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Finland is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. It was a relative latecomer to industrialization, remaining a largely agrarian country until the 1950s. It rapidly developed an advanced economy while building an extensive Nordic-style welfare state, resulting in widespread prosperity and one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.[1] However, Finnish GDP growth was negative in 2012–2014 (−0.698% to −1.426%), with a preceding nadir of −8% in 2009.[2] Finland is a top performer in numerous metrics of national performance, including education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life, and human development.[3][4][5][6]

Location of Finland

For further information on the types of business entities in this country and their abbreviations, see "Business entities in Finland".

Notable firmsEdit

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Ahlstrom Basic materials Basic resources Helsinki 1851 Fiber materials
Aktia Bank Financials Banks Helsinki 1991 Finance
Alko Consumer services Specialty retailers Helsinki 1932 State alcoholic beverage retailer
Alma Media Consumer services Publishing Helsinki 1849 Digital media
Altia Consumer goods Distillers & vintners Helsinki 1999 Alcoholic beverages
Amer Sports Consumer goods Recreational products Helsinki 1950 Sporting equipment
Bank of Åland Financials Banks Mariehamn 1919 Finance
Basware Technology Software Espoo 1985 Computer software
Bittium Consumer goods Consumer electronics Oulu 1985 Electronics
Cargotec Industrials Transportation services Helsinki 2005 Cargo-handling machinery
Codenomicon Technology Software Oulu 2001 Computer security testing
DNA Oyj Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Helsinki 2000 Telecommunications services
Eckerö Line Industrials Marine transportation Helsinki 1995 Shipping
EKS Consumer goods Consumer electronics Espoo 1955 Disc jockey hardware
Elisa Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Helsinki 1882 Telecommunications services
Fazer Consumer services Restaurants & bars Helsinki 1891 Food and restaurants
Fingrid Utilities Conventional electricity Helsinki 1996 Electricity transmission
Finnair Consumer services Airlines Vantaa 1923 Airline
Finnlines Industrials Marine transportation Helsinki 1947 Shipping
Fiskars Consumer goods Durable household products Helsinki 1649 Kitchen, garden, and outdoors equipment
Fortum Utilities Alternative electricity Espoo 1998 Energy
F-Secure Technology Software Helsinki 1988 Computer software
Hartwall Consumer goods Soft drinks Helsinki 1836 Beverages
Hesburger Consumer services Retail Turku 1966 Fast food restaurants
HKScan Consumer goods Restaurants & bars Turku 1913 Food
Holvi Financials Banking Helsinki 2011 Online business banking
Huhtamäki Industrials Containers & packaging Espoo 1920 Food packaging
Kemira Basic materials Specialty chemicals Helsinki 1920 Chemicals
Kemppi Industrials Business support services Lahti 1949 Welding
Kesko Consumer services Broadline retailers Helsinki 1940 Retailing
Kone Industrials Industrial machinery Helsinki 1910 Elevators and escalators
Konecranes Industrials Industrial machinery Hyvinkää 1994 Lifting equipment
Kotipizza Consumer services Restaurants & bars Helsinki 1987 Restaurants
Lemminkäinen Group Industrials Heavy construction Helsinki 1910 Construction
Marimekko Consumer goods Clothing & accessories Helsinki 1951 Fashion design
Metsä Group Basic materials Paper Helsinki 1947 Paper, pulp, timber
Metso Industrials Business support services Helsinki 1999 Equipment and services for process industries
Neste Oil & gas Exploration & production Espoo 1948 Petroleum, biofuels
Nokia Industrials Telecommunications equipment Espoo 1865 Telecommunications infrastructure and equipment
Nokia Networks Technology Telecommunications equipment Espoo 2007 Part of Nokia
Nokian Jalkineet Consumer goods Footwear Helsinki 1898 Boots
Nokian Tyres Consumer goods Automobiles Nokia 1932 Tyres
Olvi Consumer goods Soft drinks Helsinki 1878 Beverages
OP Financial Group Financials Financial services Helsinki 1891 Finance and insurance
Orion Corporation Health care Pharmaceuticals Espoo 1917 Pharmaceuticals
Outokumpu Basic materials Iron & steel Helsinki 1932 Steel
Outotec Industrials Business support services Espoo 2006 Mineral and metals processing technology
Patria Industrials Defense Helsinki 1997 Military technology
Planmeca Health care Medical equipment Helsinki 1971 Dental and medical technology
Pohjolan Voima Utilities Alternative electricity Helsinki 1943 Energy
Polar Electro Consumer goods Recreational products Kempele 1977 Fitness equipment
Ponsse Corporation Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Vieremä 1970 Forestry vehicles
Posiva Industrials Waste & disposal services Eurajoki 1995 Nuclear waste management
Pöyry Industrials Business support services Vantaa 1958 Consulting and engineering
Process Vision Technology Business support services Helsinki 1993 IT for energy companies
Raisio Group Consumer goods Food products Raisio 1939 Food
Rautaruukki Industrials Building materials & fixtures Helsinki 1960 Steel products
Rovio Entertainment Technology Software Espoo 2003 Video games
S Group Consumer services Hotels Helsinki 1904 Retailing, hotels
Sampo Group Financials Full line insurance Helsinki 1988 Insurance
Sanoma Consumer services Publishing Helsinki 1999 Books and magazines
Silja Line Industrials Marine transportation Helsinki 1957 Shipping, part of Tallink (Estonia)
Sisu Auto Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Helsinki 1931 Heavy Duty Trucks & Military Vehicles
Solidium Financials Investment services Helsinki[7] 2008 Investments
SSH Communications Security Technology Software Helsinki 1995 Computer software
St1 Oil & gas Exploration & production Helsinki 1995 Petroleum
Stenfors Industrials Heavy construction Oulu 1969 Construction
Stockmann Consumer services Broadline retailers Helsinki 1862 Retailing
Stonesoft Corporation Technology Software Helsinki 1990 Network security, defunct, now part of Forcepoint (USA)
Stora Enso Basic materials Paper Helsinki 1998 Paper, pulp, timber
Suominen Corporation Consumer goods Clothing & accessories Helsinki 1898 Convenience and care nonwovens
Supercell Technology Software Helsinki 2010 Video games
Suunto Consumer goods Recreational services Vantaa 1936 Technical sports equipment, part of Amer Sports
Talvivaara Mining Company Basic materials Nonferrous metals Espoo 2004 Nickel mining
Tieto Technology Software Helsinki 1968 Information technology
Tikkurila Basic materials Commodity chemicals Vantaa 1862 Paints
UPM-Kymmene Basic materials Paper Helsinki 1996 Paper, pulp, timber, biofuels
Vacon Industrials Electrical components & equipment Vaasa 1993 Variable-speed AC drives
Vaisala Technology Software Vantaa 1936 Environmental measuring technology
Valio Consumer goods Food products Helsinki 1905 Food
Valmet Automotive Consumer goods Automobiles Uusikaupunki 1968 Car assembly
Valmet Industrials Industrial machinery Espoo 2013 Industrial equipment
Valtra Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Äänekoski 1951 Tractors Consumer services Broadline retailers Helsinki 1992 Storefront and online retail
Viking Line Industrials Marine transportation Mariehamn 1963 Shipping
VR Industrials Railroads Helsinki 1862 Rail transport
Wärtsilä Industrials Electronic equipment Helsinki 1834 Power plants and marine propulsion systems
Woikoski Basic materials Basic resources Voikoski[8] 1882 Helium
YIT Industrials Heavy construction Helsinki 1912 Construction

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