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Axelle Carolyn (born 3 April 1979 in Brussels) is a Belgian filmmaker and former actress and journalist.[1]

Axelle Carolyn
Born (1979-04-03) 3 April 1979 (age 40)
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Other namesAxelle Carolyn Marshall
Neil Marshall (m. 2007)



Amongst many other jobs she worked on her way to directing her first films, Carolyn briefly worked in front of the camera. While visiting the set for Fangoria, Carolyn appeared briefly as partygoer in the 2005 Spanish thriller Beneath Still Waters.[2] She also had two small cameos in Neil Marshall's Doomsday and assisted the makeup effects designer, while writing behind-the-scenes notes for the movie.[3] Carolyn also acted in short films I Love You (written and directed by Tristan Versluis), starring Leslie Simpson and Horrorshow.[4] In 2009 she won roles of various sizes in A Reckoning,[5] Red Light, Psychosis,[6] Feral, Blood + Roses[7] and had a cameo in a deleted scene in The Descent: Part 2.[8] Her most notable appearance was as Pict warrior Aeron in Neil Marshall's Centurion.[9]

Author careerEdit

A horror reporter for various magazines and websites from 2005 to 2008, Carolyn's non-fiction career culminated with the 2008 publication of It Lives Again! Horror Movies in the New Millennium.[10][11] She won for this work the Silver Award in New York City on the Book of the Year Awards.[12] She also had several short stories published in various anthologies, including in Dark Delicacies III, and The Mammoth Book of Body Horror.

Directing careerEdit

In 2011, Carolyn wrote and directed two short films: "The Last Post", which premiered at Fantasia that year and toured festivals around the world; and "Hooked", which premiered on FearNet. The following year, she wrote and directed award-winning short film "The Halloween Kid". In 2013, she completed her first feature, ghost story "Soulmate", which came out in 2014. The opening scene, which depicted a graphic suicide scene, was censored in the UK by the BBFC. The movie premiered in Sitges in 2013, and went on to screen at genre festivals around the world before its release. It was generally well received, though its mix of horror, drama and gothic romance divided opinions. In 2014, she created the anthology movie "Tales of Halloween", which she co-produced with Epic Pictures. She also wrote and directed her own segment Grim Grinning Ghost.[13] Carolyn starred also in the same film Tales of Halloween, in a supporting role, of her Husband's Neil Marshall's segment Bad Seed.[14]

Personal lifeEdit

She has been married to British filmmaker Neil Marshall since 2007.[15] She lives in Los Angeles.


Year Film Credit Notes
2005 Beneath Still Waters Actress
2008 Beyond the Rave Unit Publicist
2008 Doomsday Actress/ Make-up artist
2008 I Love You Actress
2008 Horrorshow Actress
2009 A Reckoning Actress
2009 Blood + Roses Actress
2009 The Descent Part 2 Actress
2009 Into the Dark: Exploring the Horror Film Herself
2009 Psychosis Actress
2009 Red Light Actress
2009 Brides of Horror Herself
2010 Centurion Actress
2013 Soulmate Director, Writer
2015 Tales of Halloween Director, Writer, Producer Segment: "Grim Grinning Ghost"
2015 The 4th Reich Actress
2018 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Writer Episode: "Chapter Nine: The Returned Man"


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