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The 1992 NFL season was the 73rd regular season of the National Football League. Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Andrew, the New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins game that was scheduled for September 6 at Joe Robbie Stadium was rescheduled to October 18. Both teams originally had that weekend off. This marked the first time since the 1966 NFL season and the AFL seasons of 1966 and 1967 that there were byes in week 1; in those years, byes were necessary every week since there were an odd number of teams, which would happen again between 1999 and 2001. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dolphins also had their 2017 season opener postponed due to Hurricane Irma.

1992 National Football League season
Regular season
DurationSeptember 6 – December 28, 1992
Start dateJanuary 2, 1993
AFC ChampionsBuffalo Bills
NFC ChampionsDallas Cowboys
Super Bowl XXVII
DateJanuary 31, 1993
SiteRose Bowl, Pasadena, California
ChampionsDallas Cowboys
Pro Bowl
DateFebruary 7, 1993
SiteAloha Stadium

The Atlanta Falcons played their first season in the new Georgia Dome, replacing Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium, playing there until 2016.

The season ended with Super Bowl XXVII when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills 52–17 at the Rose Bowl. This would be the third of the Bills’ four consecutive Super Bowl losses.

Major rule changesEdit

  • The NFL ceases to use the instant replay system that was in effect since the 1986 NFL season to review questionable on-field calls, due to many reviews taking up long periods of time. Instant replay would not return to the league until a more comprehensive instant replay review system with time limits was introduced in the 1999 NFL season.
  • To reduce injuries, any offensive player who is lined up in the backfield before the snap cannot chop block a defensive player who is already engaged above the waist by another offensive player.

Referee changesEdit

After one season as referee, Stan Kemp stepped down due to health issues. Tom Dooley also retired during the off-season. Gary Lane and Ed Hochuli were then promoted to referee.

Final regular season standingsEdit

There was an unusual deviation between good teams and bad teams in the NFL in 1992. Only one team, the Denver Broncos; finished with eight wins and eight losses, nine teams had at least 11 wins, and eight teams had at least 11 losses. Only six teams had between seven, eight or nine wins in 1992.


  • Pittsburgh was the top AFC playoff seed, and Miami was the second AFC playoff seed ahead of San Diego, based on conference record (10–2 to Dolphins’ 9–3 to Chargers’ 7–5).
  • Miami finished ahead of Buffalo in the AFC East based on better conference record (9–3 to Bills” 7–5).
  • Houston was the second AFC Wild Card based on head-to-head victory over Kansas City (1–0).
  • Washington was the third NFC Wild Card based on better conference record than Green Bay (7–5 to Packers' 6–6).
  • Tampa Bay finished ahead of Chicago and Detroit in the NFC Central based on better conference record (5–9 to Bears’ 4–8 and Lions’ 3–9).
  • Atlanta finished ahead of L.A. Rams in the NFC West based on better record against common opponents (5–7 to Rams’ 4–8).


Jan. 3 – Rich Stadium   Jan. 9 – Three Rivers Stadium          
 5  Houston  38
 4  Buffalo  24
 4  Buffalo  41*     Jan. 17 – Joe Robbie Stadium
 1  Pittsburgh  3  
Jan. 2 – Jack Murphy Stadium  4  Buffalo  29
Jan. 10 – Joe Robbie Stadium
   2  Miami  10  
 6  Kansas City  0 AFC Championship
 3  San Diego  0
 3  San Diego  17   Jan. 31 – Rose Bowl
 2  Miami  31  
Wild card playoffs  
Divisional playoffs
Jan. 3 – Louisiana Superdome  A4  Buffalo  17
Jan. 10 – Texas Stadium
   N2  Dallas  52
 5  Philadelphia  36 Super Bowl XXVII
 5  Philadelphia  10
 4  New Orleans  20     Jan. 17 – Candlestick Park
 2  Dallas  34  
Jan. 2 – Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome  2  Dallas  30
Jan. 9 – Candlestick Park
   1  San Francisco  20  
 6  Washington  24 NFC Championship
 6  Washington  13
 3  Minnesota  7  
 1  San Francisco  20  

* Indicates overtime victory; see The Comeback (American football)

Coaching changesEdit



The 1992 NFL Draft was held from April 26 to 27, 1992 at New York City's Marriott Marquis. With the first pick, the Indianapolis Colts selected defensive tackle Steve Emtman from the University of Washington.

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