Formosa Television

Formosa Television (Chinese: 民間全民電視公司; pinyin: Mínjiān Quánmín Diànshì Gōngsī; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Bîn-kan Chôan-bîn Tiān-sī Kong-si) is a television station based in New Taipei, Taiwan. Established on March 27, 1996, FTV began broadcasting on June 11, 1997.

Formosa Television
TypeFree-to-air nationwide TV
First air date
11 June 1997
Founded27 March 1996
by Chai Trong-Rong
Broadcast area
Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia
OwnerFormosa Television Inc.
Official website
Formosa Television
Traditional Chinese民間全民電視公司
Abbreviated Name
Traditional Chinese民視
FTV rents office space within the Dun-Bei Great Wall Building in Taipei.

Formosa Television is also the first free-to-air television station which was established without direct relationship with any political party and department of Taiwan government. Because of the location of its headquarters, which is in an area where Taiwanese Hokkien speakers are populous, it also earned the reputation for being the first station in Taiwan to use that tongue in a majority of its programs, especially on its prime time newscasts.

On May 24, 2004, FTV was among the first free-to-air channels on Taiwan to switch from terrestrial analog signal to digital television.[1]

One of its more popular broadcasts are the coverage of live matches of the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Around-the-clock broadcastingEdit

Midnight on January 1, 2018 marked Formosa Television's first day of 24-hour broadcasting, as Uni-President Enterprises Corporation celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a New Year's Eve countdown broadcast.[citation needed]

FTV ChannelsEdit

  • FTV HD
  • FTV News
  • FTV One (formerly known as Follow Me TV)
  • FTV Taiwan
  • FTV Drama (Online-only; aired local drama series, mainly weeknight soaps)
  • FTV Variety (Online-only; aired local entertainment shows)
  • FTV Travel (Online-only; aired Travel and some Living shows)

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