Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation

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The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (Turkish: Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu or MKEK or Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi or MKE for short), established in 1950, is a reorganization of government-controlled group of factories in Turkey that supplied the Turkish Armed Forces with military products.

Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation
Public company
Founded15 March 1950
FounderTurkish Government
HeadquartersAnkara, Turkey
Area served
Armed forces
ProductsAssault rifles
Artillery systems
Aerial bombs
Land mines
RevenueTurkish lira symbol black.svg 850 million (2011)
OwnerTurkey: 100%
Number of employees


Its roots lie in the "Tophane-i Amire" ("Royal Arsenal") built in the latter part of the 15th Century to supply the Ottoman Empire's artillery corps with cannon, powder, and shot. This was reorganized in 1832 as the "Tophane Müşavirliği" ("Arsenal of Ordnance and Artillery Marshalship") and was later formed in a department of "Harbiye Nezareti" (Ministry of War) in 1908. After World War I and the following "Young Turks" revolt, it was reorganized as the "General Directorate of Military Factories" in 1923. Today, the MKE is made up of 12 facilities that employ 7,430 personnel.


MKEK munitions on IDEF 2007

The corporation mainly produces equipment for the Turkish Armed Forces, such as the ammunition for small arms and heavy weapons, artillery systems, aerial bombs, mines, explosives, and rockets. MKEK also manufactures civil-purpose products such as steel, brass, and electrical parts and equipment. Its large range of defense industry products are not only demanded in Turkey, but are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.

In 2011, the company has sold military products to 29 countries worldwide.[1] The first smoothbore gun for Altay main battle tank was introduced in 2011.

  • Production groups:
    • Ammunition Group
    • Rocket Group
    • Weapons Group
    • Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnic Products Group
  • Company and factories: there are 11 factories and 1 company affiliated with MKE located in three major manufacturing hubs:
    • Kırıkkale
      • Ammunition Factory
      • Brass Factory
      • Heavy Weapons Factory And Steel Foundry
      • Explosives Factory
      • Small-Arms Weapons Factory (Kırıkkale Arsenal Co.)
    • Ankara
      • Explosive & Propellant Factory
      • Machinery and Gas-Mask Factory
      • Pyrotechnics Factory
      • Scrap Recycling Plant
      • Small-Arms Ammunition Factory
    • Çankırı
      • Medium-Caliber Weapons Factory



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