2013 Jeff Wadlow Adam Bohling
Tarquin Pack
David Reid
Matthew Vaughn
Jeff Wadlow Universal Studios
Plan B Entertainment
Universal Studios 31%[6]
Kingsman: The Secret Service December 13, 2014 Matthew Vaughn Matthew Vaughn
David Reid
Adam Adam Bohling
Jane Goldman
Matthew Vaughn
Cloudy Productions
Shangri-La Entertainment
TSG Entertainment
20th Century Fox 74%[7]
Fantastic Four August 7, 2015 Josh Trank Gregory Goodman
Simon Kinberg
Robert Kulzer
Hutch Parker
Matthew Vaughn
Jeremy Slater
Simon Kinberg
Josh Trank
Marvel Entertainment
Constantin Film
Kinberg Genre
Robert Kulzer Productions
TSG Entertainment
Eddie the Eagle February 26, 2016 Dexter Fletcher Adam Bohling
David Reid
Rupert Maconick
Valerie Van Galder
Matthew Vaughn
Sean Macaulay
Simon Kelton
Studio Babelsberg
Saville Productions
TSG Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Lionsgate Entertainment
Kingsman: The Golden Circle September 20, 2017 Matthew Vaughn Matthew Vaughn
David Reid
Mark D. W.
Jane Goldman
Matthew Vaughn
TSG Entertainment
Cloudy Productions
20th Century Fox 51%[10]
Rocketman May 31, 2019 Dexter Fletcher Adam Bohling
David Furnish
Elton John
David Reid
Matthew Vaughn
Lee Hall Rocket Pictures
New Republic Pictures
Paramount Pictures
The King's Man February 14, 2020 Matthew Vaughn Karl Gajdusek 20th Century Fox
TSG Entertainment
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Statesman TBA


Title First aired Last aired Co-production Network Notes
Untitled Kingsman TV series TBA TBA 20th Century Fox Television Hulu


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