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Ingenious Media (styled as INGENIθUS) is a division of London-based Ingenious Capital Management Limited, also known as Ingenious. The company was founded in 1998 by Patrick McKenna.

Ingenious Media
Industry Investment
Genre Investment and Advisory Group
Founded 1998
Founder Patrick McKenna
Headquarters London, W1
United Kingdom
Key people
Patrick McKenna
(CEO 1998-present)
Number of employees

Productions funded by Ingenious Media include:

· Avatar, 2009

· Life of Pi, 2012

· Carol, 2015

· Brooklyn, 2015

· On Chesil Beach, 2018

· Adrift, 2018

In July 2014, Ingenious Media was investigated by HMRC for promoting tax avoidance schemes.[1] In October 2014, HMRC sent "accelerated payment notices" to people who had invested with Ingenious Media, demanding payment of substantial amounts of tax.[2] Ingenious has appealed the ruling from the tribunal and the case is ongoing.[3]


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