Jacco Arends

Jacco Arends (born 28 January 1991) is a Dutch badminton player who specializes in doubles. Arends began playing badminton at his hometown club BC Duinwijck, and in 2009, he won European Junior Championships in mixed doubles with Selena Piek.[1] He was the bronze medalist at the 2016 European Championships,[2] and at the same year, he competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[3]

Jacco Arends
Jacco Arends.jpg
Personal information
Birth nameJacco Arends
Country Netherlands
Born (1991-01-28) 28 January 1991 (age 29)
Haarlem, Netherlands
Height1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Men's & mixed doubles
Highest ranking33 (MD 9 January 2014)
12 (XD 26 November 2015)
BWF profile


European ChampionshipsEdit

Mixed doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2016 Vendéspace,
La Roche-sur-Yon, France
  Selena Piek   Joachim Fischer Nielsen
  Christinna Pedersen
17–21, 8–21   Bronze

European Junior ChampionshipsEdit

Mixed doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2009 Federal Technical Centre - Palabadminton,
Milan, Italy
  Selena Piek   Jonas Geigenberger
  Fabienne Deprez
21–16, 20–22, 21–19   Gold

BWF World TourEdit

The BWF World Tour, announced on 19 March 2017 and implemented in 2018,[4] is a series of elite badminton tournaments, sanctioned by Badminton World Federation (BWF). The BWF World Tour are divided into six levels, namely World Tour Finals, Super 1000, Super 750, Super 500, Super 300 (part of the HSBC World Tour), and the BWF Tour Super 100.[5]

Jacco Arends and Selena Piek in action

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Level Partner Opponent Score Result
2018 Scottish Open Super 100   Selena Piek   Marcus Ellis
  Lauren Smith
6–13 Retired   Runner-up

BWF Grand PrixEdit

The BWF Grand Prix has two levels, the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold. It is a series of badminton tournaments sanctioned by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) since 2007.

Men's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2017 Scottish Open   Ruben Jille   Jelle Maas
  Robin Tabeling
11–21, 15–21   Runner-up

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2017 Scottish Open   Selena Piek   Mikkel Mikkelsen
  Mai Surrow
21–10, 21–10   Winner
2017 Dutch Open   Selena Piek   Marcus Ellis
  Lauren Smith
17–21, 18–21   Runner-up
  BWF Grand Prix Gold tournament
  BWF Grand Prix tournament

BWF International Challenge/SeriesEdit

Men's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2018 Belgian International   Ruben Jille   David Daugaard
  Frederik Søgaard
11–21, 21–18, 21–17   Winner
2017 Spanish International   Ruben Jille   Keiichiro Matsui
  Yoshinori Takeuchi
21–17, 21–19   Winner
2014 Belgian International   Jelle Maas   Mathias Christiansen
  David Daugaard
10–11, 11–6, 11–8, 7–11, 9–11   Runner-up
2013 Irish Open   Jelle Maas   Adam Cwalina
  Przemyslaw Wacha
9–21, 6–21   Runner-up
2013 Swedish Masters   Jelle Maas   Ruud Bosch
  Koen Ridder
16–21, 21–16, 21–13   Winner
2012 Norwegian International   Jelle Maas   Ruud Bosch
  Koen Ridder
18–21, 22–20, 17–21   Runner-up
2010 Slovak Open   Jelle Maas   Maurice Niesner
  Till Zander
21–18, 19–21, 21–15   Winner

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2019 Brazil International   Cheryl Seinen   Robin Tabeling
  Selena Piek
21–16, 21–23, 17–21   Runner-up
2018 Belgian International   Selena Piek   Adam Hall
  Julie Macpherson
21–11, 21–13   Winner
2017 Belgian International   Selena Piek   Scott Evans
  Amanda Hogstrom
21–17, 21–9   Winner
2015 Swedish Masters   Selena Piek   Vitalij Durkin
  Nina Vislova
21–17, 17–21, 21–14   Winner
2014 Belgian International   Selena Piek   Jelle Maas
  Iris Tabeling
11–5, 11–10, 11–7   Winner
2013 Italian International   Selena Piek   Zvonimir Durkinjak
  Eva Lee
21–23, 18–21   Runner-up
2013 Irish Open   Selena Piek   Robert Blair
  Imogen Bankier
9–21, 21–19, 21–13   Winner
2013 Belgian International   Selena Piek   Anders Skaarup Rasmussen
  Lena Grebak
18–21, 21–9, 15–21   Runner-up
2011 Estonian International   Selena Piek   Tim Dettmann
  Ilse Vaessen
21–12, 21–14   Winner
2010 Hungarian International   Selena Piek   Peter Kaesbauer
  Johanna Goliszewski
21–15, 21–14   Winner
2010 Slovak Open   Selena Piek   Aliaksei Konakh
  Alesia Zaitsava
21–15, 21–14   Winner
2010 Portugal International   Selena Piek   Zvonimir Durkinjak
  Stasa Poznanovic
14–21, 21–18, 11–21   Runner-up
  BWF International Challenge tournament
  BWF International Series tournament
  BWF Future Series tournament


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