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List of National Football League seasons

Future seasonsEdit

Listed below is the current schedule of division match-ups for the next few upcoming regular seasons, based on the three-year intra-conference and four-year inter-conference rotations in place since 2002. In each year, all four teams in each division listed at the top will play one game against all four teams in both of the divisions to which it has been assigned — one from the AFC, the other from the NFC. This table also lists the sites of the regular season games that are planned to be held outside the United States as part of the NFL International Series, as well as the sites and US TV networks of the corresponding Super Bowls.

Current listing of International Series games are based on extant contracts. The league stated in 2017 that it was using "inventory management" to wait until current agreements expire before potentially expanding the series, particularly into Germany.[1] The current agreement with Mexico City expires in 2021; the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium deal runs through 2027.[2]

Season Scheduled division match-ups[3][4] NFL International Series[5][6] Super Bowl
AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West
2019 AFC North East West South East West South North
NFC East West South North North East West South
2020 AFC West South North East North South West East
NFC West East North South West South North East
2021 AFC South West East North West North East South
NFC South North West East South West East North
2022 AFC North East West South South East North West
NFC North South East West North East West South
2023 AFC West South North East East West South North
NFC East West South North West South North East

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