Louis III, Cardinal of Guise

Louis de Lorraine known as the Cardinal de Guise (22 January 1575 – 21 June 1621, Saintes) was the third son of Henry I, Duke of Guise and Catherine of Cleves.[1]

Louis III (1575-1621)
Coat of arms of Cardinal de Guise


His ecclesiastical post was entirely a sinecure; he was never ordained,[2] and led a dissipated life. Nevertheless, he was made Archbishop of Reims in January 1605,[3] and created cardinal on December 2, 1615. He incurred the displeasure of Louis XIII of France, and was imprisoned in the Bastille in 1620.[2] He joined the royal campaign to besiege the Huguenot stronghold of Montauban in 1621, and there fell ill with scarlet fever and died.[4]

He married, in secret, Charlotte des Essarts,[2] Mademoiselle de La Haye in 1611. They had five children:

  1. Charles Louis (d. July 12, 1668, Auteuil), Abbot of Chaalis, Bishop of Condom[2]
  2. Achille (c. 1615–1648, Heraklion), Prince of Guise, Count of Romorantin, killed in the siege of Candia, married Anna Maria of Salm-Dhaun[5]
  3. Charlotte (d. bef. 1664), Abbess of St. Pierre, Lyon[5]
  4. Henri Hector (b. 1620)[3]
  5. Louise (d. July 5, 1662), married October 24, 1639 Claude Pot, Lord of Rhodes (d. August 3, 1642)[5]



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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Philippe du Bec
Archbishop of Reims
Succeeded by
Gabriel de Sainte-Marie