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The House of Burgundy (/ˈbɜːrɡəndi/; Portuguese: Casa de Borgonha, [buɾˈɣoɲɐ]) was a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty, descending from Robert I, Duke of Burgundy, a younger son of Robert II of France.

House of Burgundy
Old Arms of the Dukes of Burgundy.svg
Parent house Capetian Dynasty
Country Duchy of Burgundy
Ethnicity Frankish
Founded 1032
Founder Robert of Burgundy
Final ruler Philip of Burgundy
Dissolution 1361 (ducal line)
1383 (Portuguese line)
Cadet branches

Portuguese House of Burgundy

The House ruled the Duchy of Burgundy from 1032–1361. The main line of the dynasty ended with the death in 1361 of Philip I, Duke of Burgundy. His duchy was inherited by John II of France, whose mother had been a member of the House of Burgundy, so the duchy passed to the House of Valois, then the ruling house of France.

Notable members of the main line of the House of Burgundy include:


The Portuguese BranchEdit

The Portuguese House of Burgundy was the Portuguese cadet house of the House of Burgundy, founded by Henry, Count of Portugal in 1093. The house would go extinct with the death of King Ferdinand I of Portugal in 1383.


House of BurgundyEdit

Montagu branchEdit

  • Alexandre, Lord of Montagu (1170 † 1205)
    • Eudes I, Lord of Montagu (1196–1245)
      • Alexandre II, Lord of Bussy (1221–1249)
      • Guillaume I, Lord of Montagu (1222–1300)
        • Alexandre III, Lord of Sombernon (1250–1296)
          • Etienne I, Lord of Sombernon (1273–1315)
            • Etienne II, Lord of Sombernon (1296–1339)
              • Guillaume II, Lord of Sombernon (1320–1350)
                • Jean, Lord of Sombernon (1341–1410)
                  • Catherine, Lady of Sombernon and Malain (1365-aft. 1431)
                • Pierre, Lord of Malain (1343–1419)
              • Pierre I, Lord of Malain (1322-)
                • Etienne, priest (1345–1367)
              • Hugues, monk (1324-aft. 1359)
            • Philibert I, Lord of Couches (1300-aft. 1362)
              • Hugues de Montagu, Lord of Couches (1325-)
                • Jean de Montagu, (1346–1382)
                • Philibert II, Lord of Couches (1348–1406)
                  • Jean II, Lord of Couches (1380-aft. 1435)
                    • Claude, Lord of Couches (1404–1471)
                  • Odot (−1406)
                • Hugues (1351-aft. 1380)
                • Alexandre, abbot of Flavigny (−1417)
          • Guillaume (1276-aft. 1313)
          • Eudes, Lord of Marigny-le-Cahouet (1290–1349)
            • Girard, Lord of Montoillot (1332-aft. 1367)
              • Jean, Lord of Montoillot (1363-aft. 1410)
              • Oudot (1365–1400)
            • Guillaume, Lord of Marigny (1335-aft. 1380)
        • Oudard, Lord of Montagu (1264-aft. 1333)
          • Henri, Lord of Montagu (1306–1349)
          • Oudard, monk at Reims (1312–1340)
      • Philippe, Lord of Chagny (1227-aft. 1277)
      • Gaucher, Lord of Jambles (1230-aft. 1255)
      • Eudes, Lord of Cortiambles (1231-aft. 1255)
    • Alexandre, Bishop of Chalon-sur-Saône (1201–1261)
    • Girard, Lord of Gergy (1203-aft.1222)


Arms of the House of Burgundy
Duke of Burgundy

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House of Burgundy
Cadet branch of the House of Capet
Preceded by
House of Capet
Ruling House of the Duchy of Burgundy
Succeeded by
House of Valois