Jeongjong, 3rd monarch of Goryeo

Jeongjong of Goryeo (923 – 13 April 949) (r. 945–949) was the third monarch of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He was the third son of King Taejo, the founder of the kingdom and was born more than a decade before Goryeo was formally established.

Jeongjong of Goryeo
고려 정종
高麗 定宗
Wang Yo (왕요)
King of Goryeo
Gaegyeong, Goryeo
PredecessorHyejong of Goryeo
SuccessorGwangjong of Goryeo
BornWang Yo
Gaegyeong, State of Goryeo, Three Kingdoms of Korea
Died13 April 949(949-04-13) (aged 25–26)
Jeseok-won, Gaegyeong, Kingdom of Goryeo
Alleung tomb
Queen ConsortQueen Mungong
Queen Munseong
ConsortLady Cheongjunamwon
IssuePrince Gyeongchunwon
Princess Wang
Posthumous name
  • King Jideok Janggyeong Jeongsuk Munmyeong the Great
    (지덕장경정숙문명대왕, 至德章敬正肅文明大王; firstly)
  • King Jangwon Gangyeong Yeongin Jeongsuk Janggyeong Munmyeong the Great
    (장원간경영인정숙장경문명대왕, 莊元簡敬令仁正肅章敬文明大王; lastly)
Temple name
Jeongjong (정종, 定宗)
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherTaejo of Goryeo
MotherQueen Sinmyeong
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJeongjong
Birth name
Revised RomanizationWang Yo
McCune–ReischauerWang Yo
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationCheonui
Posthumous name
Revised RomanizationMunmyeong Daewang
McCune–ReischauerMunmyŏng Taewang

Jeongjong rose to the throne after his half-brother King Hyejong died, and set to reducing the power of various royal in-laws, including Wang Gyu and Pak Sul-hui. However, lacking the support of the Gaegyeong elites, he was unable to substantially strengthen the throne.

In 946, he spent 70,000 sacks of grain from the royal storehouses to support Buddhism in the country. In 947, he had the fortress of Pyongyang constructed as the country's Western Capital. He sought to move the capital from Gaegyeong to Pyongyang, but was not successful. Jeongjong became paranoid however that people inside the palace were conspiring to kill him and he then started to go insane. After four years of his reign, he died just after he signed a royal decree to make his brother, the fourth prince Wang So (known as Gwangjong), king instead of his son.


  1. Queen Mungong of the Suncheon Bak clan (문공왕후 박씨) – No issue.
  2. Queen Munseong of the Suncheon Bak clan (문성왕후 박씨)
    1. Prince Gyeongchunwon (경춘원군)
    2. Princess Wang (공주 왕씨)
  3. Lady Cheongjunamwon of the Cheongju Gim clan (청주남원부인 김씨) – No issue.

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Jeongjong, 3rd monarch of Goryeo
Born: 923 Died: 13 April 949
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Goryeo
Succeeded by