Hyejong of Goryeo

Hyejong of Goryeo (912 – 23 October 945) (r. 943–945) was the second King of Goryeo. He was preceded by King Taejo and succeeded by Jeongjong, 3rd Monarch of Goryeo.

Hyejong of Goryeo
고려 혜종
高麗 惠宗
Wang Mu (왕무)
King of Goryeo
Reign5 July 943 – 23 October 945
PredecessorTaejo of Goryeo
SuccessorJeongjong of Goryeo
Naju, Taebong
Died23 October 945(945-10-23) (aged 32–33)
Gaegyeong, Kingdom of Goryeo
SpouseQueen Uihwa
Posthumous name
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherTaejo of Goryeo
MotherQueen Janghwa
Hyejong of Goryeo
Revised RomanizationKing Hyejong
Birth name
Revised RomanizationWang Mu
McCune–ReischauerWang Mu

Early lifeEdit

Hyejong was born to King Taejo and his second wife, Janghwa of the "Oh" clan. She was the daughter of the Magistrate of Naju, Oh Daryeon. Taejo met and married her while serving in Naju as a general of Taebong under Gung Ye.

In 921, Hyejong was proclaimed Crown Prince and Royal Successor with support from General Bak Sul-Hui. Almost immediately after being named Crown Prince, Hyejong followed his father Taejo into battle against Later Baekje and played a major role in numerous victories. In 943, Hyejong rose to the throne upon his father's death.


Hyejong's reign was marked with conspiracy and power struggles among Taejo's sons. The first of these conspiracies was led by Princes Wang Yo and Wang So, sons of Taejo and his third consort, Queen Sinmyeongsunseong of the Chungju Yu clan, which possessed considerable political influence. Upon realizing the conspiracy by the two princes, Wang Gyu warned Hyejong of the conspiracy, but plotted to put his grandson, one of Hyejong's younger half-brothers, on the throne when Hyejong did nothing to stop the conspiracy of the two princes.


Hyejong died in 945, during the second year of his reign from mercury poisoning in his bath water. He had a disease most commonly known as eczema which caused his to have red itchy patches on his skin and difficulty breathing. He was succeeded by his third brother Jeongjong, 3rd Monarch of Goryeo who had claimed the throne via force..


  • Father: King Taejo of Goryeo (31 January 877 – 4 July 943) (고려 태조)
    • Grandfather: King Sejo of Goryeo (? - May 897) (고려 세조)
    • Grandmother: Queen Wisuk (위숙왕후)
  • Mother: Queen Janghwa of the Naju Oh clan (장화왕후 오씨) (893-934)
    • Grandfather: Oh Da-ryeon (오다련)
    • Grandmother: Lady Yeon Deok-gyo (연덕교)
  • Consorts and their Respective Issue(s):
  1. Queen Uihwa of the Jincheon Im clan (의화왕후 임씨)
    1. Prince Heunghwa (흥화궁군) - suspected of treason and killed in a purge ordered by his uncle King Gwangjong
    2. Lady Gyeonghwa (경화궁부인) - Gwangjong's second consort
    3. Princess Jeongheon (정헌공주)
  2. Lady Hugwangju (후광주원부인)
  3. Lady Cheongju of the Cheongju Kim clan (청주원부인 김씨)
  4. Court Lady Aeyijoo (궁인 애이주)
    1. Crown Prince Je (태자 제)
    2. Lady Myeonghye (명혜부인)

In popular cultureEdit


혜종 (in Korean). Doosan Encyclopedia.

Hyejong of Goryeo
Born: 912 Died: 23 October 945
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Goryeo
Succeeded by
Jeongjong I