London FrightFest Film Festival

FrightFest, also known as Arrow Video FrightFest is an annual film festival held in London running five days over the UK late August Bank Holiday weekend. The first event was held in 2000.

LocationLondon, England, UK

As its name indicates FrightFest primary focus is on the horror film genre, however, the event regularly features documentaries, science fiction and thriller films.


The festival was envisioned and run by film producer Paul McEvoy,[1] Ian Rattray a film distributor, Alan Jones[2] a journalist, and Greg Day[3] a film and television PR. They are a visible force throughout the weekend and eager for feedback. Films are introduced on stage by a varying combination of the organisers. Question and Answer sessions are also compered by them.

For five years the festival was held at the Prince Charles Cinema (PCC). In 2005, it moved to the Odeon West End (OWE) due to increasing audiences. In 2009, it found a new home in Empire, Leicester Square. Various one-off events have been held at venues across the UK. The Fright Fest brand has been included in the Cambridge Film Festival and the Glasgow Film Festival.

The Festival has been host to many personal appearances by those involved with the making of the films being shown. Notable attendees include George A. Romero, Rob Zombie,[4] Paul W. S. Anderson, Park Chan-wook, Danny Boyle, Guillermo del Toro (twice), Brian Yuzna, Neil Marshall, Uwe Boll, John Landis, Don Mancini, Barbara Crampton (twice), Kane Hodder, Gaspar Noé, Richard Brake, Adam Green, and Tobe Hooper.

FrightFest has had a number of different sponsors over the span of its life, including the Horror Channel, Film4, Volkswagen Lupo, Bizarre magazine (of which the August issue was given away free), Xfm, Zone Horror and

Poster and logo designs are provided by the artist Graham Humphreys.

Festival Line-upsEdit

The following is a listing of each film and shorts (and previews) shown at the festival each year.


Friday: Lightouse - with director Simon Hunter in attendance, Ed Gein accompanied by Steve Railsback and dir. Chuck Parello, Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby + Short: Purgatory.

Saturday: The Phantom of the Opera (Dario Argento), Christina's House, Scary Movie, Pitch Black, Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane (replaced Psycho Beach Party)

Sunday: Ringu 2, Blood, The Criminal introduced by director Julian Simpson, Anatomie+ short In Memory of Laura

Monday: Mario Bava: Maestro of the Macabre,[5] Dario Agento an eye for horror,[6] The 13th Sign attended by director Adam Mason, Audition, Cut


Friday: The Bunker (with dir. Rob Green), Revelation (with dir. Stuart Urban), Kiss of the Dragon + The Window (short)

Saturday: Cubbyhouse, Sleepless + Sister Lulu (short), Scary Movie 2 introduced by the Wayan Brothers, The Devil's Backbone, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Sunday: Cradle of Fear (with dir. Alex Chandon), Urban Gothic - TV episode (with cast and crew). Dust (with dir. Adam Mason), Brotherhood of the Wolf + Universal (short). Battle Royale

Monday: Alone (with dir. Phil Claydon), The Isle, Ginger Snaps (replaced Trouble Every Day), Jeepers Creepers


The front rows of the PCC become available to weekend passholders for the first time.

Friday: Nine Lives with Dir. Andrew Green and Prod. Giles Hattersley, Frailty, The Princess Blade

Saturday: Donnie Darko, The Eye, Halloween: Resurrection, One Hour Photo, My Little Eye with dir. Marc Evans. Resident Evil promo with Paul W. S. Anderson and Producer Jeremy Bolt.

Sunday: Swimfan, Tuno Negro, Dark Water, Spider with novelist/screenwriter Patrick McGrath,

Monday: The Happiness of the Katakuris, Bloody Mallory with Julien Magnat, Insomnia with Christopher Nolan, Ted Bundy with Dir. Matthew Bright and Prod. Hamish McAlpine.

Shorts: Pissboy with Dir. Jim Sloan, The League of Gentlemen's The Cicerones with Dir. Jeremey Dyson and actor Mark Gatiss, Jake West's Whacked

Also there was an appearance by Danny Boyle with the first reel of 28 Days Later.


FrightFest 2003 introduced a Surprise Movie to its schedule. The surprise movie was originally slated to appear on the Sunday timetable. Due to losing The Butterfly Effect from the festival schedule it was moved to Friday. The slot was filled however by a last minute arrival of Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary. This was a free of charge addition to the Festival.

Friday: Octane with Dir. Marcus Adams and crew, Surprise Movie (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Beyond Re-Animator

Saturday: Tattoo with short Virus, Malefique introduced by Dir. Eric Valette, Cypher with short Suspended, Jeepers Creepers 2, Charlie's Family

Sunday Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary, Phone, The Last Horror Movie with Dir. Julian Richards, Gozu + Trailer Trash (a compilation of rare and odd trailers), Cabin Fever with pre-recorded intro' by Dir. Eli Roth.

Monday House of the Dead + short The Last Dream, Between Your Legs, Fear X with Nicolas Winding Refn, House of 1000 Corpses with Dir. Rob Zombie.


This year the short movies were shown in one block. The event also added an earlier start time for Sat - Mon.

Friday: Oldboy with Dir. Park Chan-wook, Haute Tension with Dir. Alexandre Aja and star Cécile de France, Toolbox Murders remake.

Saturday: Profondo Rosso, The Tesseract, Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt with Prod. Brian Yuzna and Dir. Paco Plaza, The I Inside, Hellboy, with Dir. Guillermo del Toro with an unannounced appearance by actors Ron Perlman + Selma Blair + Rupert Evans (all remained for a Q&A), Monster Man

Sunday: The Card Player (Il cartaio), Buppah Rahtree, Code 46, Calvaire, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning with Dir. John Fawcett and Prod. Paula Devonshire.

Short Film Showcase: Rex Steele Nazi Smasher, Oltro Ladrillo En La Pared (Another Brick in the Wall), La Guarida Del Ermitano (In The Hermits Lair), L'Autre (The Other), Amor So De Mae (Love from Mother Only).

Trailer Trash was not a feature in 2004 but was replaced with the second reel of Alien vs. Predator. Also Don Mancini with a rough cut trailer for Seed of Chucky.

Monday: The Eye 2, One Point 0, The Hillside Strangler with Prod. Hamish McAlpine, Casshern, The Machinist with Dir. Brad Anderson.

Tuesday: a last moment one-off addition of Creep with Dir. Christopher Smith and actress Franka Potente. A Q&A session afterwards features as an extra on the Region 2 DVD.


FrightFest moved to Screen One of the Odeon West End. For the first time the festival started early on the Friday morning. This was to support the opening movie Land of the Dead by screening the three preceding ...of the Dead movies.

Greg Nicotero was slated to provide an onstage demonstration of make up application. Circumstances lead to the event being a display of zombie props from Nicotero.

Friday: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Gregory Nicotero onstage with prop zombies, Land of the Dead with George A. Romero, A Bittersweet Life, Evil Aliens with Dir. Jake West introducing, and actors.

Saturday: Do You Like Hitchcock?, Dead Meat with Dir. Conor McMahon, Ban the Sadist Videos documentary with Prod. Carl Daft, The Neighbour No. 13 + short film The Eel introduced by Dir., Wild Country with Producers and actresses Samantha Shields and Nicola Muldoon, The Roost introduced by Dir. Ti West, 2001 Maniacs

Sunday: The Collingswood Story + short The Ten Steps, Marebito + short The Victim, Wes Craven's Red Eye (replacing Boo), Night Watch, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist.

Monday: Born to Fight, Day of the Dead 2: Contagium + short Mrs Davenport's Throat introduced by Prod. David McGillivray, P with Dir. Paul Spurrier, Antikörper with Dir. Christian Alvart, Wolf Creek with Dir. Greg McLean also actresses Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi.

2005 also saw the creation of Alan Jones' FrightFest Year Book. This was a retrospective of genre films of that year. An opening chapter concerned itself with the Fest itself. The book dealt with 2005 but saw publication from Revolver Books in 2006.[7]

Additionally over the course of the weekend a satellite link up with Dir. Hideo Nakata was attempted. Due to technical difficulties it was mostly unsuccessful.


The Festival grew in size again this year. Due to interest garnered by the success of FF2005 the event had to move from Screen One to Screen Two.

Guillermo del Toro chose FF2006 to hold the UK premiere of Pan's Labyrinth over The London Film Festival.

The festival brochure/programme expanded too with an original comic strip (Intermission by John-Paul Kamath of London Horror Comic) and an original short story by author/critic Kim Newman.[8] There was additionally an unofficial early start to proceedings with a charity screening in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Original music composed for FrightFest played between movies and was supplied by Dave Andrews. A FrightFest exclusive trailer for Hot Fuzz was presented by Edgar Wright.

Thursday: charity screening of Severance with Dir. Christopher Smith + Screenwriter James Moran.

Friday: The Hound of the Baskervilles introduced by Mark Gatiss, Countess Dracula, Twins of Evil screening as an afternoon Hammer retrospective, El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) with Guillermo del Toro and Alfonse Cuarón, Hatchet with Dir. Adam Green, Frostbiten + short Gasoline Blood

Saturday: Isolation with Dir. Billy O'Brien, Earthlings Ugly Bags of Mostly Water + short Out of the Darkness, CUT! competition short film showcase (Hammer Falls, Torn Flesh, The Silent Scream, Natural Birthing, A Very Grimm Fairytale, The Collector, Curta Veraso, The Fall Down, Dead Wood, Kasting) The Marsh with Dir. Jordan Baker, See No Evil, Adrift aka Open Water 2: Adrift + Trailer Trash, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror

Sunday: Broken with Dir. Adam Mason and cast/crew + short snatching time, The Living and the Dead with Dir. Simon Rumley, * Ils + short In the Place of the Dead, Grimm Love + Trailer Trash, The Lost, Sheitan,

Monday: H6: Diary of a Serial Killer + short Missed Call, Ghost of Mae Nak with Dir. Mark Duffied (replacing Re-cycle) + short film Deadly Tantrum, Puritan with Dir. Hadi Hajaig and actors David Soul + Nick Moran, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Host.


The start of the Fest officially moved to the Thursday evening slot. Film4 took over sponsorship. The final day of the Fest supported an attempt to break the Zombie Walk record to tie in with the showing of The Zombie Diaries.[citation needed]

Alan Jones and Adam Green conducted a live commentary for Hatchet.[9]

The festival was covered by Emily Booth reporting for Zone Horror

Thursday: Black Sheep with Dir. Jonathan King, screening of extra features from the 28 Weeks Later DVD with Prod. Andrew Macdonald, Doomsday preview footage with Dir. Neil Marshall, Black Water.

Friday: Hatchet -Live commentary with Dir. Adam Green and Alan Jones, The Sword Bearer, The Signal, 1408 with Dir. Mikael Håfström, Teeth (replaced P2), All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Shrooms with Dir. Paddy Breathnach.

Saturday: Fritt Vilt with Dir. Roar Uthaug, Joshua, Short Film Showcase (We're Ready for you now, Dead @17, The Dear Hunter, Pig Tale, Little Brats), Storm Warning, Wrong Turn 2 with Dir. Joe Lynch, Disturbia, The Devil Dared Me To with Dir./star Chris Stapp and Matt Heath.

Sunday: Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door + short The Bride, Botched with Dir. Kit Ryan, Uwe Boll double bill Postal + Seed with Q&A session, WΔZ with Dir. Tom Shankland and screenwriter Clive Bradley + preview footage from The Cottage with cast and crew including actor Reece Shearsmith, screening of Don't fake trailer from Grindhouse + grindhouse trailers documentary introduced by Emily Booth, Skinwalkers.

Monday: Zombie Walk, The Zombie Diaries with cast and crew, Kilometer 31 with Dir. Rigoberto Castañeda, Spiral with director Adam Green,[10] Dnevnoy dozor[11] + short In The Wall[12] and its director Mike Williamson, El Orfanato[13] with Dir. Juan Antonio Bayona and screenwriter Sergio G. Sánchez.

FrightFest Xtra a one-day event held at The Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley on the following Saturday: Santo in the Wax Museum, Espectro, Mr. Brooks.


The Fest was once again sponsored by Film4. In a move away from the previous year's logo/programme cover design, this year's image (from Graham Humphreys) was an EC Comics homage. Weekend passes sold out on the first day of sales. Directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch (as The Douche Brothers) provided 5 short movies depicting their fictional journey to FrightFest 2008. The majority resembled the opening scene of the Twilight Zone movie. Each played before the days early evening movie.

The festival was covered by Emily Booth, reporting for Zone Horror, for the second year in a row.

Thursday: Eden Lake with Dir James Watkins and Actors Michael Fassbender and Jack O'Connell, I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer with directors Stacey Edmonds and Doug Turner, Scar-3D which screened at the Shaftesbury Avenue Cineworld.

Friday: Time Crimes, King of the Hill (replacement for The Substitute), Trailer Park of Terror with Dir. Steven Goldman, Mum & Dad with actors Perry Benson, Dido Miles, Ainsley Howard and Dir. Steven Shiel with Prod. Amanda Martin, The Strangers, Freakdog with Dir. Paddy Breathnach and actor Andrew-Lee Potts, Bad Biology with Dir. Frank Henenlotter and actors Charlee Danielson and Anthony Sneed.

Saturday: Fear(s) of the Dark, Dance of the Dead with Dir. Gregg Bishop, Manhunt with Dir. Patrick Syversen and writer and actress Nini Bull Robsahm, The Chaser, the Zone Horror Cut short movie competition winners preceded Bubba's Chili Parlor with Dir. Joey Evans, writer Chris Daly and actors Bradley Maroney and Audrey Elizabeth Evans, The Midnight Meat Train, opening reel of Books of Blood, Tokyo Gore Police.

Sunday: short The Listening Dead, From Within, Let the Right One In with novelist John Ajvide Lindqvist, The Broken with short Left Turn, Autopsy with Dir. Adam Gierasch and Writer Jace Anderson, Martyrs with Dir. Pascal Laugier, Adam Green presented a sneak trailer for Grace, Jack Brooks Monster Slayer with actor Trevor Matthews.

Monday: The Dead Outside with Dir. Kerry Anne Mullaney and Prod/co-writer Kris Bird, the Film4 FrightFest short film showcase (The Chest, The Amazing Trousers, Homework, is anyone there, Psycho Hillbilly Massacre, Total Fury), Norman J. Warren introduced a separate compendium of shorts, Preview footage from Into the Dark: Exploring the Horror Film introduced by Prod. Paul McEvoy, preview footage from Dead Set with Charlie Brooker, The Disappeared with Dir. Johnny Kevorkian, preview footage from Lesbian Vampire Killers with actress MyAnna Buring, Mirrors, trailer for Friday the 13th remake, Death Race.

The organisers announced officially that FrightFest 2009 would move to the Empire in Leicester Square.


Due to the move to a new venue, the Empire in Leicester Square, Frightfest 2009 was the first to take place on two screens. These are the "Main Screen" for the major films of the festival and the "Discovery Screen" for some smaller entries which are repeated during the festival. John Landis was in attendance over the weekend and also introduced the screening of An American Werewolf in London.

Thursday: Main Screen: Triangle, The Hills Run Red, Infestation (with short film "Deadwalkers")

Discovery Screen: No films on this day.

Friday: Main Screen: The Horseman, Beware The Moon, An American Werewolf in London - Remastered, Shadow, La Horde, Macabre (with short film "Paris By Night of the Living Dead")

Discovery Screen: Best Worst Movie, I Sell the Dead, I Think We're Alone Now, Colin, Black

Saturday: Main Screen: Smash Cut, Hierro, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Giallo, Trick 'r Treat, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (with a short film, "Sad Case")

Discovery Screen: 'The Horror of Writing' Competition, Evil Things, Fragment, It's Alive, Pontypool

Sunday: Main Screen: Dead Snow, The Human Centipede (First Sequence), Coffin Rock, Night of the Demons, Clive Barker's Dread

Discovery Screen: Black, Pontypool, I Think We're Alone Now, I Sell The Dead, Best Worst Movie

Monday: Main Screen: Zombie Women of Satan, The House of the Devil, Case 39, Heartless, The Descent Part 2

Discovery Screen: Colin, It's Alive, Fragment, Evil Things


Frightfest's second year at the Empire cinema, Leicester Square saw the return of the "Discovery Screen" along with the introduction of Total Film's Total Icons strand.

As of 29 August 2010, A Serbian Film will no longer be screened, and will be replaced by Buried.

Gregg Araki pulled his film Kaboom,[14] and Damned by Dawn was shown in its place.

Thursday: Main Screen: Hatchet II, Primal, Dead Cert

Discovery Screen: No films on this day.

Friday: Main Screen: Eggshells, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Q&A with Tobe Hooper, Isle of Dogs, F, Red Hill, Alien vs Ninja

Discovery Screen: Burning Bright, The Clinic, Finalé, Wound, Outcast, Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island

Saturday: Main Screen: Cherry Tree Lane, The Tortured, 13 Hours, I Spit on Your Grave, Monsters, Dream Home

Discovery Screen: Christopher Roth, Fanboys, After.Life, Burning Bright

Sunday: Main Screen: The Pack, Andy Nyman's quiz from hell, Film 4 FrightFest international short film showcase, We Are What We Are, Damned by Dawn, Buried, The Loved Ones

Discovery Screen: Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island, Outcast, Wound, Amer, The Clinic

Monday: Main Screen: Video nasties: Moral panic, censorship and videotape, The Dead, Bedevilled, Red White & Blue, The Last Exorcism

Discovery Screen: Amer, After.Life, Fanboys, Christopher Roth


FrightFest 2011 took place at The Empire, Leicester Square and ran between 25 and 29 August.

The opening film of the festival was Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and the closing film was A Lonely Place to Die. The Total Film interview was with film producer Larry Fessenden.

Thursday: Main Screen: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Final Destination 5, The Theatre Bizarre

Discovery Screen: No films played this day

Friday: Main Screen: Rogue River, The Holding, Total Film Interview with Larry Fessenden, Urban Explorers, The Glass Man, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Vile

Discovery Screen: The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry, A Horrible Way To Die, Midnight Son, Rabies, Blood Runs Cold, Kidnapped, Stormhouse

Saturday: Main Screen: The Troll Hunter, The Wicker Tree, Panic Button, Fright Night, The Woman, Chillerama

Discovery Screen: The Dead with live audio commentary by directors Howard J. Ford and John Ford, Atrocious, My Sucky Teen Romance, The Caller, The Devil's Business, A Horrible Way To Die.

Sunday Main Screen: The Divide, Short Film Showcase, Andy Nyman's Quiz From Hell, The Innkeepers, Sint, Kill List, Detention

Discovery Screen: Kidnapped, Rabies, Blood Runs Cold, Midnight Son, The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry

Monday Main Screen:A Night In The Woods, Deadheads, Sennentuntschi: Curse Of the Alps, Inbred, A Lonely Place to Die

Discovery Screen: The Caller, The Devil's Business, Atrocious, My Sucky Teen Romance

The film Guinea Pigs didn't play at the festival due to not being finished in time, it was replaced by A Night In The Woods.

Also debuted over the weekend were five brand new short films paying tribute to the films of John Carpenter, each from a different director. Jake West / Escape From New York, Sean Hogan / The Thing, James Moran / Halloween, Marc Price / They Live, Ben Wheatley / Assault on Precinct 13.


FrightFest The 13th took place at The Empire, Leicester Square and ran between 23 and 27 August.

The opening film was The Seasoning House and the closing film was Tower Block, the festival also hosted the UK premiere of REC 3: Genesis. The Total Film Total Icon interview was with director Dario Argento. 2012 also saw the introduction of the Variety Award which was presented to Gregory Nicotero for his work in the special effects field, the award was present by actor Simon Pegg.

For the first time a third screen was added to play extra films in 2012, this screen is now called the Re-Discovery Screen.

Thursday: Main Screen: The Seasoning House, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Grabbers

Discovery Screen & Re-Discovery Screen: No films playing this day

Friday Main Screen: Nightbreed The Cabal Cut, Total Icon interview with Dario Argento, Hidden in the Woods (original version), V/H/S, REC 3: Genesis, Stitches.

Discovery Screen: Guinea Pigs, The Victim, Elevator, A Night Of Nightmares, Sawney: Flesh Of Man, Errors of the Human Body

Re-Discovery Screen: No films playing this day.

Saturday: Main Screen: Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the '70s, Outpost: Black Sun, Paura 3D, Under The Bed, Tulpa, Maniac

Discovery Screen: May I Kill U?, Kill Zombie, Nightmare Factory, Before Dawn, Remnants, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Re-Discovery Screen: Inbred with live audio commentary, The Arrival of Wang, Crawl, Sawney: Flesh of Man

Sunday: Main Screen: The Thompsons, Short Films Showcase, Quiz From Hell 3 with host Andy Nyman, Sleep Tight, Berberian Sound Studio, Sinister, Dead Sushi

Discovery Screen: We Are the Night, The Inside, Community, Errors of the Human Body, Guinea Pigs, The Victim

Re-Discovery Screen: The Mummy's Shroud, Rasputin, the Mad Monk, The Devil Rides Out, Bride of Frankenstein

Monday: American Mary, After, Chained, The Possession, Tower Block

Discovery Screen: Remnants, Before Dawn, A Night of Nightmares, Elevator

Re-Discovery Screen: We Are the Night, Guinea Pigs, May I Kill U?, The Inside


FrightFest 2013 took place The Empire, Leicester Square August Bank Holiday weekend 22 Thursday - 26 Monday August 2013.

The opening film was: The Dead 2: India. The closing film was: Big Bad Wolves.

Passes for FF2013 went on sale Saturday 29 June 2013, Weekend Passes were priced at £170 each. Everyone attending the Sleepy Queue was able to watch a preview screening of The Conjuring, with a video introduction by director James Wan.

FrightFest 2013 featured 4 screens: The Main Screen, Discovery Screens 1 & 2 and the Extra Screen, which hosted additional screenings of any sell out titles.

The Variety Spotlight interview was with director Ben Wheatley

The FrightFest closing film Big Bad Wolves was the last film ever to be screened on the Empire, Leicester Square Screen 1. The screen was closed the next day to be split into smaller screens.

Thursday - Main Screen: The Dead 2: India, Curse of Chucky, You're Next

Friday - Main Screen: The Dyatlov Pass Incident, Dementamania, Hatchet III, Haunter, V/H/S/2, 100 Bloody Acres.

Discovery Screen 1: For Elisa, Daylight, Sadik 2, Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz, Paranormal Diaries: Clophill, Wake in Fright

Discovery Screen 2: The American Scream, Hansel & Gretel: The 420 Witch, Antisocial, Painless, Wither, Snap

Saturday - Main Screen: The Hypnotist, Frankenstein's Army, Hammer of the Gods, No One Lives, R.I.P.D., Cheap Thrills

Discovery Screen 1: The Demon's Rook, Stalled, Cannon Fodder, Rewind This!, The Borderlands, On Tender Hooks.

Discovery Screen 2: Daylight, Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, Contracted, The Desert, Willow Creek, Sadik 2.

Sunday - Main Screen: Missionary, In Fear, Andy Nyman's Quiz From Hell 4, The Grief Tourist, 666 Short Film Awards, The Conspiracy, The Last Days, I Spit On Your Grave 2.

Discovery Screen 1: Painless, Hansel & Gretel: The 420 Witch, Holliston, The Desert, Antisocial, Wither.

Discovery Screen 2: Outpost: Rise Of Spetsnaz, Paranormal Diaries: Clophill, House Of Usher, Nosferatu, Corruption, For Elisa.

Monday - Main Screen: Dark Touch, Banshee Chapter, Odd Thomas, We Are What We Are, Big Bad Wolves.

Discovery Screen 1: The Borderlands, Willow Creek, Snap, Rewing This!,

Discovery Screen 2: On Tender Hooks, Cannon Fodder, The Demon's Rook, Stalled.


FrightFest 2014 ran from Thursday 21 - Monday 25 August 2014 and take place at Vue Cinemas Leicester Square London.

With the move to a multi-screen cinema the festival now has three main screens, each rotating the same films over morning and evening slots.

Weekend & Day Passes went on sale Saturday 28 June 2014. Everyone attending the Sleepy Queue in person was able to watch a free preview screening of the film Alien Abduction.

Thursday - Main Screen: The Guest, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Zombeavers

Friday - Main Screen: Shockwave Darkside, The Green Inferno, Late Phases, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead, The Last Showing, Housebound

Discovery Screen 1: Honeymoon, Preservation, Julia, The Forgotten, The Canal, WolfCop

Discovery Screen 2: Wolf Creek 2, Wrong Turn 6, R100, Exists, The Den, The Drownsman

Saturday - Main Screen: All Cheerleaders Die, Starry Eyes, The Harvest, I Survived A Zombie Holocaust, The Babadook, Life After Beth

Discovery Screen 1: Dead Within, White Settlers, Show Pieces, Film TBA, Digging Up The Marrow, Creep

Discovery Screen 2: Bad Milo!, Short Film Showcase 1, The Sleeping Room, The Mirror, The Duke at FrightFest: Coherence, The Duke at FrightFest: Late Night Film Party!

Sunday - Main Screen: Among the Living, Faults, Open Windows, Home, The Samurai, Stage Fright

Discovery Screen 1: Expedition, Drew: The Man Behind The Poster, Doc of the Dead, Lost Soul - The Doomed Journey Of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau, The House at the End of Time.

Discovery Screen 2: The Visitor, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Nekromantik, The Shining, Another

Monday - Main Screen: Xmoor, Nymph, Alleluia, V/H/S: Viral, The Signal

Discovery Screen 1: Altergeist, Lemon Tree Passage, Truth Or Dare, The Remaining

Discovery Screen 2: Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey., Blood Moon, Extraterrestrial, Short Film Showcase 2.


FrightFest 2015 once again was located at Vue Cinemas, Leicester Square, the same location as the previous year and ran from Thursday 27 - Monday 31 August 2015. The festival continued the three main screen format with each screen known by the name of an individual sponsor. Each film programmed for the main screen rotated between the three screens at different times to allow invited guests and introductions to be given at each screen. An additional 'Discovery' screen was also added.


Main Screen: Cherry Tree, Turbo Kid, Stung


Main Screen: Hellions, Landmine Goes Click, The Diabolical, JeruZalem, We Are Still Here, Demonic.

Discovery Screen 1: Pod, Wind Walkers, Worry Dolls, Aaaaaaaah!, Never Let Go, Bloodsucking Bastards.

Discovery Screen 2: The Rotten Link, The Entity, III, Final Girl, The Sand.

Discovery Screen 3: Afterdeath, The Unfolding, Body, The Shelter, Zombie Fight Club.


Main Screen: Shut In, Bait, Frankenstein, Some Kind Of Hate, Rabid Dogs, Deathgasm.

Discovery 1: Future Shock! The Story Of 2000AD, The Nightmare, Estranged, The Hallow, Sun Choke, Night Of The Living Deb.

Discovery 2: Short Film Showcase One, Hangman, Another Me.

Discovery 3: The Tenderness Of Wolves, Madman, The Mutilator, Contracted: Phase II, Duke Mitchell - Remake, Remix, Rip-Off, The Duke @ FrightFest Film Party: The Sequel!


Main Screen: Slumlord, Road Games, Inner Demon, Scherzo Diabolico, A Christmas Horror Story.

Discovery 1: Over Your Dead Body, These Final Hours, Most Likely To Die, Summer Camp, They Look Like People.

Discovery 2: Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter, Hawk the Slayer, Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key, Hellraiser, The Reflecting Skin.

Discovery 3: Panel Discussion - DIY Filmmaking, Farhope Tower, Short Film Showcase Two, Drawing Blood With Graham Humphreys, Barbara Crampton Reanimated.


Main Screen: Curve, Night Fare, Nina Forever, Emelie, Tales of Halloween.

Discovery 1: The Lesson, Howl, Awaiting, Goddess Of Love.

Discovery 2: The Lazarus Effect, Suspension, Last Girl Standing, Short Film Showcase Three.

Discovery 3: Banjo, Hostile, Bite, Curtains.

FF 2016Edit

Due to refurbishment works at the previous venue, for 2016 FrightFest moved to Vue Cinemas, Shepherd's Bush, London. In addition to the change of venue it was announced that for 2016 FrightFest would include the entire 12 screen cinema as a venue for the first time.[15] After several years of sponsorship by Film4 the organisers also revealed a new title sponsor was due to be announced.[16] As with previous years, the festival maintained the three main screen format, each screen known by the name of an individual sponsor (Horror Channel Screen, Arrow Video Screen and Splice Media Screen) and again each film was rotated between the three screens at different times to allow invited guests and introductions to be given on each screen. There were, once again, three Discovery screens.


Main Screen: My Father Die, Cell, Let Her Out


Main Screen: House on Willow Street, The Chamber, Mercy, They Call Me Jeeg Robot, Pet, White Coffin

Discovery Screen One: Through the Shadow, Enclosure, Ibiza Undead, Night of Something Strange, The Devil's Candy

Discovery Screen Two: Francesca, Another Evil, Population Zero, Benavidez's Case, The Similars

Discovery Screen Three: Road Games, Hostage to the Devil, Lost Solace, The Unraveling, special surprise screening (The Girl With all the Gifts)


Main Screen: The Rezort, Abattoir, The Master Cleanse, Sadako vs. Kayako, Beyond the Gates, Blood Feast

Discovery Screen One: Short Film Showcase One, Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies, Offensive, The Love Witch, Knucklebones

Discovery Screen Two: Cruel Summer, House of Salem, The Creature Below, The Unkindness of Ravens, Hallow's Eve, The Corpse series

Discovery Screen Three: Fortitude (season 2, episode 1), Fury of the Demon, Beyond the Walls, Karaoke Zombies, the Duke Mitchell party event


Main Screen: Downhill, Johnny Frank Garret's Last Word, Broken, Realive, 31

Discovery Screen One: Short Film Showcase Two, Let's Be Evil, Egomaniac, Crow, Bab Blood: The Movie

Discovery Screen Two: Facing His Fears: David McGillivray, Blood Feast, SiREN, The Neighbour

Discovery Screen Three: Beware the Moon book launch, horror writing master class with James Moran, Women in Genre panel, Special FX demonstration, The Future of British Horror


Main Screen: The Windmill Massacre, Monolith, Director's Cut, Red Christmas, Train to Busan

Discovery Screen One: Short Film Showcase Three, We Are the Flesh, Blood Hunters

Discovery Screen Two: The Killing of America, Paranormal Drive, Here Alone, The Evil in Us

Discovery Screen Three: Under the Shadow, Man Underground, Shelley, Found Footage 3D

FF 2017Edit

In 2017, FrightFest returned to central London from 24 to 28 August for its eighteenth anniversary with sixty five feature films across two venues, Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema. The line-up included twenty world, twenty-two European and eighteen UK Premieres. Fourteen countries were represented spanning five continents, reflecting the current global popularity of the genre.


Horror Channel Screen and Arrow Video Screen: Cult of Chucky, Death Note, Psychopaths

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Redwood, Diane


Horror Channel Screen and Arrow Video Screen: Freehold, Sequence Break, Radius, 68 Kill, Leatherface, Dead Shack

Cineworld Discovery Screen: The Glass Coffin, Bad Match, Mindhack, Our Evil, Freddy/Eddy, Veronica

Splice Media Screen 1: Voice from the Stone, Short Film Showcase, Dhogs, King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen, Fanged Up

Spice Media Screen 2: It Stains the Sands Red, Fashionista, Exhume, Nightworld, Accountable


Horror Channel Screen and Arrow Video Screen: The Bar, Alone, Jackals, Attack Of The Adult Babies, Victor Crowley, Game of Death

Cineworld Discovery Screen: 3rd Night, Mansfield 66/67, Diane, Ruin Me, The Glass Coffin, Death Laid an Egg

Splice Media Screen 1: Mountain Fever, Boots on the Ground, To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story, Where The Skin Lies, Eat Locals, Canaries

Spice Media Screen 2: Return of the Living Dead III, Inside, The Movie Crypt Podcast, Redwood, Cold Hell, The Duke Mitchell Film Party!


Horror Channel Screen and Arrow Video Screen: Killing Ground, The End?, Double Date, Mayhem, The Villainess

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Bad Match, Mindhack, Our Evil, Ruin Me, Freddy/Eddy

Splice Media Screen 1: Devil's Gate, Incontrol, Replace, Imitation Girl

Spice Media Screen 2: Short Film Showcase 2, Demons Of The Mind, Blood From The Mummy's Tomb, In Conversation with Kane Hodder, Dream Demon


Horror Channel Screen and Arrow Video Screen: Still/Born, Lowlife, Better Watch Out. The Terror of Hallow's Eve, Tragedy Girls

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Veronica, 3rd Night, Mansfield 66/67, Screen International Genre Rising Star Award

Spice Media Screen 2: Short Film Showcase 3, Crow's Blood, Top Knot Detective, Meatball Machine Kodoku

(No Splice Media Screen 1 on Monday)

FF 2018Edit

In 2018, Arrow Video FrightFest returned to central London from 23 to 27 August. In its nineteenth year, seventy feature films were shown across two venues, Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema.[17]


Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: The Ranger, Summer of '84, Mega Time Squad

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Bad Samaritan, Halloween (1978)


Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: The Cleaning Lady, Braid, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, The Most Assassinated Woman in the World, Incident in a Ghost Land, Boar

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Out House, A Bluebird in my Heart, Short Film Showcase 1, Pimped, Dead Night, Crystal Eyes

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 1: FrightFest: Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema, A Young Man with High Potential, St Agatha, One Cut of the Dead, Blue Sunshine

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 2: Seeds, Final Stop, Piercing, Rock Steady Row, Lifechanger


Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Ravers, Heretiks, Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, What Keeps you Alive, Upgrade, Fright Fest

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Killing God, The Arrow Video Podcast, The LaPlace's Demon, Seeds, ***

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 1: Mannequins + Book of Monsters, CRTL, The Devil's Doorway, F.U.B.A.R., Perfect Skin, The Duke Mitchell Film Club!

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 2: The Tokoloshe, One Cut of the Dead, Halloween, Bad Samaritan, Life After Flash, Lasso


Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Hell is Where the Home Is, The Man who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot, He's Out There, Terried (Aterrados), Anna and the Apocalypse

Cineworld Discovery Screen: The Nights Eats the Night, Luciderina, Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Year, VideoMan, The Night Sitter

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 1: Short Film showcase 2, White Chamber, Bodied, Await Further Instructions, Tigers are not Afraid

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 2: Life Changer, Ghost Stories with Live commentary, Ghost Mask Scar, Peircing, Cult of Terror


Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Open 24 hours, The Field Guide to Evil, The Dark, The Golem, Climax

Cineworld Discovery Screen: Secret Santa, The Witch in the Window, Frankenstein's Creature, Screen International Genre Rising Star Award presentation.

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 1: Wolfman got Nards, Short Film Showcase 3, Possum, Black Site

Prince Charles Discovery Screen 2: Rock Steady Row, Crystal Eyes, The Tokoloshe

FF 2019Edit

In 2019, Arrow Video FrightFest returned in its 20th year to Cineworld and Prince Charles Cinemas on Leicester Square, from 22 to 26 August.[18][19]


Cineworld Leicester Square Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Come to Daddy, Crawl, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Cineworld Leicester Square Discovery Screen: Rock, Paper and Scissors, I Am Toxic


Cineworld Leicester Square Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Dark Encounter, Cut Off, Knives and Skin, Kindred Spirits, Bliss, Bullets of Justice

Cineworld Leicester Square Discovery Screen: Dachra, Impossible Crimes, Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death Of Al Adamson, Sadistic Intentions, The Deeper You Dig, Fingers

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery One: The Wind, Girl on the Third Floor, To Your Last Death, Dario Argento Interview/Signing Event, Harpoon, Porno

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery Two: Haunt, Red Letter Day, Tenebrae, The Dark Pictures' Man Of Medan, Freaks, Mutant Blast


Cineworld Leicester Square Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Mary, Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary, Feedback, The Drone, Madness In The Method, Why Don’t You Just Die!

Cineworld Leicester Square Discovery Screen: I'll Take Your Dead, True Fiction, Extracurricular, Halloween Party, Volition

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery One: Death of A Vlogger, A Serial Killer's Guide to Life, Criminal Audition, Dark Sense, Are We Dead Yet, Duke Mitchell Film Party

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery Two: Arrow Video Podcast, Short Film Showcase 1, The Dark Red, Critters Attack!, Happy Face, I Trapped the Devil


Cineworld Leicester Square Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: Spiral, Eat Brains Love, Daniel Isn't Real, Ready Or Not, Nekrotronic

Cineworld Leicester Square Discovery Screen: The Furies, Stalked, The Magnificent Obsession Of Michael Reeves, Master Of Dark Shadows, The Sonata

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery One: Depraved, Witches In The Woods, Dark Light, Darlin', Bloodline

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery Two: Fresh Blood Initiative, From Page To Scream, Short Film Showcase 2, Rabid (1977), The Legend of The Stardust Brothers


Cineworld Leicester Square Arrow Video and Horror Channel Screens: The Black String, Satanic Panic, Tales From The Lodge, Rabid, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

Cineworld Leicester Square Discovery Screen: Deadcon, Driven, The Barge People, Screen International Awards

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery One: For We Are Many, The Wretched, The Banana Splits Movie, Stairs

Prince Charles Cinema Discovery Two: Short Film Showcase 3, The Perished, Here Comes Hell

FF 2020Edit

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom, the decision was made to have Arrow Video Fright Fest take place entirely online. The online event was held from 27 August to 31 August 2020,[20] with a second digital festival from 21 October to 25 October 2020.[21]

The films for the August event were Sky Sharks, There's No Such Thing as Vampires, 12 Hour Shift, I Am Lisa, Triggered, The Columnist, The Horror Crowd, Blind, Don't Click, The Honeymoon Phase, Playhouse, They're Outside, Dark Place, Skull: The Mask, Hail to the Deadites, Hall, A Ghost Waits, Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business, Two Heads Creek, Aquaslash, AV The Hunt, Dark Stories, Enhanced, Blinders, and The Swerve.[20]

The films for the October event were Held, The Sinners, The Banishing, Sacrifice, Stranger, Dead, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Dangerous to Know, The Reckoning, The Owners, Babysitter Must Die, Spare Parts, The Pale Door, Woman of the Photographs, Tailgate, Butchers, Breeder, The Returned, Don't Look Back, Concrete Plans, Relic, Let's Scare Julie, For the Sake of Vicious, Broil, and Blood Harvest.[21]

Extra FrightFest EventsEdit

ABCs Of DeathEdit

FrightFest hosted a special preview screening of The ABCs of Death at Prince Charles Cinema, London on Thursday 18 April 2013. Special guests on the night were: Ben Wheatley, Lee Hardcastle, Jake West, Lucy Clements, Simon Rumley and Simon Boswell.

All NighterEdit

In 2006 FrightFest began an annual Halloween all night event in the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

2006: Gone, The Chumscrubber, Re-cycle, The Raven, Heartstopper.

Preceding the first all nighter the ICA and FrightFest conducted a double bill the week before. This was attended by Tom Savini. The films shown were Meet the Feebles and Creepshow.

2007: Diary of the Dead with George A. Romero, Planet Terror, Savage Streets, Frontier(s), Inside and Trailer Trash. Short film Far Out with Prod.

2008: This year the event took on the format of the long passed Shock Around The Clock events.

My Name Is Bruce, Hush, Gnaw, Clive Barkers Book of Blood, Surprise movie (Tom Shankland's The Children), Quiz, Escape from New York, Splinter, Pig Hunt, Andrew Nyman's Dead Set Video Diary and short movie Treevenge.

2009: Took place at the ICA in London, on 31 October.

Invitation Only, Survival of the Dead, Paranormal Activity, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, Umbrage,[22] and Carriers. The film Daybreakers was pulled from the all-nighter at the last minute.

2010: The All Nighter event relocated to a larger screen in the basement of the Empire, Leicester Square for the first time and took place on Saturday, 30 October.

Confessions, Altitude, The Silent House, Choose, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Due to technical problems two scheduled films didn't get shown: The Reef and Cannibal Girls - they were replaced on the night by Spiderhole and Devil.

2011: The 2011 All Nighter took place on Saturday 29 October at Vue Cinemas Leicester Square London

Special guests on the night included: Tom Six, Ilona Six, Laurence R. Harvey plus numerous other members of The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) cast as well Dieter Laser, in character as Dr. Heiter. Also in attendance were Bad Meat star Jessica Parker Kennedy and screenwriter Paul Gerstenberger.

Bad Meat, Livid, The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), Faces in the Crowd, Cold Sweat, The Watermen

The All Nighter also took place at Watershed Bristol on Friday 4 November

Bad Meat, Faces in the Crowd, The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), The Watermen, Cold Sweat

2012: The 2012 London All Nighter took place on Saturday 27 October at Vue Cinemas Leicester Square London. Director Pascal Laugier was in attendance to introduce his film The Tall Man, there was also a special presentation looking at the film The ABCs of Death.

Excision, Gallowwalker, The Tall Man, Bait 3D, Zombi 2, The Helpers.

The All Nighter also took place at 4 additional venues around the country on Saturday 3 November. Watershed Bristol, Cambridge Picturehouse Cinemas, City of Sunderland Empire Cinemas and Newcastle upon Tyne Empire Cinemas

2013: The 2013 London Halloween All Nighter took place on Saturday 26 October 2013 at Vue Cinemas Leicester Square London. Special guests for the night were: Sharni Vinson, Axelle Carolyn, Neil Marshall, Anna Walton, Renaund Gautheir and Michael Armstrong.

Soulmate, Patrick, Discopath, Mark of the Devil, The Station, Nothing left To Fear

The Out Of London All Nighters took place on Saturday 2 November: Glasgow, Basildon, Poole, Newcastle, Sunderland & Saturday 16 November: Bristol.

2014: The 2014 London Halloween All Nighter took place on Saturday 25 October 2014 at Prince Charles Cinema.

Extraterrestrial, ABCs of Death 2, Last Shift, The Pact II, The Editor, and short films The Mad Axeman and Solitudo.

American Mary Cinema Tour 2013Edit

FrightFest hosted a cinema tour to promote the film American Mary, the directors Soska sisters and lead actor Katharine Isabelle were present on the tour, introducing the film and taking part in post-show question and answer sessions at each screening.

Tour dates were: Friday 11 January Prince Charles Cinema, London. Saturday 12 January FilmHouse, Edinburgh. Sunday 13 January Glasgow Film Theatre. Monday 14 January Sheffield, Showroom. Tuesday 15 January Leeds, Hyde Park Picturehouse. Wednesday 16 January Bristol, Watershed. Thursday 17 January Brighton, Duke Of York. Friday 18 January Prince Charles Cinema, London.

An evening with Jessica AlbaEdit

The UK premiere of The Eye 2008 remake. Film was shown in the screening room of One Aldwych. Jessica Alba introduced the movie, stayed for a Q&A session and signed memorabilia.

Black Death World PremiereEdit

On 26 May 2010, FrightFesters and horror fans alike were lucky enough to attend the World Premiere of Chris Smith's Black Death, courtesy of Revolver Entertainment. The event was held at the Coronet Cinema in Notting Hill, with Cast and Crew in attendance.


FrightFest also featured as part of Brighton's Cinecity festival.

CineCity 2004 Creep with Dir. Christopher Smith, The Last Horror Movie with Dir. Julian Richards

CineCity 2005 Masters of Horror: Jenifer, Boo, District 13.[23] At this event a FrightFester showed their FrightFest original eye logo tattoo.

CineCity 2006 Gone, The Raven, Vampire Diaries with director and cast.[24]

D-Day with Neil MarshallEdit

A day at the OWE dedicated to director Neil Marshall. Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Doomsday were all screened with introductions by Marshall. Question and answer sessions followed each movie. In attendance were Neil Marshall, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Chris Robson, Leslie Simpson, Shauna MacDonald, Saskia Mulder, Alex Reid, MyAnna Buring, Nora Jane Noone, Alexander Siddig and Axelle Carolyn An exclusive to the event poster was designed by Graham Humphreys and was exceptionally limited.

Cold In JulyEdit

FrightFest hosted a free preview screening of Cold In July at Vue Cinemas, West End, London, on Monday 23 June 2014. The screening was attended by director Jim Mickle who introduce the film and took part in a post screening Q&A.

Dario Argento at the CoronetEdit

19 April 2008 at the Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill, London. Dario Argento introduced his latest film, The Mother of Tears. Also showing as part of the day were Cannibals – Welcome to the Jungle and an encore screening of Storm Warning.

Descent premiereEdit

In 2005 FrightFest helmed a gala preview of The Descent attended by Dir. Neil Marshall and the cast. The event was held at The Vue Cinema Leicester Square.

Drag Me To Hell with Sam RaimiEdit

Frightfest, in conjunction with the ICA and Lionsgate, played host to the first UK showing of Drag Me To Hell. In attendance were Sam Raimi, Justin Long and Alison Lohman.


FrightFest has been allocated days at various other Film Festivals. From 2006 it featured in the Glasgow Film Festival.

FF Glasgow 2006 The Red Shoes (replaced The Great Yokai War), Bunshinsaba, Reeker, Wild Country with cast and crew, Boy Eats Girl[25]

FF Glasgow 2007 The Tripper, S & Man, The Messengers, Turistas, Motel Hell.[26]

FF Glasgow 2008 Grindhouse, Eden Log with Dir., REC with writer and Dir., The Cottage with cast, trailer for Beyond the Rave, faux grindhouse style trailers for Slash/Hive and Trannibal, Zombie Strippers.

FF Glasgow 2009

The 2009 event took place over two days rather than the previous single day.

Friday: Dead Girl, Outlander, Walled In

Saturday:Dorothy, I Sell the Dead, Grace, The Unborn, One Eyed Monster

FF Glasgow 2010

Friday: Frozen, Black Death Preview, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, Stag Night

Saturday: A Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Amer, [REC] 2, never-before-seen footage of Doghouse, Centurion Preview, Splice, Harpoon: Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre

FF Glasgow 2011

Friday: Little Deaths, I Saw the Devil, Machete Maidens Unleashed

Saturday: Rubber, Territories, The Shrine, Mother's Day, Hobo With A Shotgun

FF Glasgow 2012

FrightFest Glasgow took place on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February 2012 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival. Films started at 1.30PM on the Friday and 11AM on the Saturday, allowing for 3 more films to be shown than at the previous events.

Friday: Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel, Tape 407: The Mesa Reserve Incident, Crawl, The Day, War Of The Dead

Saturday: Evidence, Penumbra, Rites of Spring, Wang's Arrival, Cassadaga (replaced The Devil Inside), The Raid

Also for the first time at the Glasgow Film Festival there was a FrightFest Extra strand running through the main festival, films screened were: Livid, The Reptile, The Plague of the Zombies, Dracula: Prince of Darkness

FF Glasgow 2013

FrightFest Glasgow took place on Friday 22 & Saturday 23 February 2013 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Friday: The American Scream, Sawney: Flesh Of Man, The Lords of Salem, Byzantium, Detention of the Dead

Saturday: Black Sabbath, Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, The Bay, The ABCs of Death, Aftershock

Special guests for the weekend included: Eli Roth, Nicolás López, Lorenza Izzo, Neil Jordan, Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Lee Hardcastle, Simon Rumley, Jake West and Lucy Clements.

Also during the 2 days all 7 episodes of the Norwegian TV series Hellfjord were screened, with episodes playing before selected films with cast & crew in attendance over the weekend.

FF Glasgow 2014

FrightFest Glasgow took place on Friday 28 February & Saturday 1 March 2014 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: Director Ti West in conversation with Alan Jones

Friday: Savaged, Proxy, Wolf Creek 2, The Sacrament, Afflicted

Saturday: Video Nasties: Draconian Days, The Scribbler, Torment, Mindscape, Almost Human, Killers

Sunday: Repeat screenings at Cineworld Glasgow - Video Nasties: Draconian Days, Almost Human, The Sacrament, Wolf Creek 2, Killers

Special guests for the weekend included: Ti West, Jorge Dorado, Joe Begos, Josh Ethier, Zack Parker, Jordan Barker, Jake West, Marc Morris, John Suits.

FF Glasgow 2015

FrightFest Glasgow took place from Thursday 26 February to Saturday 28 February 2015 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: Eliza Graves

Friday: The Atticus Institute, The Paper Round, The Hoarder, Wyrmwood, 88, Backmask

Saturday: Clown, Sei donne per l'assassino, The Woods Movie, De Behandeling, [REC] 4: Apocalipsis, There Are Monsters

FF Glasgow 2016

FrightFest Glasgow took place from Thursday 25 February to Saturday 27 February 2016 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: The Forest

Friday: The Hexecutioners, Anguish (2015 film), Pandemic, The Mind's Eye (film), Patchwork

Saturday: The Wave, Southbound (2015 film), SPL2: A Time for Consequences, The Other Side of the Door (2016 film), Baskin (film), Martyrs (2015 film), The Devil's Candy

FF Glasgow 2017

FrightFest Glasgow took place from Thursday 23 February to Saturday 25 February 2017 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: A Cure for Wellness, Phantasm: Remastered

Friday: The Warrior's Gate, It Stains the Sand Red, The Transfiguration, Shin Godzilla, Happy Hunting

Saturday: Cage Dive, Fashionista, Bloodlands, Detour, Raw, Hounds of Love, The Night of the Virgin

FF Glasgow 2018

FrightFest Glasgow took place from Thursday 1 March to Saturday 3 March 2018 as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: Ghost Stories, The Lodgers (cancelled due to weather)

Friday: The Wanderers: Quest of the Demon Hunter, Attack of the Bat Monsters, The Ravenous - Les affamés, Cold Skin, Primal Rage

Saturday: Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil, Pyewacket, Friendly Beast, Secret Santa, Tigers are not Afraid - Vuelven, Sixty Minutes to Midnight

FF Glasgow 2019

FrightFest Glasgow took place from Thursday 28 February to Saturday 2 March 2019[27] as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: Lords of Chaos

Friday: Level 16, The Dead Center, Here Comes Hell, Black Circle, Dead Ant (aka Giant Killer Ants)

Saturday: The Rusalka (aka The Siren), Automata, Finale, The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion, Freaks, The Hoard

FF Glasgow 2020

FrightFest Glasgow took place from Thursday 5 March to Saturday 7 March 2020[28] as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Thursday: Synchronic, Death of a Vlogger

Friday: The Cleansing Hour + Cubicle + Live Forever, In the Quarry + Black Mass, Sea Fever + Simon Boswell, A Ghost Waits, The Mortuary Collection

Saturday: A Night Of Horror: Nightmare Radio (rescheduled to earlier due to technical issues), Zombie For Sale, Saint Maud, Butt Boy + Fatale Collective: Bleed, VFW, Anderson Falls

Hostel DayEdit

March 2006. A one-off event once more at the PCC. Built around an early showing of Eli Roth's Hostel with two films chosen by Roth.

Death Trance,[29] The Wicker Man with pre-recorded intro' by Eli Roth, Mortuary, Hostel with pre-recorded Eli Roth intro, Theatre of Blood introduced by Kim Newman.

Iron Sky: Dictator's CutEdit

FrightFest hosted a screening of Iron Sky Dictator's Cut at the Prince Charles Cinema on Saturday 1 February 2014. Special guests attending were director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa.

League of Gentlemen DayEdit

One day event returning to the PCC held in May 2005. A day built around the audience premiere of The League of Gentlemen's movie debut. The day started with a film selected by a League member. It also saw the audience premiere of Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects.

From Beyond the Grave introduced by Mark Gatiss, R-Point, Shallow Ground, The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse with Jeremy Dyson; Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, Neil Marshall and Nora Jane Noone with a sneak preview trailer of The Descent, Sin City (another surprise movie), The Devil's Rejects.

Lionsgate HorrorthonEdit

Event run in conjunction with Lionsgate. The 70-seat screen at the Rex Bar[30] in London's Soho means that audience attendance is allotted by competition.

2007 Saw III screening of extended edition, Blood Trails with star Rebecca Palmer, Snuff-Movie.

2008 Saw IV screening of extended edition, Catacombs, Bug and 20 min preview of Five Across The Eyes.


FrightFest hosted a free preview screening of Oculus at Prince Charles Cinema, London, on Wednesday 4 June 2014.

On TourEdit

FrightFest has held one-off days across the UK.

Nottingham - The Broadway Cinema 2004 Dawn of the Dead, The Machinist, The Last Horror Movie, Monster Man

Leicester - The Phoenix Arts Centre 2004 The Machinist, Creep with Dir. Christopher Smith, Monster Man

Cambridge 2004 Bubba Ho-tep, The Locals, The Last Horror Movie, Blueberry.

Cambridge 2005 R-Point, Shallow Ground, The Devil's Rejects, Dead Meat.

Cambridge 2007 End of the Line, Hell's Ground, The Abandoned, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, Motel Hell.[31]

The Raid 2Edit

FrightFest hosted a special free preview screening of The Raid 2: Berandal at Cineworld Haymarket, London, on Tuesday 1 April 2014. The screening was attended by director Gareth Evans and stars Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, who also staged a demonstration fight during the post-screening Q&A. Tickets were given away free and were all allocated in 20-minutes.

Spring Awakening Day 2009Edit

Frightfest returned to the Prince Charles Cinema for a one-day event.

Embodiment Of Evil, Shuttle, Repo! The Genetic Opera with director Darren Lynn Bousman, Lesbian Vampire Killers world audience premiere with director Phil Clayton with actress MyAnna Buring and the rest of the female cast members, Not Quite Hollywood, Turkey Shoot.


FrightFest hosted a free preview screening of the film Storage 24 on Tuesday 26 June 2012 at Cineworld Haymarket, London. The screening was attended by director Johannes Roberts and lead actor Noel Clarke.

Video Nasties: Draconian Days DocumentaryEdit

FrightFest hosted the London Premiere of Nucleus Films documentary Video Nasties: Draconian Days at Prince Charles Cinema on Thursday 3 July 2014 at 8.30PM. The event was hosted by Paul McEvoy and feature a post screening Q&A with director Jake West, Marc Morris, Alan Jones, David Flint and Julian Petley.


Regular blogs are now a feature of the festival's website. They began with The Alan Jones Diary and a guide to DVDs Gore in the Store. Recently it has grown to include more blogs which cover Video Games, TV, the Australian horror scene, foreign language genre fare, HD format releases, Memorabilia and Comics.

The 2009 annual redesign of the website added two more blogs and a regular review blog from Alan Jones.

The organisers of the festival blog annually about their visits to the Cannes Film Festival and the Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas.

FrightFest OriginalsEdit

Launched in August 2012, FrightFest Originals is a range of limited edition posters featuring new artwork for classic and modern feature films. Posters can be purchased through the dedicated FrightFest Originals online website or at FrightFest events.

FrightFest PresentsEdit

In 2005 a "FrightFest Presents" DVD label was created and briefly distributed Dead Meat, Malefique, Tears of Kali, Eyes of Crystal and The Roost within the UK.[32] The label was an imprint of Revolver Entertainment. In 2015, the label was revived in cooperation with Icon Film Distribution. Films to be released from October 2015 are Night of the Living Deb, Some Kind of Hate, Last Girl Standing, AAAAAAAAH!, Afterdeath, Landmine goes click, Emelie, The Lesson, Estranged.[33]

FrightFest FeaturesEdit

On 23 May 2011 FrightFest Features DVD label was launched, the first 2 DVDs released were both films that had previously played in the festival: Italian director Federico Zampaglione's 2007 film Shadow and the 2007 New Zealand action comedy The Devil Dared Me To. Films will be released theatrically and for home entertainment, the label is launched in conjunction with Wild Bunch.


In 2005 the FrightFest quiz was introduced. The first quiz was spread over the weekend but was then streamlined. In 2007 the quiz was devised by Alan Jones and was remarked upon as being especially challenging. This quiz was conducted by British Horror institution David McGillivray.

2010 saw the introduction of Andy Nyman's Quiz from Hell, an audiovisual horror movie quiz projected on the massive Empire Screen 1. Hosted by Andy Nyman, the quiz saw several hundred horror fans answering questions from a range of categories including 'What happens next? - Guess the Death', Movie Monsters, horror soundtrack themes and trivia. The Quiz from Hell, with its opening horror movie montage, audiovisual clips and all questions, was put together by Simon Williams and Lee-Jay Bannister, the brains behind the London-based film-themed pub quiz You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat.[34] The quiz returned in 2011 as Andy Nyman's Quiz from Hell 2.


Tickets are sold with the option of a weekend pass or individual tickets. 2007 saw the introduction of Day Passes. Weekend passes go on sale, typically, on 1 July each year with individual tickets on sale a month later. Tickets are bought online, by phone or in person.

Since 2005, a growing group have congregated in person to buy tickets for the festival. The start time of this queue has been earlier each year earning it the nickname "The Sleepy Queue".

Weekend pass holders are presented with a "goodie bag" of freebies. This is a mixture of promotional items and posters, badges, T-shirts and DVDs.


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