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This is a list of universities which were split into more than one new institution. Over the history numerous higher education institutions were split up or some scholars left already established institutions and established new ones. Some of the oldest medieval universities were established when students or faculty moved en masse from one town to another.[1] Many of those splits were rampant, motivated by ideological, political or identity concerns. Among others, they include politically motivate mass breakup of French universities in the aftermath of protests of 1968 when in 1971 the total of fifteen universities was split up into 56 new ones[2][3][4] or linguistic and communitarian breakup of Belgian universities.[5]

Following the split up, new institutions may either all be new independent legal entities, one may legally continue earlier institution in some capacity, or the rump institution may stay in place without seceded units. Some initiatives to split up universities were faced with protests or questions on the viability of new institutions.[6][7]

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  • University of South Africa was the degree-granting institution for a number of constituent colleges in South Africa. From 1946 onward, the constituent colleges became separate autonomous universities, and the University of South Africa became a distance education institution.

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