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Johanna Sofia Elisabeth Persson (born 25 December 1978) is a former Swedish badminton player.[1] Persson started her junior career in Täby Badmintonförening (now Göteborgs BK), and won her first national junior title in 1993 in the U-14 girls' singles, doubles, and mixed doubles event.[2] She won the Swedish National senior title 11 times from 2002 to 2012, 6 in the women's doubles, and 5 in the mixed doubles.[3] She won the bronze medals at the 2004 European Championships in the mixed doubles event partnered with Fredrik Bergström, and also at the 2006 and 2008 European Championship in the women's doubles event with Elin Bergblom.[4] Persson competed in badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics in the mixed doubles with partner Bergström. They defeated Mike Beres and Jody Patrick of Canada in the first round and Sudket Prapakamol and Saralee Thungthongkam of Thailand in the second. In the quarterfinals, Persson and Bergström lost to Zhang Jun and Gao Ling of China 15–3, 15–1.[5] After retiring from the international tournament, in 2009, Persson runs a project Girls of Badminton, to encourage and promote females within the Swedish Badminton Association.[6] In 2011, she was awarded as a Person of the Year by the Badminton Europe.[7] Her sister, Sara Persson, also a Olympian who competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.[8]

Johanna Persson
Personal information
Birth nameJohanna Sofia Elisabeth Persson
Country Sweden
Born (1978-12-25) 25 December 1978 (age 40)
Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden
Height1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight57 kg (126 lb)
EventWomen's & mixed doubles
BWF profile


European ChampionshipsEdit

Women's doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2008 Messecenter,
Herning, Denmark
  Elin Bergblom   Gail Emms
  Donna Kellogg
18–21, 7–21   Bronze
2006 Maaspoort Sports and Events,
Den Bosch, Netherlands
  Elin Bergblom   Gail Emms
  Donna Kellogg
9–21, 21–16, 15–21   Bronze

Mixed doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2004 Palais de Sports,
Geneva, Switzerland
  Fredrik Bergström   Jonas Rasmussen
  Rikke Olsen
3–15, 10–15   Bronze

IBF Grand PrixEdit

The World Badminton Grand Prix sanctioned by International Badminton Federation since 1983.

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2005 Bitburger Open   Vladislav Druzchenko   Daniel Shirley
  Sara Runesten-Petersen
15–11, 11–15, 15–6   Winner

BWF International Challenge/SeriesEdit

Women's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2008 Polish International   Elin Bergblom   Shendy Puspa Irawati
  Meiliana Jauhari
11–21, 19–21   Runner-up
2007 Le Volant d'Or de Toulouse   Elin Bergblom   Elodie Eymard
  Weny Rahmawati
21–11, 21–15   Winner
2006 Swedish International   Elin Bergblom   Birgit Overzier
  Carina Mette
21–13, 21–15   Winner
2005 Scottish International   Elin Bergblom   Nina Vislova
  Valeria Sorokina
5–15, 10–15   Runner-up
2005 Iceland International   Elin Bergblom   Paulien van Dooremalen
  Rachel van Cutsen
17–14, 15–11   Winner
2005 Dutch International   Elin Bergblom   Nicole Grether
  Juliane Schenk
4–15, 9–15   Runner-up
2002 Czech International   Elin Bergblom   Olga Konon
  Nadieżda Kostiuczyk
11–5, 11–8   Winner
2002 Spanish International   Elin Bergblom   Filipa Lamy
  Telma Santos
8–6, 7–0, 7–4   Winner
2002 Finnish International   Elin Bergblom   Verena Fastenbauer
  Karina Lengauer
Walkover   Winner
2001 Hungarian International   Elin Bergblom   Krisztina Ádám
  Csilla Fórián
3–7, 7–2, 7–0   Winner
2000 Norwegian International   Caroline Eriksson   Anu Weckström
  Nina Weckström

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2005 Iceland International   Henri Hurskainen   Jacob Chemnitz
  Julie Houmann
15–5, 13–15, 15–11   Winner
2005 Czech International   Henri Hurskainen   Tim Dettmann
  Annekatrin Lillie
17–15, 15–7   Winner
2005 Dutch International   Fredrik Bergström   Ingo Kindervater
  Kathrin Piotrowski
15–4, 15–13   Winner
2004 Scottish International   Fredrik Bergström   Jochen Cassel
  Birgit Overzier
15–3, 15–13   Winner
2004 Norwegian International   Fredrik Bergström   Kristian Roebuck
  Liza Parker
16–17, 15–4, 15–10   Winner
2003 Bitburger International   Fredrik Bergström   Nikolay Zuev
  Marina Yakusheva
13–15, 15–10, 15–13   Winner
2003 Austrian International   Fredrik Bergström   Simon Archer
  Donna Kellogg
6–11, 11–5, 6–11   Runner-up
2003 Portugal International   Fredrik Bergström   Carsten Mogensen
  Helle Nielsen
10–13, 11–5, 11–7   Winner
2002 Austrian International   Dennis Lens   Kasper Kiim Jensen
  Helle Nielsen
6–8, 8–7, 7–4, 8–6   Winner
2001 Hungarian International   Daniel Glaser   Andrej Pohar
  Maja Pohar
5–7, 1–7, 1–7   Runner-up
2000 Welsh International   Henrik Andersson   Anthony Clark
  Gail Emms
4–7, 1–7, 0–7   Runner-up
2000 Norwegian International   Ola Molin   Jörgen Olsson
  Frida Andreasson
2000 Austrian International   Ola Molin   David Lindley
  Liza Parker
15–9, 12–15, 15–9   Winner
1999 Welsh International   Ola Molin   Peter Jeffrey
  Joanne Davies
15–11, 5–15, 13–15   Runner-up
1999 Czech International   Ola Molin   Christian Mohr
  Anne Hönscheid
15–7, 15–7   Winner
1997 Czech International   Henrik Andersson   Ian Sullivan
  Gail Emms
0–15, 0–15   Runner-up
     BWF International Challenge tournament
     BWF International Series tournament


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