Linkou District

Linkou District (Chinese: 林口; pinyin: Línkǒu Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Nâ-kháu khu) is a district in the northwestern part of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan. The name "Linkou" translates to "forest mouth"; in fact, for much of its history, Linkou remained a relatively rural and undeveloped district. This began to change in the latter half of the 2010s: Linkou is currently undergoing a period of rapid population growth and land development relative to other nearby districts.[1]



Linkou District
Linkou skyline 2020.jpg
Location of Linkou in Xinbei City
Location of Linkou in Xinbei City
Coordinates: 25°06′06″N 121°21′47″E / 25.10167°N 121.36306°E / 25.10167; 121.36306Coordinates: 25°06′06″N 121°21′47″E / 25.10167°N 121.36306°E / 25.10167; 121.36306
CountryRepublic of China (Taiwan)
RegionNorthern Taiwan
Special municipalityNew Taipei City (新北市)
 • Total54.15 km2 (20.91 sq mi)
 (October 2020)
 • Total120,370
Time zoneUTC+8 (CST)
Postal code
244 (in Chinese)
Linkou District
Linkou Administration Building and Linkou Township Council Building


As of October 2020, Linkou District had a population of 120,370[2] and one of the fastest population growth rates in Taipei County.[3] Linkou has a land area of 54.15 km², including many forested areas and canyons.

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The district administers 17 urban villages (all seventeen of which were rural villages () before changes made on 25 December 2010):[4][5]


Linkou District has two universities, several high schools, and as of 2020 has three international schools. Since the founding of the first international school in the district, Asia American International Academy (AAIA) in 2014, and subsequent openings of Kang Chiao International School Linkou Campus in 2018 and Morrison Academy Taipei in 2020, Linkou District has seen increased growth in its English-speaking foreign population.

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  • Carrefour: It offers grocery, food, daily needs, and home appliance shopping.
  • Mitsui Outlet Park: The biggest shopping mall in the Linkou area. It offers recreational international brands stores, movie theaters, and restaurants.[11] A large expansion of Mitsui Outlet Park, "Phase II," is planned to begin construction in 2021 and open for business in 2024.[12][13]
  • Shine Square: Another shopping mall near Mitsui Outlet Park with a movie theater, restaurants, stores, and a large arcade.[14]


Linkou has numerous public parks, public swimming pools, hiking trails, bicycle paths, golf driving ranges, and the Linkou Civil Sports Center.




Linkou District is served by one stop on the Taoyuan Airport MRT line, Linkou Station A9, which connects to the Taoyuan International Airport and additional Taoyuan City stops in the northwest, as well as eight stops to the southeast ending at Taipei Main Station (Taoyuan Metro). Just south of the Linkou border in Guishan District, there is an additional stop at Taoyuan Airport MRT Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station A8 which is an Express station. Many businesses around A8, although they are technically in Guishan District, instead use "Linkou" in their names (for example, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and the Fullon Hotel Linkou).


Linkou is served by numerous public bus lines that connect to destinations in Taoyuan City, New Taipei City, and Taipei City. There are also commercial bus lines[15][16] that provide service to cities across Taiwan.


Linkou is served by the National Highway No. 1, as well as No. 15 and No. 61. County routes 105, 106 and 108 also run through the district.

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